Jbl Home Stereo Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When shopping for home stereo speakers, JBL is a great option. JBL speakers are known for their quality sound and durability, making them a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home audio system. Here are five key points to consider when selecting JBL home stereo speakers:

1. Type: JBL offers a variety of home stereo speakers, including bookshelf, tower, soundbar, and outdoor speakers. Knowing which type of speaker is best for your needs will help you narrow down your choices.

2. Size: The size of the speaker is important as it will determine the sound quality and volume of the speaker. If you plan on using the speakers in a large room, you may want to opt for a bigger size.

3. Power: Make sure the power of the speakers is compatible with your audio system. If you're looking for a more powerful sound, opt for a higher wattage speaker.

4. Connectivity: JBL speakers come with different connectivity options, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wired connections. Make sure the speakers you choose are compatible with the devices you plan to connect them to.

5. Price: JBL speakers come in a wide range of prices, so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your budget. Consider what features you need and what you can afford before making a purchase.

Overall, JBL home stereo speakers are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio system. With a variety of sizes, power levels, and connectivity options, you can find the perfect set of speakers for your needs. By taking into account the five key points outlined above, you can be sure to make the right decision when selecting JBL home stereo speakers.

10 Best Selling Jbl Home Stereo Speakers

1. Jbl Bar 1000 7.1.4-Channel Soundbar W/ Detachable Surround Speakers, Multibeam™, Dolby Atmos®, & Dts:x®

The JBL Bar 1000 7.1.4-Channel soundbar is an innovative audio system designed to deliver immersive 3D sound. With two up-firing drivers in the main bar and two detachable speakers, this system provides true Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound as well as MultiBeam Surround Sound. The detachable speakers require no extra wires or power connections, making them ideal for easy installation and maximum performance.

Thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi, the JBL Bar 1000 can access over 300 online music streaming services. This includes AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music, and Chromecast. Enjoy your favorite audio content, Internet radio, and podcasts in high definition, and stay up to date with the latest features with automatic software updates.

The 880W total system power of the JBL Bar 1000 transforms movies, music, and games into immersive sound experiences. And with a 10" wireless subwoofer, you can experience precise, thrilling bass that brings the emotion to your music and the excitement to your action movies.

The JBL Bar 1000 is the perfect choice for those seeking theater-quality 3D sound with real surround sound and easy installation. Enjoy a full range of sound with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and MultiBeam, and access over 300 streaming services with the built-in Wi-Fi. With 880W of total system power and a 10" wireless subwoofer, you won't miss a beat.

2. (2) Jbl Jrx225 Dual 15" Professional 4000w Passive Dj/pa Speakers 4 Ohm Jrx 225

The JBL JRX225 Dual 15" Professional 4000w Passive DJ/PA Speakers are designed to provide maximum sound performance with a powerful 2000 watt output. The dual JBL low frequency drivers feature a 64mm (2.5in) diameter edgewound ribbon voice coil for increased efficiency and power handling. The advanced network topology crossover design ensures a smooth and accurate sound output. The high-voltage capacitors and inductors feature massive cores and heavy gauge wires to ensure optimal performance.

The Progressive Transition high frequency waveguide ensures accurate sound reproduction and the SonicGuard protects the high frequency driver from excess power without interrupting the performance. The 19mm (.75in) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) enclosure with non-resonant all-steel handles provides maximum durability for a long-lasting product. The dual-angle pole-mount socket allows the speaker to tilt 10 degrees to provide a more comfortable listening experience.

The JBL JRX225 Dual 15" Professional 4000w Passive DJ/PA Speakers offer a power rating of 500W/2000W, a frequency range of 42 Hz – 18 kHz, a frequency response of 62 Hz – 13 kHz, a sensitivity of 100 dB SPL, a nominal impedance of 4 ohms, a recommended amplifier power of 500W to 1000W into 4 ohms, a maximum SPL of 133 dB, a nominal dispersion of 90 x 50 and a crossover frequency of 2.2 kHz. With dimensions of 1092mm x 464mm x 432mm (43in x 18.3in x 17in) and a weight of 42.6 kg (94 lb), these speakers are perfect for any live performance or DJ setup.

