Mackie Active Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Mackie active speakers are a popular choice for sound systems because of their high quality, reliable performance, and easy setup. They offer superior sound and clarity, making them ideal for recording, live performances, and home entertainment. When shopping for Mackie active speakers, there are five key points to consider:

1. Price – Mackie active speakers come in a range of prices, from budget to professional models. Consider your budget and what you need the speakers for to determine the best fit.

2. Power – Look at the wattage of the speaker and make sure it’s enough to power your system.

3. Type – Mackie active speakers come in a variety of types, such as full-range, two-way, and three-way. Consider the size of the room and the type of music you will be playing to determine the best type of speaker.

4. Connectivity – Make sure the speakers are compatible with your sound system and have the necessary inputs and outputs.

5. Quality – Look for reviews and ratings to ensure you are getting a quality product.

When shopping for Mackie active speakers, it’s important to consider these five key points in order to get the best sound quality and performance for your needs. With a range of prices and types, you can find the perfect speaker to suit your budget and sound system. With the right speaker, you can be sure to get an amazing sound experience every time.

10 Best Selling Mackie Active Speakers

1. Mackie Thump15a 15" 1300w Powered Speaker W/mixer, Stand & Xlr Cable.

The Mackie Thump Series 15" 1300W Active Powered Loudspeaker with Built-In 2-Channel Mixer is the perfect speaker system for live performances and events. This active speaker features a 1000W LF and 300W HF power capacity, with a 15" high-output woofer and 1.4" titanium dome compression driver providing a wide frequency response of 32Hz-23kHz. The built-in 2-channel mixer with independent volume controls allows for straightforward and intuitive sound control, and the speaker also includes a power cord.

This bundle includes a 20' Heavy Duty 7mm Rubber XLR Microphone Cable, making it easy to connect any microphone to the speaker. It also includes an On-Stage All-Steel Speaker Stand, providing a secure base for the speaker to ensure maximum stability during use.

The Mackie Thump Series 15" 1300W Active Powered Loudspeaker is ideal for live sound applications, and its powerful sound and versatile features make it the perfect choice for any occasion. The included accessories make setup simple and efficient, and the robust construction ensures long-lasting use. This bundle is backed by a Mackie 1 Year Limited Warranty.

2. Mackie Hr824mk2 8 In. Active Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair)

The Mackie HR824mk2 8 inch Active Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair) is the perfect choice for professional studio sound quality. This pair of studio monitors features an active design and a full frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, allowing you to get the most out of your recordings and mixes. The HR824mk2 monitors have a wide sweet spot, allowing you to accurately hear every detail in your recordings. The low-end response is tight and defined, with a punchy mid-range and articulate highs. The monitors also feature a custom-designed waveguide for superior imaging and optimum sound balance.

The Mackie HR824mk2 monitors come with a built-in power amplifier, providing 150 watts of power to each speaker. The class A/B amplifier is designed for maximum efficiency and offers a wide dynamic range and low distortion. The monitors also feature a balanced XLR, ¼-inch TRS, and RCA inputs, allowing you to connect them to any professional audio device.

The Mackie HR824mk2 8 inch Active Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair) also come with acoustic isolation pads, allowing you to reduce low-frequency buildup in your studio. The pads also help reduce the transfer of vibrations from the speakers to the surface they are placed on, ensuring that your recordings are not affected by external noise.

The Mackie HR824mk2 monitors come with a one-year warranty and the Sonic Sense Extended Warranty adds an additional year. With the extended warranty, you get access to technical support and repair services for one year after the purchase of the product.

For superior sound quality and reliable performance, the Mackie HR824mk2 8 inch Active Studio Monitor Speakers (Pair) is the perfect solution for your studio. With its built-in power amplifier, balanced inputs, and acoustic isolation pads, you can be sure to get the most out of your recordings and mixes. The Mackie HR824mk2 monitors are a great choice for any professional studio.

