Mackie Monitor Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Mackie monitor speakers are an essential part of any audio setup. Whether you’re a professional musician, a recording artist, a home studio enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys listening to music, Mackie monitor speakers offer the perfect balance between sound quality and affordability. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which Mackie monitor speaker is the right one for you. Here are five key points to consider when looking for the perfect Mackie monitor speakers:

1. Frequency Response: Frequency response is one of the most important things to consider when looking for Mackie monitor speakers. Make sure to look for a speaker with a wide frequency range and a flat response so you can get the best sound quality.

2. Connectivity Options: Different Mackie monitor speakers come with different connectivity options. If you’re connecting to a computer or other device, look for models with USB, Bluetooth, or other wireless connections.

3. Power: Not all Mackie monitor speakers have the same power output. Make sure to choose a model that has enough power to fill your room with the sound you want.

4. Size: Mackie monitor speakers come in a variety of sizes, from small bookshelf models to large floor-standing models. Make sure to choose a model that fits the size of your room and the sound you’re looking for.

5. Price: Mackie monitor speakers come in a wide range of prices. Make sure to choose a model that fits within your budget while still delivering the sound quality you’re looking for.

When looking for Mackie monitor speakers, it’s important to consider all of these key points. Frequency response, connectivity options, power output, size, and price all play a role in determining the best speaker for your needs. With the right information, you can make sure you get the perfect Mackie monitor speaker for your needs.

10 Best Selling Mackie Monitor Speakers

1. Mackie Srm450 Powered 12" Loudspeaker Pair 2000w Bi-Amped Version 3 Active Srm450v3-Pr

The Mackie SRM450V3 Powered Loudspeaker Pair is the premier choice for those who demand high-definition sound for live performances. With a 2000W bi-amped system, these speakers are ready to tackle any venue, delivering powerful, crystal-clear sound.

The SRM450V3's have been designed to provide optimal sound quality, regardless of the performance space. With a single-button Speaker Mode selection feature, these speakers can be tailored to any application, including PA, DJ, monitor and soloist.

The 12" high-output LF driver and 1.4" titanium dome compression driver provide an exceptional range of sound. The combination of powerful 1000W system power and custom-designed transducers offer an impressive level of volume, while still allowing room to spare.

No matter the performance environment, the SRM450V3's are well-prepared to tackle even the most challenging of feedback issues. The one-button automatic Feedback Destroyer feature allows users to quickly and easily eliminate nasty feedback, without interrupting their performance.

Whether you are a professional sound engineer or an amateur musician, the Mackie SRM450V3 Powered Loudspeaker Pair offers an unbeatable combination of power, sound quality and features. With its 2000W bi-amped system, custom-designed transducers and one-button Feedback Destroyer feature, this speaker pair ensures a first-class sound experience.

2. Mackie 2 Srm450v3 Srm450-V3 1000w 12" Powered Pa Dj Speakers+rolling Travel Bags

The Mackie SRM450V3 SRM450-V3 1000 Watt 12" Powered Active PA Speaker is the perfect choice for any professional sound system. This high-powered speaker delivers 1000W peak/ 500W RMS for a powerful sound experience. Featuring a 12" high-output LF driver and 1.4 titanium dome compression driver, as well as high-definition audio processing and patented acoustic correction, this speaker ensures unmatched clarity. With a precision 2-way crossover, driver time alignment, and phase correction, it provides an efficient, yet powerful sound.

The rugged polypropylene construction is designed for heavy use, and the quick one-button Speaker Mode selection allows for application-specific voicing for PA, DJ, monitor and soloist settings. An integrated 2-channel mixer with dual Mackie Wide-Z inputs makes it easy to connect microphones, guitars and mixers with a single twist of the gain knob. The Smart Protect DSP kicks in to protect your investment when things get pushed too hard.

For easy portability, the RockvilIe SB12L Rolling Travel Bag is included with each speaker. This bag is designed to fit large 12" DJ PA Speakers, and is constructed with structured foam on the bottom and water-resistant material. It also features dual zippers, a pull-out handle and wheels, and an accessory pocket. The interior dimensions are 27 x 17 x 15.5, while the exterior dimensions are 29 x 19 x 18.

The Mackie SRM450V3 SRM450-V3 1000 Watt 12" Powered Active PA Speaker is the perfect choice for any professional sound system. With its durable design, integrated mixer, and powerful sound, it is sure to deliver an amazing listening experience.

