Episode Landscape Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Episode Landscape Speakers are a great way to enhance your outdoor listening experience. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, having a picnic in the park, or sitting around the fire pit, these speakers will provide you with great sound and an immersive listening experience. When looking for episode landscape speakers, there are five key points to consider: sound quality, power, portability, weatherproofing, and connectivity.

Sound quality is the most important factor to consider when choosing landscape speakers. You want to make sure that the sound quality is top-notch, with clear highs and lows, and an overall balanced sound. If possible, listen to the speakers before making a purchase to ensure that they meet your expectations.

Power is another important factor to consider. Look for speakers that have enough power to fill the area you plan to use them in. If you’re using them outdoors, make sure they are rated for outdoor use and can handle the elements.

Portability is also important if you plan on moving the speakers around. Look for speakers that are lightweight and easy to transport. You should also consider how long the battery life is and how easy it is to charge the speakers.

Weatherproofing is key if you plan on using the speakers outdoors. Look for speakers that are rated for outdoor use and can handle rain, wind, and other extreme weather conditions.

Finally, look for speakers that offer easy connectivity. Look for speakers that are compatible with your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. Bluetooth connectivity is a must, as it allows you to stream music from your device to your speakers.

When looking for episode landscape speakers, make sure to consider these five key points. Doing so will help ensure that you get the best sound quality, power, portability, weatherproofing, and connectivity for your outdoor listening experience.

10 Best Selling Episode Landscape Speakers

1. Jbl Professional Control 88m Two-Way Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker, 8-Inch

The JBL Professional Control 88M Two-Way Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker is the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their outdoor audio experience. This 8-inch speaker is designed to provide superior sound coverage and maximum power output. Its two-way design features a coaxial mushroom landscape speaker to evenly disperse audio in all directions.

The 8-ohm impedance ensures maximum power extraction from the speaker. This speaker is also designed to be weather-resistant and robust, making it reliable and long-lasting for outdoor use. Its sturdy design also includes a protective grille to protect the speaker from the elements and ensure optimal sound quality.

The JBL Professional Control 88M Two-Way Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker offers superior sound coverage and a robust design that will stand up to the elements. Its 8-ohm impedance extracts maximum power for maximum output, ensuring you get the most out of your speakers. Its weather-resistant construction and protective grille make it ideal for outdoor use and ensures it will remain reliable and long-lasting.

2. Jbl Professional Control 85m Two-Way Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker, 5.25-Inch

The JBL Professional Control 85M Two-Way Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker is a powerful and reliable speaker that is designed to bring high quality sound to outdoor settings. It features a 5¼” highly weather-resistant driver and a ¾” Soft-dome highly weather-resistant tweeter to give you the best possible sound even in harsh weather conditions. With an impressive 80W Pink noise power handling (160W program) in direct 8ώ setting, as well as a built-in 30W 70V/100V multi-tap transformer, this speaker is sure to meet your sound needs.

The JBL Professional Control 85M is designed for durability, with a tough polyethylene highly weather resistant enclosure and a fully isolated center chamber for wiring protection. This ensures the speaker will last for many years to come. Additionally, the speaker has a high fidelity sound character with a broad frequency range of 55Hz – 18kHz, allowing you to enjoy the full range of your music.

Overall, the JBL Professional Control 85M Two-Way Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker is an excellent choice for outdoor settings due to its high quality sound and excellent durability. With its high power handling, built-in multi-tap transformer, and weather-resistant design, this speaker is sure to bring life to any outdoor event. Whether you're playing music for a large crowd or just enjoying some tunes in your backyard, the JBL Professional Control 85M Two-Way Coaxial Mushroom Landscape Speaker is a great choice.

3. Forza 5.25" 100w Landscape In-Ground/mount Speaker, 70v Tap, Outdoor Weather Resistant, Bronze (Single)

The OSD Forza 5.25" Landscape In Ground/Mountable 100W Speaker is a superb audio solution for any commercial or residential setting. With a 5.25” polypropylene woofer and 1” silk dome tweeter, this speaker provides an immersive sound coverage with a 120-degree sound coverage. The heavy-duty weather-resistant enclosure is IP66 rated and protected from dirt, dust, and sprinklers.

