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And I’ll tell the world,
How great you are.
That you saved me life, 
And you ruled my heart.

Based out of the UK—a clash of folk, acoustic, soul, and all around beauty reveal a new trio that is hard to compare to any other. I has stumbled upon The Intermission Project purely out of luck. 

In this newly released song, the lyrics are well represented by the beauty in their voices. Their sounds derive from completely different places, but come together and harmonize with ease. Sunset over the west, Tim on guitar, with Alex and Charlie creating the beat—this song is truly a joy to watch and listen to. When you press play, you can let your mind wander to the depths of your soul. Who is the one that ruled you heart? Who saved your life? What would you want someone to tell the world about you? Woah.

Maybe I get into the lyrics too much, but there is always something contagious about lyrics like these that flow together  and make you think deeper than a song that has lyrics which do not make any sense. Human experiences represented through music are what make songs memorable.

With less than a few years of singing and songwriting as a collective group under their belt, they have created a sound wise beyond their years. So far they have been traveling through the UK in their groovy ride “Rosie.” You can catch more of their story here.

Their recent EP “Sorry” paints a picture for you unparalleled and will make you crave more from this trio. They’re headed for big things, people, and I couldn’t be more excited for new things to come!  And remember, ‘your mother always told you to choose your friends wisely.’

Here it is folks! Enjoy your Wednesday.


theintermissionproject.bandcamp.com/ theintermissionproject.com/ twitter.com/IntermissionPro facebook.com/IntermissionProject

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