3. Mackie Drm12a 2000w 12" Arrayable Powered Active Pa Speaker + Stand Bundle

The Mackie DRM12A 2000 Watt 12" Arrayable Powered Active Live Sound DJ PA Speaker is the perfect choice for professional live sound applications. It features a high-efficiency 2000W Class-D amplifier that offers ample headroom with a universal power supply (100-240 VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power. Its advanced Impulse DSP module provides precision crossovers and transducer time-alignment to deliver reference quality sound that is consistent throughout the frequency range.

The DRM Control Dashboard offers a high-contrast full color display for easy single-knob access to configuration and processing. It also features a 3-band parametric EQ for additional customization and tuning for your application and venue. Plus, the Preset array configuration settings make setup easy with modes for 1 cabinet, 2 cabinets, 3-4 cabinets with long throw option, and independent Sub option.

The Mackie DRM12A is constructed with road-worthy 15mm plywood and an internal bracing to provide optimal acoustic performance with a touring-grade textured coating and powder-coated heavy gauge steel grille. The unique ported design provides exceptionally smooth yet punchy low frequency response while providing cool air to the internal amplifier. It's also equipped with a Triple 1 Titanium diaphragm compression driver array that is perfectly matched to the amplifier for maximum clarity and efficiency.

This bundle also includes a Rockville RVCS2 Heavy-Duty Tripod Adjustable Crank-Up DJ PA Speaker Stand+Bag. It's designed with adjustable height and a sturdy tripod base, making it perfect for DJs, home audio, bands, and more. This stand is equipped with a carrying bag to make transportation and storage easy.

This bundle is the ultimate package for professional live sound applications. The Mackie DRM12A 2000 Watt 12" Arrayable Powered Active Live Sound DJ PA Speaker and Rockville RVCS2 Heavy-Duty Tripod Adjustable Crank-Up DJ PA Speaker Stand+Bag offer superior sound quality and versatility.

4. Mackie 2 Srm150 Powered Active Pa Monitor Speakers With Built In Eq

The Mackie 2 SRM150 Powered Active Pa Monitor Speakers is the perfect solution for achieving superior sound quality in an extremely portable active loudspeaker system. Equipped with a Mackie mixer, this system features a 3-channel mixer with 3-band active EQ, two high-headroom Mackie Mic/line preamps with 48V phantom power, an instrument-ready input, and a dedicated stereo channel for keyboards, CD, MP3, iPods, etc. The Neutrik Combo “line in” allows for linking or adding additional inputs, while the XLR “thru” with mic/line switch allows for linking more SRM150s or direct send to main PA. The system is powered by 150-watts of high output, Class-D power, and delivers a frequency response of 100Hz to 17.5kHz.

The Mackie 2 SRM150 also includes a variety of system protection features such as a built-in limiter and 120 dB maximum SPL@1meter, as well as a built-in top carry handle and an integral aluminum heat sink. The tough, impact-resistant, polypropylene enclosure also includes a mic stand integration system for use with stand and boom.

The Mackie 2 SRM150 is perfect for a variety of applications, including compact, portable performance PA systems, executive boardrooms, A/V presentations, tradeshow demonstration booths, classroom instruction, aerobics instructors, live music performance monitors, personal practice with stereo tracks, and PA system expansion for “Cry” or “Green” rooms. With its high-quality features and portability, the Mackie 2 SRM150 is ideal for any sound system.

5. Mackie Srm450v3 12" 1000w Powered Active Pa Speaker + Dsp + Tripod Stand + Bag.

The Mackie SRM450V3 SRM450-V3 Powered Active PA Speaker provides high-definition audio processing for professional sound with unmatched clarity. Featuring a power handling of 1000W Peak / 500W RMS and a 12-inch high-output LF Driver / 1.4 titanium dome compression driver, this speaker offers plenty of power. Its patented acoustic correction developed with touring geniuses at EAW, precision 2-way crossover, driver time alignment and phase correction make it ideal for live performances. The 1000W system power paired with custom transducers provide the ability to achieve gig-level volumes with room to spare.

