Jam of the Day | Jamaican Queens – Kids Get Away

Photo courtesy of the band

Detroit duo Jamaican Queens make exactly the kind of music that I love, even though I didn’t know I loved it before this track: thick harmonies, grooving drums, Passion Pit-esque electronic guitar sounds, and somehow a fundamental Americana-sounding songwriting, like a bluegrass band just decided to branch out into making electronic noise-rock.

“Kids Get Away” is a song about running away, and it’s a great way to run away at your desk on a Friday afternoon. Close your door, make sure your boss is gone, turn this up, and have a dance party with me.

Jamaican Queens play the Nightlight in Chapel Hill on Sunday, 1/13. It’s $5 and starts at 9pm. You need a dance party on Sunday night, too, North Carolina.

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