Jam of the Day | Ganglians – Drop the Act

Don’t mistake Ganglians for another stateside ensemble playing hollow tunes that come sepia-toned, rippling with sonic nostalgia for a period its makers never lived through. We’ll leave those lo-fi slacker-rock and chilled-out buzz-band comparisons to those other blogs you might read. Unlike many a would-be peer group riding the hype wave before washing up on a forgotten shore, Ganglians’ ambition comes through every bit as clearly as their affection for a sweet melody and wistful lyrical turn.

But, don’t be fooled by our JOTD, “Drop the Act,” for a second. “This is a sad, sad song. For all you sad, sad people.” announces Ganglians’ creative core and lead singer Ryan Grubbs at the outset of the Sacramento-based band’s second LP, Still Living. The guitars, strummed with sun- rays, and the percussion, sprightly with springtime enthusiasm, tell a different tale. “We don’t want to be sad,” admits Grubbs, minutes later. And it’s certainly hard to feel blue with music like this for company.

Still Living is cool without trying, not conforming to on-trend tropes yet resonating with the kind of timeless charm and compositional purity that will immediately set it atop many a so-called scenester’s personal playlist. But dorks and dweebs are cool, too, and Ganglians embrace all-comers to their party.

Download “Drop the Act” below, and pick up the entire album here when it drops on August 29th.

Ganglians – Drop The Act

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