3. Jbl Quantum 400 – Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headphones With Usb And Game-Chat Balance Dial – Black

The JBL Quantum 400 is the perfect gaming companion for any serious gamer. This powerful gaming headset is designed to provide accurate and immersive sound, so you never miss a step, shot, or jump during gameplay. It features JBL Quantum Surround sound technology, which is engineered for accuracy and delivers an immersive and competitive gaming experience.

The Quantum 400 has a flip-up boom microphone with echo cancelling technology, allowing you to focus on your teammates’ voice rather than background noise, for crystal clear communication. The integrated Discord certified game-chat balance ensures you don’t miss a beat.

The headset also features memory foam ear cushions covered in soft PU leather, providing ultimate comfort for marathon sessions. And with its 3.5 mm and USB adapter connections, you can enjoy multi-platform gaming on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The Quantum 400 also features RGB lighting effects, adding a personal touch to your gaming experience. The headset is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, mobile and VR, so you can take your gaming on the go.

In short, the JBL Quantum 400 is the perfect companion for any serious gamer. With its accurate sound and robust design, you can enjoy the thrill of tracking enemies in FPS games, engaging in epic MOBA battles, and gaming on multiple platforms. Its memory foam ear cushions, flip-up boom microphone, and RGB lighting effects make the Quantum 400 the perfect choice for any gamer.

4. Jbl Studio 620 Red Wood Bookshelf Speaker W/ 5.25" Woofer, 2414h-1 Compression Driver & Grille

The JBL Studio 620 is the perfect addition to any home audio system. This high-performance bookshelf loudspeaker is designed to deliver true high-fidelity sound. Fitted with JBL’s 2414H-1 compression driver, High-Definition Imaging horn, and 5.25-inch PolyPlas cone woofer, it produces an exceptionally detailed and dynamic sound.

The Studio 620 also boasts a luxurious design. The red wood cabinet is fitted with a magnetically attached grille, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching audio system for your home theater or a subtle addition to your living room, the Studio 620 is a great choice.

JBL has been bringing music to life for over 70 years, and the Studio 620 continues this tradition. From Woodstock to the Motion Picture Academy, JBL’s speakers have been the soundtrack to countless memorable moments. With the Studio 620, you can experience the power of music wherever and whenever you choose.

The JBL Studio 620 is an outstanding example of quality design and sound engineering. Whether you’re an audiophile or simply looking for an audio system that will bring your home to life, the Studio 620 is the perfect choice. With its powerful sound and elegant design, you’ll be able to enjoy an immersive and enjoyable listening experience in any room.

5. Jbl Charge 3 Portable Speaker Case – Eva Shell, Water Resistant Zipper, Carabiner Clip

This JBL Lifestyle Carry Case is designed to provide superior protection for the JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker. Crafted from a durable EVA hard-shell, it offers a weather-resistant seal to keep your speaker safe from the elements. The interior is lined with a soft micro-suede, and features a custom fit designed to securely hold your speaker. An official JBL logo plate adorns the outside of the case, while a carabiner style clip makes it easy to attach to your backpack or bag.

This case is an essential accessory for the JBL Charge 3 speaker, providing ultimate protection against scratches, dents, and weather damage. Its weather resistant zippered seal helps keep moisture out, while the carabiner style clip makes it easy to attach to a bag or belt loop. The rugged EVA shell provides superior protection against impacts, while the soft micro-suede lined interior provides a comfortable resting place for your speaker.

The JBL Lifestyle Carry Case for Charge 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker is the perfect way to protect your speaker from the elements. With its weather-resistant zippered seal, carabiner style clip, and official JBL logo plate, this case offers superior protection in a stylish package. The custom fit interior ensures your speaker is securely held in place, while the rugged EVA shell offers superior protection against scratches, dents, and weather damage. Whether you’re heading to the beach or the park, this case is the perfect way to keep your speaker safe and sound.

