Jam of the Day | Living Things – Fake it Baby, Fake it (La Dame Nature)

On the list of intimidating opening slots for a band, I would HAVE to believe that opening for Guns n Roses during their residency at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas would have to rank right up near the tippy-top.  I mean, not only do you have Axl Rose listening to you while eating his pre-game meal in the green room, but you have a bunch of aging hair-metal fans staring, glassy-eyed at you, while you attempt to maneuver a stage that’s better fit for the Superdome than a 4,000 seat theater.

However, St. Louis’ very own Living Things took to that stage like they fucking owned the place last Wednesday night, and surprisingly, won over the entire crowd about 3 minutes into their set. But considering they’re fronted by Lillian Berlin, who appears to be the love child of Mic Jagger, Karen O, and hell, Axl Rose, how could anyone not be in awe of what they saw. It was pure, rock n roll goodness at its essence.

The best part – they popped up on that stage, without anyone even knowing their name. I mean, literally. It wasn’t advertised — heck, we didn’t even know there WAS an opening band. And that, to me, is the best part about music. It knocks you on your ass when you least expect it.

Get past the opening part of the video below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Good Lawd!   

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