Furrion Rv Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to outfitting your RV with audio equipment, Furrion RV speakers offer excellent sound quality and a great value for your money. Whether you’re looking for a complete sound system or just a single speaker, Furrion has the right product for you. Here are five key points to consider when shopping for Furrion RV speakers.

First, consider the type of sound you’re looking for. Furrion offers a range of speakers with different sound profiles, from full range to dedicated subwoofers. If you’re looking for a more immersive sound experience, you might want to consider upgrading to a surround sound system.

Second, pay attention to the power rating of the speakers. Furrion offers speakers in two different power ranges, with the higher power rating offering a louder sound and better performance.

Third, think about the size and shape of the speaker. Furrion makes speakers in a variety of sizes, from compact to full-sized. Depending on the space available in your RV, you might want to look for speakers that are more compact or easier to mount.

Fourth, consider the mounting options. Furrion offers both surface-mount and flush-mount speakers, so you can choose the one that works best for your RV.

Finally, make sure to look for any additional features that might be included. Furrion offers a range of features, such as Bluetooth connectivity and built-in amplifiers, that can make your sound system even better.

In conclusion, Furrion RV speakers offer great sound quality and a great value for your money. When shopping for Furrion RV speakers, consider the type of sound you’re looking for, the power rating, the size and shape of the speaker, the mounting options, and any additional features you might want. With these five key points in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Furrion RV speaker for your needs.

10 Best Selling Furrion Rv Speakers

1. Furrion Fbs012n-Bl Wireless/bluetooth Speaker – Waterproof/shockproof, 15 Hrs Playtime, Flashlight, 2 Speaker Connectivity.

The Furrion LIT Portable Wireless-Bluetooth Speaker is your perfect companion for any adventure. This speaker is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and keep you jamming with its explosive sound. With acoustic mechanics that generate a sound field, this speaker delivers deep base lines and crisp melodies.

The Furrion LIT is waterproof and shockproof, making it the perfect choice for pool parties, camping trips, or anywhere else you want to take your music. The IPX7 waterproof rating means you can submerge it in water and it will still keep playing your favorite tunes, even in the rain.

Take your party up a notch with the Party Mode feature. Sync two speakers together to stream stereo audio using both devices, creating a fuller surround sound experience and really getting the party started. Plus, the built-in flashlight helps you see in the dark and provides the light you need, when you need it.

The Furrion LIT Portable Wireless-Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 15 hours of playtime, so you can keep the music going all night. Connect to Siri and Google Now for voice control to play your favorite tunes. This speaker is perfect for your outdoor adventures, with its waterproof and shockproof design and crystal-clear sound.

2. Furrion Fs65w 6.5" 30w Flush Mount Indoor Speaker For Rv/camper/trailer – White

The Furrion 6.5" 30-Watt Indoor Wall-Mount/Ceiling Speaker is the perfect choice for RV, Camper, or Trailer audio applications. Featuring a minimalistic, white metal frame and grill with a Flush Mount Design, the speaker is designed to withstand harsh environments with ClimateSmart and VibrationSmart Technologies. This full-range speaker reproduces high frequencies and bass sounds for high definition audio and pure, distinct sound quality.

Installation is simple and easy with a 6" diameter x 1.37" deep cutout to mount inside of your RV or camper. The speaker can be connected to your TV, radio, or stereo and provides an excellent audio solution for any indoor application. Plus, Furrion Speakers are backed by a 12 month warranty.

The Furrion 6.5" 30-Watt Indoor Wall-Mount/Ceiling Speaker is the perfect choice for any RV, Camper, or Trailer applications. Constructed from top-quality materials, the speaker is designed to withstand harsh environments and provide superior sound quality. With a Flush Mount Design and simple bolt-on installation, installation is quick and easy. Experience high definition audio and pure sound quality with the Furrion 6.5" 30-Watt Indoor Wall-Mount/Ceiling Speaker.

3. Furrion Lit™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adventure Pack – Black

The Furrion LIT™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adventure Pack is the perfect accessory for outdoor adventurers. This black-colored speaker is complete with Bluetooth 4.2 technology, allowing you to play your favorite music with ease. The speaker also features a micro-USB input and USB charging out, so you can keep your speaker powered up while you’re on the go.