The rugged polypropylene construction is designed for heavy use and the Quick one-button Speaker Mode selection allows you to select the best voicing for your application (PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist). The integrated 2-channel mixer features dual Mackie Wide-Z inputs which can handle anything from mics to guitars to mixers with a single twist of the gain knob. The speaker also includes stereo RCA inputs for easy connection to music source, making it perfect for the singer/songwriter who wants to plug in and leave the mixer at home. The Smart Protect DSP keeps your investment safe from any excessive pushing. The Monitor-specific angle and voicing mode are perfect for cutting through on stage.

The Rockville RVCS2 Heavy-Duty Tripod Adjustable Crank-Up DJ PA Speaker Stand is perfect for pairing up with the Mackie SRM450V3. This speaker stand is made of extruded aluminum and steel, and features adjustable height range of 48-78 inches and a base spread of 39 inches. It also comes with a carrying bag and a hand crank mechanism to make setup and takedown quick and easy. The telescopic tube diameter is 1.38 inches and the outer tube diameter is 1.61 inches. With a weight capacity of 100 lbs and a product weight of 9.5 lbs, you can be sure your speaker will be safely and securely mounted.

6. Mackie (2) Mr524 5 Powered Active Studio Monitor Bi-Amped Speakers+desk Stands

Mackie MR524 5" 50 Watt Powered Active Studio Monitor Class A/B Bi-Amped Speaker is the ideal choice for superior mix translation and accuracy in any studio. This bi-amped speaker features an ultra-wide dispersion logarithmic waveguide design for an enhanced stereo imaging and listening sweet spot. The 1" silk dome tweeter provides a fast transient response for detailed high end and vocal clarity, while the 5" polypropylene woofer delivers responsive, dynamic low frequency response. Mackie MR524 is powered by 50 watts of bi-amplified Class A/B amplification and delivers a frequency response of 45 Hz – 20 kHz. It also features adjustable acoustic space filters to maintain flat response in typical placement configurations and a HF filter for boosting or cutting compensation for dull or bright sounding rooms. The professional all-wood cabinet design is built to last and look great in any studio and comes with custom designed internal bracing to add stiffness for reduced distortion and enhanced low frequency response.

The package also includes a pair of Rockville RHT8B Computer/Bookshelf Desktop Speaker/Studio Monitor Stands-Black. These stands are finished with premium furniture-grade paint that will not crack, chip, or peel and are made from high quality medium density fiber core to minimize resonance. Isolation pads create a no-slip surface as well as improve acoustical performance. The 66 lbs. load capacity allows you to use a heavier speaker without compromising stability and stands at 8". The base plate size is 11.8" x 9" and the top platform size is 9.25" x 7.28". The item load weight capacity is 66 lbs. and the item weight per pair is 9.6 lbs. with shipping weight of 11.5 lbs. and dimensions of 13.8" x 10" x 11.4". The product dimension is 11.8" x 9" x 8".

Mackie MR524 5" 50 Watt Powered Active Studio Monitor Class A/B Bi-Amped Speaker and Rockville RHT8B Computer/Bookshelf Desktop Speaker/Studio Monitor Stands-Black is a great package that offers superior mix translation and accuracy for professional results in any studio. The adjustable acoustic space filters and HF filter provides the ability to optimize MR monitors for any mixing environment, while the professional all-wood cabinet design and custom designed internal bracing ensures that the speakers will last and look great in any studio. With the 66 lbs. load capacity and the item weight per pair of 9.6 lbs., you can use a heavier speaker without compromising stability.

