Jam of the Day | Blind Pilot – Keep You Right

In a lot of ways, summer is about getting away, breaking free from whatever it is you do to make a living. That’s what keeps me sane – knowing that there are days ahead where I’ll be on my own, not looking at a spreadsheet or dealing with a budget. Music, of course, is also a huge part of this freedom, and Blind Pilot’s songs are often the soundtrack to my sanity.

Today’s Jam of the Day represents everything I love about the indie folk band from Portland, Oregon, who will be opening for Brett Dennen at The Pageant on October 15th. In case you didn’t know, they’ve got a new album coming out called We Are the Tide, which drops September 13 via Expunged Records (hint: the whole thing is grand). Here’s a good taste of what to expect.

Blind Pilot – Keep You Right 

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