Jam of the Day | Rainbow Arabia – Without You

Los Angeles husband and wife electro/dance/disco/afro-beat duo, Rainbow Arabia, has offered up the first single from their soon to be released LP, Boys and Diamonds (March 1st on Kompakt Records). Danny and Tiffany Preston have crafted a synth- and-bongo infused anthem to introduce listeners to their unique sound and the compositions of the new record. Tiffany’s voice shimmers over beats and electro-tones that sound as if you’ve stumbled upon a group of lost indigenous peoples who have never seen an outsider apart from their Korg, Moog, and Roland synthesizer delivery men.

Watch the only slightly creepy (Tiffany as some kind of tortured mime?) video for “Without You” below.

On March 1st, grab Boys and Diamonds over at Kompakt.

Download a remix (by another L.A. pair called Nguzunguzu) of “Without You” HERE.

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