Jam of the Day | Ought – Habit

Photo | Victoria Davis

Comparatively, the blogger’s ear should be placed on the same plain as a masterfully honed blade in a ninja battle. It’s as delicate as a dewdrop on the wings of a newly chrysalised butterfly. It’s as nuanced as one of Nicholas Sparks’ T.S. Eliot’s works. Basically, it’s a product that is developed over time through hard work, dedication and innate raw talent.

And guess what? I’m a goddamned music blogger and you know what’s the best goddamn song in the goddamn world right now? “Habit” (goddammit) — that’s what. It runs the gamut of song-success. Nostalgia? Check — I hear the bones of Television peppered with the soul of Talking Heads.  Melody? Check check. Building emotion? Winner winner chicken dinner.

DON’T TRUST THE BLOGGER’S EAR? Just listen below and I dare you not to freak out, just a little. Even on the inside.

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