Jam of the Day | Girls – Vomit

San Fran rock group Girls have released a new single entitled “Vomit” (yes, “Vomit”) as the lead in to their new LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost (True Panther), and the track is a doozy. Starting with a simple guitar scale and strum and the hushed delivery of singer Christopher Owens’ unmistakable vocals, the initial gentle composition rolls effortlessly into a buzzy guitar solo boil. The track proceeds to play with this soft / hard dichotomy, staggering back and forth towards a soulful, epic payoff (evoking moments of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon) that showcases luscious backing vocals and Owens repeating the plea, “come in to my heart.” Look for there to be “Vomit” all over your friends’ “Best of the Year” lists in a few months. You can bet on that.

Check out the video for “Vomit” below. Grab some 100% FREE “Vomit” by giving Girls a “like” on Facebook here. Pick up Father, Son, Holy Ghost on 9/13/11 over at True Panther.

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