The Adventure Pack also includes a rail/bike mount and two straps so that you can securely attach the speaker to your bike or mount it on a rail. The Furrion velcro strap and hand strap are also included to make sure your speaker is secure and won’t fall off during your adventures.

The speaker is engineered with a unique SOS light effect, so that you can easily signal for help if you get lost or in an emergency situation. The powerful sound quality of the Furrion LIT Portable Bluetooth Speaker will ensure that you enjoy your favorite tunes while you’re out on the trails.

The Furrion LIT™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adventure Pack is the ideal companion for adventurers who want to enjoy their favorite music while exploring the great outdoors. With its superior sound quality, micro-USB input, USB charging out, and the included rail/bike mount and straps, this black speaker is sure to provide hours of entertainment and convenience. The added SOS light effect is an extra bonus that will give you some peace of mind while you’re out. Whether you’re mountain biking, camping, or just out for a hike, the Furrion LIT Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adventure Pack is the perfect way to stay connected and entertained.

4. Furrion Lit™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adventure Pack – White

Take your music and audio anywhere with the Furrion LIT™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adventure Pack. This complete audio system includes a portable Bluetooth speaker, Rail/Bike Mount, Furrion Velcro Strap and Hand Strap. With Bluetooth 4.1 and an SOS Light Effect, you can enjoy your music on the go, wherever you are.

The Furrion LIT Portable Bluetooth Speaker provides superior sound quality with a Micro USB Input and USB charging Out. It is designed to be portable and lightweight so you can take it with you on your travels. The SOS Light Effect lets you know when the speaker is in use and adds a fun element to your listening experience.

The Rail/Bike Mount allows you to secure the speaker to your bike or other rail surface. The Furrion Velcro Strap and Hand Strap provide extra security and make the speaker easy to transport and store. The straps also ensure a snug fit for the speaker and keep it secure, no matter where you are.

No matter what your audio needs are, the Furrion LIT Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adventure Pack has you covered. Enjoy superior sound quality and the convenience of portability with the Furrion LIT™ Portable Bluetooth Speaker Adventure Pack.

5. Furrion 20w Soundbar Marine Speakers

Furrion's 20w Soundbar Marine Speakers are the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment setup. With an attractive black finish, the soundbar is designed to match the exterior of your boat or outdoor area. This powerful speaker system projects sound from your TV and radio, providing a robust sound experience. The speakers provide optimal performance even at high listening levels, ensuring you don't miss a beat.

The soundbar features a sleek, low-profile design that won't take up too much space in your outdoor setup. The speakers are constructed from sturdy material that can withstand the elements, and the integrated mounting hardware makes it easy to secure the soundbar in place. The 20w speakers also come with a remote control for easy operation, allowing you to adjust the volume and settings from the comfort of your seat.

Furrion's 20w Soundbar Marine Speakers are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add an unforgettable audio experience to their outdoor setup. With its durable construction and powerful performance, this soundbar will make your outdoor entertainment setup one to remember. Whether you're watching TV, listening to music, or enjoying a movie, this soundbar will ensure you don't miss a beat.

6. Furrion Fms5l2-Bl Outdoor Marine Speaker (5", 30w, Blue Led, Ip55)

Furrion's 5" 30 Watt Outdoor Marine Speaker is perfect for connecting your TV or Radio on a boat, RV or Camper. Manufactured with UV resistant materials and featuring an IP55 Certified Waterproof rating, it is designed to withstand harsh marine environments and weather conditions. The two-way design features a dome tweeter and a polypropylene woofer cone, which increases high frequency sound distribution and produces bass sounds with internal damping, delivering best audio quality outdoors.

The speaker has a modern and sleek design, with a polypropylene reinforced cone that extends the frequency response and minimizes distortion for high definition audio with a pure and distinct sound. The LED lights inside the speaker gives a muted blue glow. The installation is easy and requires a 4.37" diameter x 2.12" deep cutout to mount on your boat or RV. Furrion Speakers are made to the highest quality standards and are backed by Furrion's 12 months warranty.