7. Mackie (2) Srm150 Powered Active Pa Monitor Speaker + (2) Travel Bags

The Mackie SRM150 Powered Active PA Monitor Speaker and Speaker Bag package is the perfect solution for any sound application, big or small. With a built-in Mackie mixer, two high-headroom Mackie Mic/line preamps, and an instrument-ready input, the SRM150 provides superior sound quality and convenience. The 150-watt Class-D power output and 5.25" neodymium driver deliver up to 120 dB of maximum SPL at 1 meter, while the integral aluminum heat sink ensures complete system protection with a built-in limiter.

This package includes two SRM150 speakers and two Mackie Portable Speaker Bags. The bags are made from black canvas and feature zippered openings, a large zippered accessory pouch, and an extra-wide shoulder strap. Lightweight and tough, the bags fit the SRM150/C300z loudspeaker, making transportation a breeze.

The SRM150 and Speaker Bag package is perfect for a variety of applications including compact, portable performance PA systems, executive boardrooms, A/V presentations, tradeshow demonstration booths, classroom instruction, and aerobics instructors. It is also great for personal practice with stereo tracks, PA system expansion for "cry" or "green" rooms, and recording studio playback to remote rooms. No matter the task, the SRM150 and Speaker Bag package is the perfect choice when high quality audio is required but space is limited.

8. (2) Mackie Srt210 10 Powered Dj Pa Speakers W/bluetooth+stands+headphones+mics

This package includes two Mackie SRT210 10” 1600 Watt Powered Active DJ PA Speakers with Bluetooth, Class D and a pair of Rockville Adjustable Tripod Speaker/Light Stands with two 20 Foot XLR Cables, a Rockville DJ1500 DJ Headphones with Detachable Coil Cable, Case and Extra Ear Pad, and two Rockville RMC-XLR High-End Metal DJ Handheld Wired Microphones with two Cables. The Mackie SRT210 speakers feature a 1600W Class-D amplifier designed for ultra-reliable, consistent performance and custom high-efficiency transducers that ensure maximum clarity and accuracy. The advanced Impulse DSP provides proprietary acoustic tuning, delivering crystal clear sound across the entire dispersion zone. A dedicated processing module monitors and protects the amplifier in real time. The Rockville Adjustable Tripod Speaker/Light Stands are made of steel construction and have adjustable height range of 47.25-78.75 inches and base spread of 15-40 inches and weight capacity of 132 LBS. The Rockville RMC-XLR High-End Metal Handheld Wired Microphone Mic is a dynamic microphone with an M-56 cartridge, a neodymium magnet, uni-directional polar pattern, frequency response of 80 – 13Khz, impedance of 600 Ohms ± 30%, and a sensitivity of -72 ± 3dB. The Rockville DJ1500 DJ Headphones have 40mm neodymium drivers, ergonomically designed large over-the-ear swivel cups, supreme sound isolation, accurate sound reproduction and minimal bleed. They have a sturdy and durable steel headband and arms and a soft leather headband cover. This package is perfect for any DJ or PA system and is sure to provide superior sound quality and reliability.

9. Mackie Thump215 1400w 15" Powered Pa Speaker System (Pair) Bundle With Stands, Case & Cables

The Mackie Thump215 1400W 15" Powered PA Loudspeaker System (Pair) Bundle is a powerful and versatile solution for any live sound application. With 1400W of ultra-efficient Class-D amplification, this system offers plenty of punch for any size venue. The lightweight construction makes loading and transporting the speakers easy, and the integrated carrying case further simplifies the process. The frequency response of this system is an impressive 40 Hz to 23kHz, delivering clear and accurate sound even at lower volumes. When it's time to crank up the volume, the Thump215 is capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 129 dB.

The Thump215 is equipped with a built-in Feedback Eliminator, allowing you to adjust the sound in real time to achieve the best results. Additionally, it features a Music Ducking mode, which automatically lowers the volume of other sounds when a speaker is talking, ensuring that the message is heard loud and clear without competing with background noise.

This bundle includes two Auray SS-47S-PB Steel Speaker Stands, a carrying case to protect the speakers, and two 20 XLR-XLR Cables. With this complete package, you can set up your PA system quickly and easily, and be ready to rock the house in no time.

