Interview | BRONCHO at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Photo by Rozette Rago

Interview by Elisa Regulski

You may not know these fuzzy punk rockers by name, but you’ve almost certainly heard their music. Hit play on their top track on Spotify, and the chorus will instantly perk your memory. These musicians are more than just catchy hook-slingers penning tunes like “Class Historian” and “Try Me Out Sometime.” With songs peppering TV soundtracks and tours supporting
Billy Idol, BRONCHO will soon garner instant recognition (even if fans can’t agree on their pronunciation).

Their afternoon set during Austin’s 10th annual Fun Fun Fun Festival brought back some of my favorite memories from living in Oklahoma. Their lazy yet driving music sounds straight out of one of Norman’s quirky dive bars, and I jumped at the opportunity to discuss it with them.

Do you ever miss playing in those small venues in Oklahoma?

Ryan Lindsey (Vocalist/guitarist): I like playing in those small places. There’s a place in Norman called The Deli. Did you ever go there? It gets really packed in there, and everybody is in a good spot. So yeah, it’s nice playing a dingy little place. We’re pretty dingy, so…

Ha! But in a good way. You just finished up a tour with Billy Idol. Was it a big adjustment going from small stages such as the Deli to the sold-out tour with him?

RL: Yeah, it was nice because in those environments you get taken care of differently. There’s chips and salsa around a lot.

Oh, nice! That’s always a plus. Do you have any crazy Billy Idol stories?
(The band chuckled at the thought. There’s obviously some juicy memories there)

RL: Is this off the record? They’re good dudes…extremely wild.

Did you have a pivotal moment when you realized you were making it and could quit your day jobs?

Nathan Price (drummer): No! We got booed the first show. As we walked on stage we had hecklers.

RL: We walked on stage and the first thing we heard was “YOU SUCK.”

What would you say to those guys now that you have songs on TV shows and play huge tours?

RL: Thanks alot!

Do you have any advice for aspiring bands?

RL: Go play with Billy; you’ll love it.

Always a good idea! What’s your songwriting process like?

RL: It usually starts with melody, but sometimes it starts with just a conversation. A couple of songs we just worked on we had in conversation for probably two or three years. I’m not really sure how we ended up turning it into a song, but we made it happen.

What song is this?

RL: It’s a new one that we haven’t released yet. It’s called “Signora Borealis”

What’s this long-term conversation about?

RL: It involves a woman and it involves Dallas. And what those two things can do when they come together.

What are you goals for the band’s future?

RL: We need to write down our goals. That’s one thing we haven’t done.

NP: Yeah, our goal is to make some new year’s resolutions.

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