This speaker is ideal for high ceilings, as it is perfect for high-end home environments, malls, restaurants, bars, museums, and other spaces with high or vaulted ceilings. It is also a great choice for those who need to mount the speaker in a challenging area. The Forza speaker includes a step-down transformer so it can be used in either 70V or 100V voltage speaker configurations.

The OSD Forza 5.25" Landscape In Ground/Mountable 100W Speaker is an excellent choice for any home or commercial setting due to its superior sound quality and weather-resistant design. The included step-down transformer makes it easy to use in either 70V or 100V configurations, making it the perfect sound solution for any area. With its robust design and high-quality audio, the OSD Forza 5.25" Landscape In Ground/Mountable 100W Speaker is the ideal choice for any audio application.

4. Osd Audio Rs850 Outdoor Rock Speaker, 8" High Fidelity, Granite Grey

The OSD Audio RS850 Outdoor Rock Speaker is a great choice for those looking for a unique and realistic audio solution for their outdoor space. With a maximum power of 200 watts, this high fidelity speaker produces a clear and rich sound that can be heard from up to 20kHz.

The RS850 uses an 8” woofer with a sealed voice coil to ensure optimal sound quality. The speaker’s realistic rock appearance allows it to seamlessly blend in with your home landscape, making it ideal for filling large backyards or patios with surround sound.

The speaker’s Aerospace Grade multi-layer Composite Cabinetry is designed to withstand rain, temperatures and other harsh weather conditions. This ensures that the RS850 is durable and will last for years. To keep your electronics safe while listening to music outdoors, OSD Audio recommends direct burial of their waterproof speaker wire cable and waterproof wire connectors designed for the outdoors.

The OSD Audio RS850 Outdoor Rock Speaker is a great choice for those looking to bring high quality audio to their outdoor spaces. With its realistic rock design and durable construction, this speaker will provide years of clear and rich sound for your favorite outdoor environment.

5. 6r6g Outdoor Granite 6.5" Rock 6 Speaker Set For Deck Pool Spa Yard Garden

This 6R6G Outdoor Granite 6.5" Rock 6 Speaker Set is the perfect way to rock the yard. It is a 2-way outdoor passive rock speaker set that is designed to be durable and weatherproof against rain, snow, salt, ice, and pool chemicals. With easy installation and high quality components, this speaker set is a great way to bring music to your outdoor space.

The Deluxe 6.5 inch poly mica woofers come with butyl rubber surrounds and sealed voice coils, as well as ferro fluid cooled soft dome tweeters for clear sharp sound. The speakers have a frequency response range of 60Hz-20 kHz with 96dB sensitivity at 8ohm, and they measure 9" × 10" × 8" each.

To install the speakers, simply splice your CL3 rated wire to the speaker wire leads and connect it to your home audio receiver. The system requires a home audio receiver or amplifier with 10-200 watts per channel and a CL3 rated 16 gauge raw wire for runs under 40 feet and 14 gauge wire over 40 feet.

This speaker set is perfect for backyards, lawns, patios, decks, pools, spas, gardens, and outdoor offices. Each box includes 6 Theater Solutions by Goldwood R6G passive rock speakers and an instruction manual. You can be sure that you will be rocking the yard in no time with this 6R6G Outdoor Granite 6.5" Rock 6 Speaker Set.

6. Soundavo Psb-400dsp Class D Subwoofer Amp W/dsp & Lcd, 400w Rms/1000w Max.

The Soundavo PSB-400DSP Class D Subwoofer Amplifier is an ideal choice for those who want to add a powerful punch to their home audio system. This compact 1U design subwoofer amplifier boasts plenty of solid clean power with high fidelity, strong and deep bass frequency to drive medium-to-large sized in-wall or floor stand style subwoofer speakers.