6. Jbl Bar 1300 11.1-Ch. Soundbar With Detachable Surrounds, Multibeam, Dolby Atmos, & Dts:x.

The JBL Bar 1300 is an 11.1.4-Channel soundbar with cutting-edge technology to bring a superior sound experience to your home theater. Enjoy true Dolby Atmos and DTS:X along with MultiBeam for an enhanced 3D surround sound experience. The two detachable battery-powered surround speakers provide real surround sound without the need for extra wires or power connections.

This soundbar also has Wi-Fi connectivity for AirPlay, Alexa Multi-Room Music and Chromecast built-in. You have access to over 300 online music streaming services, Internet radio and podcasts in high definition. With the Wi-Fi connection, you can also get automatic software updates so you always have the latest features.

For maximum impact, the JBL Bar 1300 delivers 1170 watts of total system power, transforming movies, music and games into a breathtaking sound experience. To complete the package, the soundbar is paired with a powerful 10" wireless subwoofer, creating a thrilling and precise bass to add emotion to your music and excitement to your action movies.

Whether you're a movie fan or music lover, the JBL Bar 1300 is the perfect choice to elevate your home-theater experience. With true Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and MultiBeam surround sound, 1170 watts of total system power and 10" wireless subwoofer, the JBL Bar 1300 will immerse you in the action.

7. Jbl Professional Irx115s Powered Compact Subwoofer, 15-Inch

The JBL Professional IRX115S Powered Compact Subwoofer is a powerful and economical solution for portable PA systems. This 15-inch model provides powerful output and extended low-frequency response in a compact, ported design. It is the perfect complement to the IRX series of powered loudspeakers and comes with a built-in lightweight amplifier and ergonomic, sturdy handles.

The back of the cabinet has easily selectable crossover frequencies and polarity settings, allowing you to customize the sound to your needs. The reinforced grille provides rugged protection while still offering excellent acoustic performance. The built-in pole mount expands system configuration options, making it easy to set up and use in different locations.

The IRX115S is powered by a corded electric power source and can deliver up to 1300 watts of output. It includes a power cable for easy setup. The two XLR combo inputs and two XLR outputs provide versatile connectivity options for different sound systems.

The JBL Professional IRX115S Powered Compact Subwoofer is an ideal choice for DJs, bands, and other sound professionals who need a powerful and cost-effective portable PA solution. It is designed for maximum performance and reliability, making it the perfect choice for any performance or event.

8. Jbl (6) Control 65 P/t 5.25" 60w Black Pendant Speakers For Restaurant/bar/cafe

The JBL Control 65 P/T 5.25" 60w Black Pendant Speakers offer exceptional sound quality and coverage in restaurant, bar, and cafe settings. Its Radiation Boundary Integrator Technology provides 120 conical coverage, while its 5.25" (130 mm) low-frequency driver and silk-dome tweeter deliver high-fidelity sound. These speakers have a power capacity of 75 Watts and an 8-ohm impedance, and its multi-tap transformer provides a power rating of 60W. The enclosure is made from high-impact polystyrene, and the zinc-plated steel grille has a powder-coat finish and foam backing.

The frequency response is (-10 dB) 55 Hz – 20 kHz, and the frequency range is (3 dB) 78 Hz – 18 kHz. The nominal sensitivity is 86 dB, and the nominal coverage angle is 120 (+20/-10). The directivity (Q) is 5.3, and the Directivity Index (DI) is 7.2 dB. The speaker can produce up to 105 dB continuous pink noise and 111 dB peak at 1m.

The JBL Control 65 P/T 5.25" 60w Black Pendant Speakers are equipped with two identical suspension systems, each consisting of a 4.5m (15ft) long 2mm (0.077in) high tensile galvanized steel wire rope suspension cable with spring-clips for clipping onto the loudspeaker bracket and Gripple brand adjustable-height cable fasteners for infinitely adjustable height. These cables have a SWL rating of 45kg (99lb).

