Educational Motivational Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to finding the right educational motivational speaker for your event, there are a few key points to consider. First, it is important to make sure that the speaker is knowledgeable in the educational topics they will be addressing. Secondly, it is important to ensure that the speaker is engaging and able to motivate their audience. Thirdly, the speaker should be able to connect with the audience and bring a unique perspective to the topic. Fourthly, the speaker should be able to provide relevant content that is applicable to the audience. Lastly, the speaker should be able to inspire the audience to take action and make positive changes.

When looking for the perfect educational motivational speaker for your event, these five key points can help you make a more informed decision. It is important to research the speaker’s background and experience to make sure they have the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver a successful presentation. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the speaker is engaging and able to connect with their audience. It is also important to make sure the content is relevant and applicable to the audience. Lastly, the speaker should be able to inspire the audience to take action and make positive changes.

Finding the right educational motivational speaker for your event can be a daunting task. By considering these five key points, you can make a more informed decision and ensure that your event is a success. Doing your research and understanding the speaker’s background, experience, and ability to engage and motivate their audience are essential steps to finding the right speaker for your event. With the right educational motivational speaker, you can make a positive impact on your audience and help them to take action and make positive changes.

10 Best Selling Educational Motivational Speakers

1. Speaker Magazine – National Speakers Association (Nsa)

Speaker Magazine from the National Speakers Association (NSA) is an essential source of industry insights, tips, and trends for public speakers. The digital magazine provides an excellent replica format of the print edition, with text-formatted articles that are designed for maximum readability and convenience while on the go.

Each issue of Speaker Magazine is available to download and can be accessed offline for anytime reading. Readers can also conveniently search the archive of available issues and bookmark their favorite articles for future reference. And readers are welcome to share their thoughts and comments with other readers right in the magazine app.

Speaker Magazine has become an invaluable resource for professionals, providing a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate platform that keeps them up-to-date with the latest industry news. From interviews with influential public speakers to advice from established experts, Speaker Magazine is a great way to stay informed and inspired.

For those looking to sharpen their speaking skills, the magazine offers a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business. From inspiring stories to helpful tips and strategies, Speaker Magazine is a must-have for any aspiring speaker.

Whether you’re an experienced public speaker or just getting started, Speaker Magazine is an invaluable resource for honing your craft. With its easy-to-follow format, search capabilities, and interactive features, Speaker Magazine is an essential source of information and guidance for anyone who wants to become a better speaker.

2. Positive Affirmation Chips (100 Pack) – 50 Motivational Sayings

This Positive Affirmation Chips from Really Good Stuff are the perfect way to give your kids a boost! The set comes with 100 chips, each with 50 unique motivational, encouragement, inspirational, and kindness sayings. These chips are customizable, so you can personalize an encouraging message for kids or students needing a little extra love.

The messages on the chips are designed to help kids feel empowered and motivated. Some examples of the messages include: “Your Potential Is Limitless!”, “Don’t Be Afraid Of A Challenge!”, and “Struggling Makes You Stronger!” These positive affirmations will remind kids and students that you care.

You can have children collect the chips and then turn them back in for extra computer time, a treat, or a prize! This is a great way to reward kids and help them stay motivated. It's also a great way to encourage positive behavior and give kids a boost, whether they’re having a bad day, need some extra support, or are about to take a test.

The Positive Affirmation Chips from Really Good Stuff are an easy and effective way to show your kids that you care. With 50 unique messages, you’ll be sure to find the perfect message for every occasion. And with the ability to collect and redeem the chips for rewards, kids will be sure to stay motivated and inspired.

3. Men's Trail Running Shoes, Wide Width Toe Box, 12, Low Drop, Breathable, Black 45

The WHITIN Men's Trail Running Shoes Minimalist Barefoot 5 Five Fingers Wide Width Toe Box is designed with the comfort and flexibility in mind. It is crafted with adaptive materials and minimalistic construction to provide a secure and comfortable fit. Its wide toe box gives extra room for the toes to move and stretch while its zero drop design makes it ideal for a natural stride while running.

The shoe is also vegan friendly, made with zero animal products. Its anatomical shape ensures that it fits the foot snugly and comfortably, while its breathable material helps keep feet cool and comfortable during any activity. The heel is designed to provide added cushioning and support, making it the perfect companion for any running activity.

Whether for running on trails, roads, or the gym, the WHITIN Men's Trail Running Shoes Minimalist Barefoot 5 Five Fingers Wide Width Toe Box is the perfect choice for a comfortable and secure fit. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for long distance running and its wide toe box provides extra room for the toes to move and stretch freely. Its breathable material helps keep feet cool and comfortable during any activity, and its zero drop design makes it perfect for a natural stride. Its vegan friendly construction makes it the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a cruelty free running experience. With its snug and comfortable fit, it is true to size, so please order your normal size.