The PSB-400DSP delivers an impressive 400 watts RMS @ 4 Ohms (1000 watts peak power), allowing you to enjoy the same cinematic sound effects at home as in the cinema. It features a stereo/mono line level audio input which can receive full band audio from any audio amplifier, receiver or preamp, as well as an LFE input. There is also a stereo speaker level input/outputs connector and passthrough for compatibility with older amplifiers and home theater receivers without line level outputs.

The amplifier is equipped with a digital signal processor (DSP) to give you maximum control over your sound. With the onboard menu function screen, you can access the selection knob to choose and adjust Master Volume Level, Crossover Frequency, 4 different Crossover Slopes, Phase, 4 different Low Cut. You can even save up to 3 presents that are optimized for 8”, 10” and 12” subs in memory to recall later.

For added convenience, the PSB-400DSP has an audio On/Off Detects & 12VDC Trigger feature. This three-way switch on the rear panel allows you to select the 12V trigger mode, auto on/off by music signal detect mode, or set to the always-on mode. You can also choose from 5-30 minutes in 5 minute increments or turn the function off from the DSP menu.

Overall, the Soundavo PSB-400DSP Class D Subwoofer Amplifier is a great choice for those who want to bring the cinematic sound experience home. With its high wattage power output, easy connection to any system, memory store and recall, DSP processor, and audio On/Off Detects & 12VDC Trigger, this amplifier is sure to take your home audio system to the next level.

7. Monoprice Sycamore 8" 2.1 Outdoor Speaker System – Black

This Monoprice Outdoor 2.1 Speaker System is a great way to get great sound in your yard or patio without compromising the aesthetic. The system consists of an 8-inch subwoofer and two 2.5-inch satellite speakers. The subwoofer is powered by a two-way, 12db crossover at 200Hz, sending all frequencies below 200Hz to the subwoofer and all frequencies above 200Hz to the satellite speakers.

The subwoofer and speaker wires are buried in the ground, so you won’t have to worry about the system taking up precious space. The install is simple too; only a single, 4-conductor wire needs to run from the amplifier to the subwoofer, and a shorter pair of 2-conductor wires run from the sub to the satellites. Plus, the system is designed to be modular, so you can add more subwoofers and/or satellite speakers if you need more coverage or bass.

With the Monoprice Outdoor 2.1 Speaker System, you’ll get great sound in your outdoor space without taking away from the look. The subwoofer and satellite speakers are low profile so they blend in with your yard, and the sound quality is excellent. Enjoy rich and full sound with this system and keep the focus on the sound, not the sights.

Episode Landscape Speakers FAQs

Are episode speakers any good?

Episode speakers can be good depending on the model and quality of the speaker. Generally, Episode speakers have good sound quality, reasonable power output, and a good range of features. They are also fairly affordable, making them a good option for those on a budget. However, it is important to remember that the sound quality of Episode speakers can vary depending on the model and the environment in which they are used. Therefore, it is important to research the specific model and its features before making a purchase. Additionally, it is recommended to listen to Episode speakers in person before making a purchase, as this will help to ensure that the model chosen is the right one for the user's needs.

What is the warranty on episode landscape speakers?

Episode Landscape Speakers are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship, but does not cover damage or failure due to abuse, misuse, improper installation, or normal wear and tear. The warranty also excludes any incidental or consequential damages. To be eligible for the warranty, the product must be purchased from an authorized retailer and proof of purchase must be provided. If a warranty claim is made, Episode Landscape Speakers will repair or replace any defective parts, or the product itself, at their discretion. If a product is replaced, the original product will become the property of Episode Landscape Speakers.

Where are episode speakers made?

Episode speakers are designed and manufactured in the United States. The company is based in California and has a state-of-the-art facility where their products are meticulously crafted. Each speaker is carefully assembled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Using only the finest components and materials, their speakers are built to the highest standards of performance and quality. Every speaker is individually tested and optimized for optimum sound clarity. With the latest technology and design techniques, Episode creates speakers that are perfect for any room or space. Each speaker is made to last and provide many years of listening pleasure.

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