Additionally, the speakers are equipped with two removable locking Euro-block 2-pin connectors with screwdown terminals for bare wire. The connectors are paralleled for input and loop-thru. The maximum wire size is 12 AWG (2.5 mm2). Rubber terminal covers are included. The speakers exceed Mil Spec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature, and UV, and they have IP44 capability per IEC 529 splashproof rating.

9. Jbl Professional C60ps/t Hanging Pendant Subwoofer With Passive Crossover, Black, Sold As Pair

The JBL Professional C60PS/T Hanging Pendant Subwoofer with Passive Crossover is a must-have for any professional sound system. This pair of powerful subwoofers is designed to deliver a powerful and tight sound with excellent stability under demanding conditions. Each subwoofer boasts an 8” (200 mm) long-excursion low frequency driver with high-temperature 2” (50 mm) voice coil and an impressive 88 dB nominal sensitivity. It has four satellite output options, including 8Ω (150 Watt) and 70V/100V (100 Watt) operation, that can easily be adjusted without the need for an external crossover.

The enclosure of the JBL Professional C60PS/T Hanging Pendant Subwoofer is made of durable materials that are rated for humidity, salt spray, temperature, and UV. The zinc-plated steel grille features a powder-coat finish and foam backing for superior protection. In addition, the package includes main and safety suspension cables with 15 ft. long high-tensile galvanized-steel wire rope suspension cables and fasteners for infinitely adjustable height.

For superior sound quality and performance, the JBL Professional C60PS/T Hanging Pendant Subwoofer with Passive Crossover is an excellent choice. With its durable construction and adjustable height, it’s perfect for any professional audio system. Plus, its built-in passive crossover makes it easy to customize your sound experience.

Jbl Home Stereo Speakers FAQs

Are JBL speakers as good as Bose?

The answer to this question depends on the individual listener's preference. Both JBL and Bose are respected, high-quality speaker brands. Generally speaking, JBL speakers tend to be better for bass-heavy music, while Bose speakers tend to offer a clearer, more balanced sound. Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide which sound they prefer. JBL speakers are often more affordable than Bose products, so cost may also be a factor when making a decision. Additionally, JBL and Bose both offer a wide range of products for various budgets and applications, so it is important to do research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure you are getting the best product for your needs.

Is JBL stereo good?

Yes, JBL stereo is a good choice for sound quality and durability. JBL is one of the most popular and well-respected audio brands, and their stereo systems are known for delivering clear, powerful sound. They also feature robust construction, making them ideal for long-term use in a home or car. Additionally, JBL offers a wide variety of models to suit different needs and budgets, ranging from affordable entry-level products to high-end luxury products. Overall, JBL is an excellent choice for a high-quality stereo system.

Which brand speaker is best for home?

When selecting a home speaker, it is important to consider what type of sound quality you are looking for. Brands such as Bose, Sonos, Klipsch, and JBL all offer high-quality speakers that provide clear and powerful sound. Bose speakers are great for those who want a balanced audio experience, while Sonos is great for those who want to fill the entire room with sound. Klipsch speakers are great for those who want powerful, detailed sound, while JBL speakers provide great sound quality in both music and movies. Ultimately, the best speaker for your home will depend on your budget and what type of sound you are looking for. Do some research and test out different speakers to find the one that suits your needs best.

Which is better Harman Kardon or JBL?

Both Harman Kardon and JBL are reliable and reputable brands when it comes to audio equipment. It is difficult to pick one as the better option as they both offer great sound quality and features. Harman Kardon typically produces higher-end products that feature more premium sound and build quality. Their products usually carry a higher price tag and are better suited for audiophiles who are looking for a more premium experience. On the other hand, JBL produces products that are more affordable and better suited for general consumers who are looking for great sound quality without the premium price tag. In the end, the better option depends on the user's needs and budget.

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