Jam of the Day | The Head and the Heart – Lost in My Mind

Last Friday, many music fans in Saint Louis (and really, across a number of states) experienced a minor meltdown when the recently announced Mumford and Sons show at The Pageant sold out in approximately fifteen minutes, amidst speculation that the majority of the tickets went not to fans but to vicious scalpers. I, myself, was one of the music fans who was not so lucky in the rolling of the Mumford dice.

But you know what I did? I got up, I dusted myself off, and I got back on that freaking bike. You see, tickets for the recently announced The Head and the Heart show at Blueberry Hill went on sale at the exact same time. And, I didn’t even have to give my first born to secure my attendance in the Duck Room.

I first wrote about the Seattle sextet last January when I made “Down in the Valley,” a song that atones for its rough and rambling ways, the Pajammy Jam of the Day.

Now, the band’s released another free download, “Lost In My Mind,” a track that gains momentum as it churns to the finish line, adding new textures and voices along the way. At the beginning, hushed hums are reminiscent of tweeting birds. By the end, the chorus mimics a free-for-all howl at the moon.

It’s a doozy. And, I highly recommend you grab tickets to this summer show at Blueberry Hill.

The Head and the Heart – Lost In My Mind

Fresh off a Sub Pop signing last November, the label’s re-release of THATH’s self-titled 2010 debut album is available this Saturday in honor of Record Store Day. “Sounds Like Hallelujah” has been recorded anew, live favorite “River and Roads” has been included, and the whole thing has been remastered. Featuring new CD packaging, the album will also be available for the first time on vinyl.  

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