10. Mackie Dlm12s 2000w 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer

The Mackie DLM12S 2000W 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer is a powerful and reliable audio solution for professional applications. Its 2000W power is provided by ultra-efficient Class-D amplification, making this subwoofer one of the most powerful and efficient on the market. Its 12-Feet, heat-treated woofer with 3-Feet voice coil produces deep, rich bass tones that have an ultra-low frequency extension that hits hard down to 35 Hz.

The DLM12S is equipped with a DLP Digital Processor that provides unmatched system control. This processor allows you to customize your sound to fit the particular space and needs of your application, as well as allowing you to set EQ and other parameters to achieve the perfect frequency response. This processor also provides active crossover, allowing you to send low frequencies to your subwoofer and higher frequencies to other speakers.

The DLM12S is designed to provide consistent, reliable sound. It has a rugged, all-steel chassis with shock-mount construction, ensuring that your audio is free from distortion and vibration. The large, heat-treated woofer is capable of handling extreme SPLs, while the efficient Class-D amplifier ensures that your system operates at its full potential.

The Mackie DLM12S 2000W 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer is the perfect audio solution for professional applications. Its powerful, efficient design ensures that it can handle high SPLs, while its DLP Digital Processor provides unmatched system control. Whether you’re looking for a powerful subwoofer for a live performance or a reliable, consistent source of low-end for your studio, the DLM12S is a great choice.

Mackie Active Speakers FAQs

Is Mackie a good brand?

Yes, Mackie is a good brand. They are known for their high-quality sound products and reliable performance. Their products are geared towards professionals, and many of their products are used in recording studios, live performances, and DJ setups. Mackie is also known for their affordability and their commitment to providing quality sound and performance at a reasonable price. They have a wide range of products including mixers, PA systems, monitors, and speakers. They also provide excellent customer service and have a good reputation for standing behind their products. In conclusion, Mackie is an excellent brand that provides reliable performance, quality sound, and affordability.

What is the best Mackie speaker?

The best Mackie speaker will depend on the specific needs of the user. Mackie is a well-known audio equipment brand that offers speakers for a variety of applications. For general purpose use, the Mackie CR Series CR3 3-Inch Multimedia Monitors are a popular choice. They offer great sound quality and clarity, with a flat frequency response and low distortion. For more professional use, the Mackie MR Series MR8mk3 8-Inch 2-Way Powered Studio Monitors are a great choice. They are powerful, studio-grade monitors, with a wide frequency response and low distortion. Finally, for larger venues, the Mackie Thump Series TH-15A is a great option. It has a powerful, high-output design with a wide frequency response, making it ideal for live sound applications.

What is the price of Mackie speaker?

The price of a Mackie speaker varies depending on the model and series. The Mackie CR series of speakers range from around $99 for the CR3 3-inch Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors to around $449 for the CR8-X 8-inch Professional Multimedia Monitors. The Mackie SRM series of powered speakers range from around $249 for the SRM150 Compact Loudspeaker to around $1,499 for the SRM1850 1600W 18-inch Subwoofer. Mackie also offers a series of passive speakers, ranging from around $159 for the Thump Series TH-15A 15-inch Powered Loudspeaker to around $899 for the DLM Series DLM12S 12-inch Powered Subwoofer. All prices are subject to change, so it's best to check the current prices on Mackie's website.

Who makes Mackie speakers?

Mackie speakers are professional-grade audio equipment made by Loud Technologies Inc., a company based in Woodinville, Washington. Mackie is renowned for its high-quality, reliable sound equipment for both studio and live use. The company manufactures a wide variety of professional speakers, including powered and unpowered models, subwoofers, monitors, and PA systems. Mackie also offers a number of accessories, such as amplifiers, cables, and stands. The company is known for its innovative designs and for delivering superior sound quality. Mackie speakers are widely used in recording studios, on stage, and in many other professional sound applications.

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