Whether you're enjoying your favorite tunes on your boat, RV or camper, Furrion's 5" 30 Watt Outdoor Marine Speaker will ensure your outdoor experience is immersive and dynamic. With its modern design and IP55 Certified Waterproof rating, you can be sure it will deliver the highest quality audio, no matter the weather or environment. The simple bolt-on installation and 12 months warranty makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an outdoor speaker.

7. Furrion 2.4gpm Tankless Rv Gas Water Heater With White 16.14” X 16.14” Door – Fwh09a-1-A

Furrion has developed an innovative RV Gas Water Heater for people on the road. The heater is ideal for providing hot water on demand in any weather condition, even when the ambient temperature drops to 32ºF. It runs on a powerful 60K BTU heating power and has a 2.4GPM capacity, making it ideal for use in small- to medium-sized RVs.

Furrion's Vortex technology ensures that the water is mixed to the desired temperature, and dual-sensors automatically shut off the power if the temperature exceeds a safe limit. The heater is also specially designed for retrofit applications and use as a replacement door for Suburban 4/6 Gallon Water Heater models, as it fits the required dimension of 16.14 x 16.14 Inches.

The Furrion RV Gas Water Heater is designed with the highest quality materials and components to withstand the intense vibration encountered by uneven terrain. It is also designed with Furrion VibrationSmart technology and is covered by Furrion's 2-year Warranty. The product dimensions are 12.81 x 12.62 x 20.75 Inches.

The Furrion RV Gas Water Heater is the perfect choice for people who want hot water on demand while they are on the road. It is easy to install, reliable and durable, and comes with a Wall Controller and Documentation.

8. Furrion Chill 15,500 Btu (White) Rv Rooftop Ac – Facr15sa-Ps-Am

The Furrion Chill 15,500 BTU air conditioner is an excellent choice for RV, trailer, or campers that need superior performance and cooling capacity. This air conditioner has two fans to help move cool air faster and efficiently inside your RV. It is 50% quieter than leading competitors and has 40% more energy efficiency compared to industry standards.

The Furrion Chill is built with durable and reliable materials and technologies. It is designed with VibrationSmart and ClimateSmart technologies to protect the equipment from tough conditions on the road. The UV-resistant cover with thermal insulation helps protect internal components from water, heat, UV rays, and debris. Additionally, the EPP foam housing is water and chemical resistant, and the start capacitor offers an extra boost to help jump-start the AC when a campsite or generator doesn't provide enough power.

The Furrion Chill is designed for lightweight and aerodynamic rooftop design to reduce drag and wind resistance. This improves RV performance and overall mileage. Installation is simple and straightforward with a bolt-on installation and a clear step-by-step installation guide. The Furrion Chill also comes with a 24-month warranty.

For those looking for a reliable and efficient air conditioner, the Furrion Chill is a great choice. It has superior cooling capacity and energy efficiency, is lightweight and aerodynamic, and is durable and reliable. It also has an easy installation process and a generous warranty.

9. Furrion F1s21l02a-Ss, 21", Stainless Steel

The Furrion F1S21L02A-SS is a 21-inch stainless steel cooktop range and oven specifically designed for RV kitchens. This two-in-one appliance offers up to 8000 BTU power output from the 3-burner cooktop and 7,100 BTU from the oven burner. The oven has a large capacity of 1.79 cu. ft. / 50.79L, making it one of the largest on the market.

The unit is constructed with durable stainless steel and features a layered glass door and glass cover to protect the cooktop, as well as cavity lighting and LED knobs for added convenience. The oven is vibration and corrosion resistant, and the 3-layer glass on the door prevents any damage from the heat. The grate fits into rubber holes in the tray to prevent rattling while in motion, and the safety cutoff valve prevents fire hazards.

For easy cleaning, the wired grate and enamel tray fit over the top of the burners and lift off. The range oven also comes with a broiler pan with an insert to catch dripping fat while the hinged glass cover protects the cooktop and acts as a backsplash. The brushed stainless steel finish means this appliance will look great in any RV kitchen.

