Jam of the Day | WU LYF – Dirt

WU LYF (World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation) has been on the Speakers in Code radar since way back in days of April, when a cloud of excitement and speculation collided like those atoms do, but instead of nuclear fission, buzz was created. No one really knew what the hell they were dealing with.  Between cryptic pictures of the band with their faces covered by white bandanas, to rumors they were created, *NSYNC-style by a business savvy marketeer, to evidence pointing to their practice of Satan worship, the blogoshere went into convulsions trying to figure shit out.

And while we now know they are a bunch of kids from Manchester, and they don’t look much like worshipers of that silly ole’ Lucifer, it may be better to just leave it at that. Answers may only take away from the sheer power of their music, that frankly, aides from the mystery and mystique of it all. Our Jam of the Day, “Dirt,” is the perfect example of how intrigue is, well, intriguing. Raw, almost indecipherable lyrics wail over war-like drums. And as the video below perfectly exemplifies, it could soundtrack a riot perfectly. So, go start one.

Download it here, but watch the video below first. Turn it up loud and get ready to hit replay. Once you’re done, pick up their debut LP, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain.


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