Jam of the Day | Escort – Starlight

Not many things make me want to turn back the clocks to the days of avocado appliances, orange shag carpet, and faux-wood paneling on the walls. That shit sounds downright lame, regardless of the fact vinyl was still the preferred means of both obtaining music AND covering the seat cushions in your car.

But Escort blasted right through my earholes and entered the cortex of my brain, coming at me like a ’70s disco band who traveled through time only be dropped down at the pinnacle of some all-night euro-rave in these modern times.

Check it out below and get those dancing shoes shined up all proper like. Two of the Speakers in Code gang will be doing the hustle in City Plaza while watching them on the mainstage of Hopscotch in Raleigh. They’re on right before The Roots Saturday evening.

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