Jam of the Day | Reptar – Stuck In My Id

Ask anyone who operates a music blog about the experience, and they will tell you it’s a taxing and tedious job. There are the obvious job hazards like carpel tunnel syndrome, dry and irritated eyes, and headphone headaches. It’s hard goddamn work. But the real, and secret danger in music blogging is opening an email, and clicking on a song by a band you’ve never heard of. Half the time, you’re immediately startled by something that sounds like a mix of Creed and Yoko Ono. Other times, you wake up, confused, from a deep sleep after pressing play. But 1% of the time, you get something surprisingly wonderful.

Reptar’s new EP, Oblangle Fizz Y’all, now has a spot in that top 1% of bands that come out of nowhere, presenting not only kickass jamz, but also a challenge in pinpointing the musical influences that are present, but impossible to articulate fully. The obvious comparisions come easy. Talking Heads are there, Elvis Costello, and somehow Prince wafts in and out. But ask a friend what they hear, and you get everything from Cameo to Randy Newman. It’s awesome, but for music junkies, a little frustrating. Like ingredients in a dish where there are things you can taste but just can’t put a finger on.

Let us know what you hear after downloading the song below. And I know we say this a lot, but get your ass over to iTunes and pick up Oblangle Fizz Y’all. We’re offering a money back guarantee on this one.

Reptar – Stuck In My Id

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