Jam of the Day | Wampire – The Hearse

Photo courtesy of the band

One of my favorite things about electropop duo Wampire is their name, because it is truly, ridiculously fun to say in a variety of silly accents. Try it. The best one is Chekhov from Star Trek. Just try it, picture Anton Yelchin saying “Wampire,” and tell me that your day didn’t just immediately improve. No need to thank me.

Happily, there’s plenty else to like about Wampire and “The Hearse”, which is out on a 7″ next week in advance of their new full-length: the creepy synthesized organ opening, a fake-out to the real shimmery pop and upbeat dance drums of the track; the driving rhythm of the vocals that match the drums; the instrumental break in the middle that pairs bouncing bass with enough synthesizers to make an ’80s hair band jealous.

“The Hearse” pulls a second fake-out on you, as well, at the 2 minute mark, when the drive of the track fades away to feedback that rises slowly and pulls the drums and the bass back out with it, before it explodes into its joyous and vaguely sinister finish. A great dance track that’s just off-kilter enough to make you a little bit shivery.

Stream it on Soundcloud for your Friday evening party.

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