Education Keynote Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for education keynote speakers, there are 5 key points to consider. First, you want to make sure they have the experience and expertise to provide a meaningful, informative, and inspiring presentation. Second, you should look for a speaker who has a strong connection to the education sector, either through their own experiences or through their work. Third, you should make sure that the speaker has the ability to engage and connect with the audience. Fourth, you should consider the speaker’s availability and fees. Finally, you should make sure that the speaker’s message is one that resonates with your audience.

Finding the right education keynote speaker is a challenging task, but taking the time to find the perfect speaker can make the difference between a successful presentation and one that falls flat. By researching the speaker’s background, experience, and connection to the education sector, you can ensure that the speaker you select is the right fit for your audience. Additionally, you should make sure to consider the speaker’s availability and fees, and ensure that their message resonates with your audience. With these five key points in mind, you can find an education keynote speaker that will make your presentation successful.

10 Best Selling Education Keynote Speakers

1. 20pcs Teacher Pointers For Classroom, Kids, Girls, Students

This package includes 20 pieces of mini plastic hand pointers, with 5 colors to choose from, providing enough for your daily use and replacement needs. Each pointer measures approximately 23 cm/ 9.06 inches in length, and features a cute pentagram design, making it easy for children to point out words in the classroom.

Made of quality plastic that is safe, free of smells and not easy to fade, these classroom pointers are reliable and will serve you a long time. They are suitable for teachers to guide reading and explanations, and help students keep track of their reading and keep their place on the page.

These pointers are also useful for stirring mixed drinks such as coffee, tea, mixed drinks, cocktails and hot chocolate, as well as for stirring fruits and vegetables. With this set of 20 mini hand pointers, you will be able to address your needs in the classroom and beyond.

2. Preschool Montessori Toys: Flash Cards Learning Toys For Toddlers 1-6 Years, Speech Therapy Toys, Autism Toys Gifts For Kids. (510 Words, New Pink)

This Talking Flash Cards Learning Toy is an excellent choice for toddlers aged 1-6 as a language initiation tool. It contains 255 double-sided cards covering 31 themes such as animals, vehicles, food, colors and more, helping to recognize and strengthen sight vocabulary with humorous and cute pictures. With features such as repeat pronunciation, volume adjustment, automatic shutdown, and built-in rechargeable battery, this educational toy is of high quality and impact resistance and keeps kids away from mobile phones and tablets.

The Flash Cards Learning Toy encourages learning through listening, reading, graphics and associative efforts, and is an effective way to improve memory and cognition. It includes 510 different learning levels words, with 24 toys,24 bodys,30 adjectives,54 animals and more, providing kids with a comprehensive knowledge. Each card can be pronounced by inserting into the toy and some objects that can make sound, making learning more vivid and closer to real life.

This is an ideal gift for 1+ year old girls and boys; play with kids and have a great family time. This toy is also an ideal autism sensory equipment and toys. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us and our service team will be happy to help.

3. 3-Piece Patterned Hand Pointers, Ages 3+, Classroom/reading Aids.

Learning Resources Patterned Hand Pointers are perfect for encouraging participation in classroom lessons. These kid-friendly, colorful pointers will be sure to engage even the shyest students. Each pointer is designed to be the right size and weight for young hands. They make a great gift for teachers or kids who love to play teacher at home.

Since 1984, Learning Resources has been providing educators with the resources they need to keep their classrooms organized, welcoming, and ready for learning. This school year, make it the smartest back-to-school yet with toys and tools from Learning Resources. The Patterned Hand Pointers are a great addition to any classroom or homeschool, offering an exciting way to engage students.

The Patterned Hand Pointers are a great tool for making learning fun. The bright colors will capture the attention of children, and the lightweight design makes them easy for young hands to use. With these pointers, teachers can easily point out important facts or passages during lessons. They can also be used to help children follow along with stories or engage in activities.

The Patterned Hand Pointers from Learning Resources are a must-have for any classroom or homeschool. They are the perfect tool for encouraging participation in lessons and can help teachers keep children engaged and focused. With nearly 40 years of experience, Learning Resources is trusted by teachers and parents alike, so you know you’re getting a quality product that will last.

Education Keynote Speakers FAQs

How do I choose a good keynote speaker?

When selecting a keynote speaker, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, you should consider the speaker's expertise in the field and whether they have experience speaking to an audience. You should also consider the speaker's topics and focus—are they passionate about the subject and able to engage the audience? Additionally, you should consider the speaker's availability and budget. Finally, research the speaker's history of speaking events, and seek out reviews from previous events. Doing this research will help you select the best keynote speaker for your event.

How much does Gerry Brooks cost?

Gerry Brooks is an educational consultant who provides professional development services to educators. He is a highly sought after speaker, author, and consultant who helps educators become more effective in the classroom. The cost for his services depends on the type and duration of the project. Generally speaking, his services range from $500-$5,000 for a single day of training or consulting, and can go up to $20,000 or more for larger projects. His prices also vary depending on the location of the project, the size of the audience, and the amount of customization requested. Gerry Brooks also offers discounts and special offers to schools and districts, so it’s worth contacting him directly to get a more accurate estimate.

Where can I find keynote speakers?

Keynote speakers can be found from a variety of sources, including industry events, professional speaker bureaus, universities, and even online directories. Industry events often feature keynote speakers as part of their programming, and these speakers are usually experts in their field or a related field. Professional speaker bureaus specialize in connecting speakers to audiences, and most have extensive databases of keynote speakers. Universities often host conferences and speakers for their students and the larger community, and can be a great source for finding keynote speakers. Finally, online directories such as SpeakerMatch, SpeakerHub, and SpeakerNet can be used to search for keynote speakers. These directories provide detailed information about the speakers and their areas of expertise, making it easier to find the perfect speaker for your event.

Who is the best public speaker?

The best public speaker is subjective and will vary depending on the audience and the subject matter. However, some qualities that are often associated with great public speakers include poise, charisma, knowledge, and a good sense of humor. They are confident, articulate, and engaging. They have a good command of language, an ability to connect with their audience, and use storytelling to bring their message alive. They are also well-prepared and have the ability to think on their feet. Ultimately, the best public speakers are those who can effectively connect with their audience, establish credibility, and engage their listeners.

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