Jam of the Day | Battle Trance – Palace of Wind I

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I deeply regret not having heard Battle Trance’s Palace of Wind when it came time to announce album of the year contenders for 2014. This New York based saxophone quartet, led by composer Travis Laplante, is breaking new ground in the art music sphere and doing things with wind that I didn’t know were possible. Drawing influence from the rich textures of twentieth century minimalism and the avant-garde exploration of free jazz, Palace of Wind consists of three movements that constitute a greater whole. I recommend listening through all three on your first listen. It is an aural journey unlike any other I have experienced, and at times the unrelentingly density will overwhelm you. Let it envelope your entire being. Explore this divine structure with reverence and its unending intricacies will move you in truly ineffable ways.

Palace of Wind is out now via New Amsterdam Records

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