The Furrion F1S21L02A-SS is ANSI Z21.57a Recreational Vehicle Cooking certified, and CAN1-1.16-M79 Propane Fired Cooking Appliances for Recreational Vehicles certified. It is easy to light with peizo ignition, and the top glass cover protects burners while extending the workspace when not in use. This unit is perfect for those looking for a reliable, efficient, and stylish appliance for their RV kitchen.

10. Furrion Aurora 43" 4k Uhd Hdr Led Outdoor Tv (2021 Model)

The Furrion Aurora 43-inch Full Shade Outdoor TV (2021 Model) is the perfect way to bring family and friends together outdoors. With its enhanced 4K UHD HDR display, this outdoor television offers sharper images with vivid colors and higher contrast for an exceptional viewing experience. Built for outdoor entertainment, it is designed for fully shaded outdoor living areas like covered patios or screened porches.

The TV is equipped with adaptive brightness to provide high-quality images any time of the day. Its 400-nit brightness is up to 70% brighter than indoor TVs and delivers ultra-bright pictures for fully shaded areas. The weatherproof IP54 housing is designed for permanent outdoor installation and is engineered to withstand rain, snow, UV rays, dirt, salt air and humidity. It is built with Climatesmart technology to reliably cope with extreme temperature variations.

To ensure the best outdoor entertainment experience, the Furrion Aurora Full Shade TV also includes built-in speakers. Furthermore, a secure weather-tight media bay is located on the back of the TV, allowing for easy hookup and keeping all of your connections safe, as well as providing a place to house smaller streaming devices. The TV supports multiple media inputs including HDMI, USB, antenna and AV and comes with 3 HDMI ports, as well as 2 5V USB ports and an IP67-rated magnetic and waterproof remote control.

Furrion Outdoor TVs are manufactured to the highest quality and industry standards and are backed by Furrion's 1-yr warranty. With its enhanced 4K UHD HDR display, adaptive brightness, Climatesmart technology and weatherproof IP54 housing, the Furrion Aurora 43-inch Full Shade Outdoor TV (2021 Model) is the perfect way to extend your living space and bring family and friends together outdoors in any season.

Furrion Rv Speakers FAQs

Does Furrion TV have Bluetooth?

No, Furrion TVs do not have Bluetooth. Furrion TVs are designed with features to enhance your home entertainment experience such as 4K UHD resolution, HDR support, and Dolby Atmos audio. These features can provide you with an immersive viewing experience, but don't include Bluetooth connectivity. If you are looking for a TV with Bluetooth, you may want to consider other models that offer this feature. You can check the specifications of each model to ensure it offers the features you need.

Does Furrion TV have speakers?

Yes, Furrion TVs come with built-in speakers. The speakers are powered by a state-of-the-art, digital amplifier that delivers full range sound. The speakers are also equipped with Dolby Audio for a richer and more immersive sound. Additionally, the TV has multiple audio outputs, such as RCA, HDMI and digital optical, to provide a variety of audio options. The TV can also be connected to external audio systems, such as a sound bar, for even more powerful sound. The Furrion TV also has multi-room audio support, allowing you to control multiple speakers from the same TV. All in all, Furrion TVs are a great choice for those who want a great audio experience in their home.

How do I connect my Furrion speaker?

To connect a Furrion speaker, first you will need to locate the speaker terminals on the back or side of the speaker. Once you have identified the correct terminals, you will need to connect the positive (+) and negative (-) wires from the audio source to the corresponding terminals on the speaker. If you are connecting an amplifier, you will need to connect the pre-out or L and R terminals from the amplifier to the corresponding terminals on the Furrion speaker. If you are connecting a head unit, you will need to connect the speaker wires from the head unit to the corresponding terminals on the speaker. Once the wires are connected, you will need to ensure that the correct volume is set on the audio source and the speaker. Finally, you will need to power up the audio source to enjoy your music.

How do you reset a Furrion speaker?

To reset a Furrion speaker, you will need to power it off and disconnect it from the power source. Once disconnected, press and hold the reset button for 5-10 seconds until the power light flashes. Reconnect the speaker to the power source and allow it to boot up. The reset process should now be complete. If you are still having issues with your speaker, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer for further support.

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