4. Kids Growth Mindset Poster With Hanger – 35x56cm Canvas Wall Art For Kids Classroom Decor.

This KAIRNE Kids Growth Mindset Poster is an educational tool perfect for the classroom or playroom. Measuring 35x56cm, it features 10 fixed mindset thoughts and corresponding growth mindsets. This unique poster encourages students and kids to think differently and will help them with their growth and mindset.

The natural and reusable magnetic wooden hanging frame is removable, so it can hang this set of inspirational phrases canvas art, as well as other poster/picture/canvas artwork without damage. Connecting the top and bottom edges of the canvas to the built-in magnets of the wooden frame is easy and quick.

This set of educational poster and wood magnetic hanger frame make an excellent gift for little ones, friends, teachers and students. Get your child or someone special a positive talk and positive affirmations with kids in time.

Package includes one piece of teaching tool poster made of sturdy canvas and one set of wood magnetic poster hanger frame, which consists of four pieces of wood each measuring 36cm. Let your child explore and embrace the power of positive thinking with this KAIRNE Kids Growth Mindset Poster.

5. Motivational Quote Silicone Wristbands, 60pcs, 20 Styles

This product is perfect for both women and men who are looking to add a touch of style and inspiration to their wardrobe. The 60 Pieces Motivational Quote Rubber Wristbands are made from a soft and comfortable silicone material, with an elasticity that makes them suitable for most people. Each wristband features a different cheerful word or phrase like "never never give up", "be your own hero", and "let your light shine". The bright and vivid colors of the bracelets make them eye-catching and full of a cheerful feeling, perfect for a variety of occasions.

The silicone wristbands are a great gift for friends and family, perfect for birthdays, holidays, graduations, anniversaries and more. The encouraging messages on the wristbands can give the recipient the encouragement and power they need to make it through any challenge. The colorful wristbands are also great for parties, competitions, school activities and more. They come in a variety of colors like red, green, purple, yellow and more, making them easy to match with any outfit.

Each wristband is 5.84 cm/ 2.3 inches in diameter and 1.2 cm/ 0.5 inches wide, making them easy to wear and take off. With this product, you will get 60 pieces of inspirational rubber wristband bracelets in 20 different styles and each style has 3 pieces, perfect for daily wearing and replacement. Get the 60 Pieces Motivational Quote Rubber Wristbands today and make sure to never never give up!

Educational Motivational Speakers FAQs

Do you need a degree to be a motivational speaker?

No, you do not need a degree to be a motivational speaker. Having a degree can be helpful in that it can provide you with a platform to practice public speaking, as well as demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in a certain field. However, having a degree is not a prerequisite for becoming a motivational speaker. Many motivational speakers come from varied backgrounds and have had success in their fields without having a degree. What is important is having the passion and drive to motivate and inspire others, as well as the ability to communicate your message effectively. Skills such as research, organization, and creativity are also important, as well as being able to captivate an audience. Ultimately, having a degree is not necessary to become a successful motivational speaker.

How do you become a motivational speaker at school?

To become a motivational speaker at a school, the first step is to create a portfolio of your experience and expertise. This portfolio should include your knowledge and skills, any publications you’ve written, and any awards you’ve won. It should also include examples of previous speaking engagements, such as public speaking engagements, conferences, and workshops.

In addition, it is important to create a resume that highlights your relevant qualifications and experiences. Be sure to include any professional certifications or licenses you possess, any relevant university degrees, and any awards you have received. Finally, it is important to demonstrate your expertise in areas such as leadership, communication, and public speaking.

Once you have your portfolio and resume in place, you can approach schools and present your qualifications for the job. It is important to be prepared for any questions that may be asked, so do your research and come prepared with answers. Finally, make sure to practice your presentation and be confident when speaking in front of the school.

How much does an educational speaker cost?

The cost of an educational speaker can vary significantly depending on their experience, knowledge and expertise. Generally, the more experienced and knowledgeable a speaker is, the higher their rate. Rates typically range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per hour or day and sometimes even more for high-profile speakers. In addition to the speaker's rate, other factors such as travel and lodging expenses may also come into play. A good way to get an accurate estimate of the cost is to get quotes from multiple speakers and compare. Additionally, many educational speakers offer discounts for bulk bookings, so if you need a speaker for multiple events or sessions, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate.

Who is the most popular motivational speaker?

The most popular motivational speaker in the world today is undoubtedly Les Brown. His dynamic and inspiring speeches have motivated countless individuals to pursue their goals and dreams and realize their full potential. Brown has spoken in over 50 countries and has been featured on television and radio programs on a regular basis. He has written numerous books and has established himself as a world-renowned leader, mentor and teacher. Les Brown's message of self-belief, determination and hard work has resonated with listeners of all ages and backgrounds and has helped countless people to achieve their goals and live life to the fullest.

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