Live From LouFest | Questlove (of The Roots)

When the book of LouFest is written, it very well may end up that Jeff Tweedy is on its cover. But, consider this: late yesterday afternoon, The Roots, who were supposed to headline the festival, had to cancel. Around 24 hours before the big party, LouFest had lost one of its stars. That’s a potential death sentence.

And wouldn’t you know it, some people became angry at the cancellation (why, I’m still not sure — why would you get angry at a band who canceled because of a hurricane?). So, let’s hand it to Questlove, The Roots’ drummer — he just finished what was a bumpin’ hour of “85 years worth” of jams, funk, folk, rock, Kermit the frog, and soul. Sure, we don’t get to see The Roots, but Questlove’s DJ set was a highlight of the festival so far; it even surpassed Girl Talk’s set a few weeks ago at Kanrocksas. The dude mixed in Hall & Oates, okay?

So, yeah, when that LouFest book is written, why don’t we just photoshop in Questlove’s afro onto Tweedy’s head? Seems fair to me.

Thanks again, Questlove, for making it down to the Lou

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