Jam of the Day | Lex Land – Havana

But you always knew my plans
were larger
Than the biggest back yard
we could ever have had

Austin-based singer-songwriter Lex Land seems like a “let’s leave the door open” kind of gal.  I mean, the relationship she’s describing in today’s JOTD must have ended poorly, if I had to guess. Still, Land is forward-thinking; she misses something about the person she’s let go – “maybe we could still meet in a dream some time in Havana,” she sings. I guess that’s the place where any relationship could mend itself, right?

Musically, Land can sound a bit like Regina Spektor. She’s quirky enough, and she’s got that hint of mystery in her voice. It’s like confidence masked with cockiness. Always hopeful and daring, never quite ready to give in.

Her new album, Were My Sweetheart To Go, drops on August 16th.

Lex Land – Havana

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