Exclusive Video Premiere | Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden – Let Me Go (Directed by Joshua Black Wilkins)

Go set your flares off in the night 
I’ll be miles out of sight 

Today we’re excited to bring to you the exclusive video premiere of Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden’s “Let Me Go,” the tenth music video in the The Shape The Color The Feel visual album featuring 13 videos, 3 short films, and a documentary. Tucker handpicked the filmmakers to cover the songs from The Shape The Color The Feel, one of Speakers in Code’s 35 Best Albums of 2014.

The video we’re premiering was directed by Joshua Black Wilkins, who, like the other filmmakers for the video series, was given complete creative control and final cut for “Let Me Go.” Wilkins, who you may know from his acclaimed work as a photographer and singer-songwriter, has had work appear in the New York Times, Spin, GQ, and Esquire among others.

A second video for “Let Me Go,” a short film directed by Adam Smalley, will premiere later this month.

“Let Me Go” is an integral part to The Shape The Color The Feel, an album that bends emotions and uses space in each song to convey feeling. The album is a musical and cinematic achievement for the Nashville-based Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden.

Please enjoy Wilkins’ video for “Let Me Go.”

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