Jam of the Day | Kingsley Flood – The Fire Inside

Photo courtesy of the band

but baby when are you gonna learn
now is not the time for the fire inside
to come out, come out and burn

Boston / DC band Kingsley Flood staggered onto my radar with a copy of their second release, Battles, earlier this year, and I’ve been hooked ever since. “The Fire Inside” is a perfect slice of what makes Battles such a great album: the weight and exhaustion of lead singer Naseem Khuri’s voice, the simple opening that segues into a lush and overwhelming instrumental break, the lyrics with all their love and pain. A song about loving someone almost too much, “The Fire Inside” is the kind of song you listen to on Valentine’s Day … if you’ve just broken up with your loved one. Hey, you’ll be in good company

Kingsley Flood’s sound is part Drive-By Truckers, part Fleetwood Mac, part perfect pop songwriting and part blinding wall of sound extremes, part ’60 rock and part Americana, all great.

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