Interview | Milo Greene: “It’s an amazing feeling in thirty minutes to win over a bunch of people who had never heard of you before.”

Tonight, Milo Greene makes their St. Louis debut at The Firebird in support of their self-titled debut album. Tickets are only $10, and you can purchase those here. If you like harmony that’s heavenly, the time is now to catch this band while they’re still playing intimate venues. Let’s have a listen to “1957.”

We recently had a chance to briefly catch up with Graham Fink of Milo Greene over the phone.

How’s it going?

Pretty good, just getting ready to leave New York City. It’s been a fun little two days here.

Cool. So, you have a show coming up in St. Louis at The Firebird. Have you ever been to St. Louis?

We haven’t as band. I’ve been to St. Louis a few times with an old band, and I love it there. Is the City Museum still up and running?

Yeah, yeah.

That’s my favorite place in the universe.

You think you guys will check that out?

I hope so, if we have time. I made a point of going every time I was in St. Louis in the past, and I want to show it to the rest of the band. I’m going to try to push for it.

So, back in August, you played Lollapalooza, and you created a buzz that day. Can you talk about that, and how this year has gone?

Yeah. I think the reason this band started is that we all felt it was something really special. We were all in other bands before this, and after a few songs were written, we kind of realized we wanted to commit to this, because there was something there. Luckily, that has translated to fans, and the people we have played in front of. We’ve pretty much been on tour for most of the past year, and it’s just been getting better and better. We played a sold-out show at the Bowery Ballroom, which is like a huge, huge place for us. The crowd was unbelievable. It’s just been wild — we’ve been on tours with The Civil Wars and The Walkmen, and have done our own tours. All of it has been really positive, so we’re trying to keep truckin’.

I think the first time I heard about you guys was from that Civil Wars tour. How did that go?

Well, it was incredible. They were unbelievable, and their fans were unbelievable, and that’s what really gave us a base, so we could do our own touring around North America. We’ve pretty much been touring the same cities we did with The Civil Wars in smaller venues, and we were able to have fan bases in those venues because of those shows.

Yeah. Is that kind of opening gig…sometimes I wonder when people go to shows, I wonder if they really listen to the opening band. Is that a hard gig for you?

I mean, there is something kind of nice about it. There’s a certain kind of anonymity, and you have to work to win them over. I think it’s fun, especially if it’s the kind of crowd that The Civil Wars brought, who were open to listening to new music. The people warm up to you, and at a lot of those shows, we ended up getting standing ovations, which is pretty impressive for an opening band — that doesn’t happen all the time. It’s an amazing feeling in thirty minutes to win over a bunch of people who had never heard of you before.

When it’s good, I can feel it as a member of the audience. And it does seem that these days, certain bands just blow up. How does that happen, in your opinion?

I don’t know, it’s one of those modern things. Online, things catch fire and all of a sudden a million people have heard it. People tell other people, and it’s organic.

And how long have you been together as a band?

Technically, a year and a half, but we were all writing before that. The album’s been out now a couple of months, and a lot of people (we play to) are familiar with the songs.

You’re probably sick of being asked this, but how did the name Milo Greene come to be?

It was a fake booking agent name. When everyone was in different bands, we kind of came up with this fake professional name, rather than trying to promote it (and book shows) with any of our individual names.

Were you the one who made the booking calls?

(laughing) I was not.

Milo Greene w/ Bahamas | The Firebird in St. Louis | Wednesday, November 7th; Doors 8PM | $10

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