Jam of the Day | William Tyler – Whole New Dude

In such uncertain times it is essential that we keep ourselves armed with a couple songs that consistently foster the growth of positive energy and good vibes. I call this my “save me from a shitty day” list. In a moment of crisis, these songs can be deployed to counter the overwhelming lameness that occasionally plagues daly life. “Born to Run” serves this function for my dad.”Whole New Dude” salvaged a few otherwise-crappy mornings this week, and is now at the top of my “save me from a shitty day” list.

Clocking in at thirteen minutes, “Whole New Dude,” William Tyler’s latest foray into the world of alt-country guitar music, is also his first to include an ace backup band. The fleet-fingered guitarist’s already lush sound is taken to a whole new level; intricate finger style patterns are supplemented with gorgeous lap steel guitar, bass, and rootsy drum work. Tyler is set to release a three song 12″ called Lost Colony next month via Merge, and given this first taste, the main course is sure to be delightful.

Give it a listen and try not to smile.

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