3. Mackie Cr8-Xbt 8" Monitors W/bluetooth + Rockville Rvsm1 Stands Bundle

The Mackie CR8-XBT 8" 160w Reference Multimedia Studio Monitor Speaker w/Bluetooth and Rockville RVSM1 Pair of Near-Field Studio Monitor Stands w/ Adjustable Height bundle is a professional-grade sound solution. Designed to deliver a studio-quality sound, this package features premium components, wood cabinet construction, and legendary Mackie acoustic tuning.

This package is Plug & Play-ready with a plethora of connection options to get you started, including cables in the box. The CR8-XBT models make it even easier to hear what you want, when you want, with Bluetooth streaming built-in.

The Mackie CR8-XBT is powered by 160W and features an 8" polypropylene woofer, a 0.75" ferrofluid cooled silk dome tweeter, and custom tuned rear ports for smooth, even bass extension. It also features flexible inputs (1/4", 1/8", RCA, and Bluetooth), a front-facing headphone jack that auto defeats speaker output, and a convenient front panel volume knob with on/off/volume control.

The Rockville RVSM1 Pair of Near-Field Studio Monitor Stands are designed with acoustic isolation pads to minimize boomy bass build-up and provide up/down tilt control for more focused listening.

This bundle is suitable for home studios, content creators, gaming, and more. It includes an 1/8" to stereo RCA cable to connect computer output to speakers. With this bundle, you'll get the studio sound you crave with the added convenience of Bluetooth streaming.

4. Mackie Hr824mkii 8-Inch2-Way Studio Monitor

The Mackie HR824mkII 8-inch2-Way Studio Monitor is a powerful monitor system that provides superior sound quality for professional audio production applications. This monitor system features an 8¾" LF driver for deep, accurate bass and a 1" dome tweeter for crisp, clear highs. The HF shelf controls allow for precise high-frequency adjustments and the LF roll-off allows fine-tuning of the low-end response. With the Acoustic Space Control, you can easily adjust the sound to fit your room and achieve the ideal sound for any environment.

The Mackie HR824mkII is designed to deliver accurate, natural sound with a wide frequency response and low distortion for professional results. The powerful amplifier delivers plenty of power for the 8¾" LF driver and 1" dome tweeter, providing a full range of sound with plenty of headroom. The system also features an acoustic space control which adjusts the sound to fit any room, allowing you to achieve the ideal sound for your studio.

The Mackie HR824mkII is a great choice for professional audio production applications. It delivers accurate, natural sound and plenty of power, allowing you to achieve the perfect sound for your project. The adjustable HF shelf and LF roll-off controls allow you to fine-tune the sound to your exact specifications. With its powerful amplifier, 8¾" LF driver, and 1" dome tweeter, the Mackie HR824mkII is a great choice for any professional audio production application.

5. Mackie 8-Inch 2-Way High Resolution Studio Monitor – Black (Hr824mk2)

The Mackie HR824mk2 is an 8-inch, two-way, high resolution active studio reference monitor. With its ultra-linear frequency response, this monitor provides an accurate mix translation for a wide range of applications. The 8.75-inch low-distortion LF transducer and 1-inch titanium dome, ferrofluid cooled tweeter ensure a high-precision sound. An optimized Waveguide provides a wide, even sweet zone, giving you the best listening experience possible.

The HR824mk2 has been designed with first-in-class components like a custom-designed amplifier. This means you get a powerful, accurate, and reliable sound. The Onboard EQ with high and low shelving filters allow you to shape the sound to your needs, while the rear panel Low Cut Filter and Acoustic Space filters provide further control.

The HR824mk2 also has a heavy-duty steel chassis that provides exceptional stability and durability. This makes the monitor ideal for a wide range of environments, from the home studio to the professional studio. The monitor also has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to move, set up, and use.

The Mackie HR824mk2 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a high-quality active studio reference monitor. With its ultra-linear frequency response, powerful amplifier, and Onboard EQ, this monitor provides a reliable, accurate sound. Its ergonomic design and heavy-duty steel chassis make it a great choice for any environment, from the home studio to the professional studio. The Mackie HR824mk2 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-resolution active studio reference monitor.

6. Mackie Mr824 Studio Monitors (Pair)

Mackie MR824 Studio Monitors are the ideal choice for professional audio engineers and musicians who demand superior sound quality. These bi-amplified active studio monitors feature an 8" polypropylene woofer that provides responsive and dynamic lows, and a 1" silk-dome tweeter that offers extreme clarity and transient response. The logarithmic waveguide system minimizes diffraction and reflections for enhanced stereo imaging and a large sweet spot. This ensures precise acoustic alignment, offering balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum.

These monitors are powered by 85-watts of bi-amplified power, allowing for precise control of their sound. This power is divided between the woofer and tweeter, allowing each element to be individually optimized. This results in a precise sound that can be tweaked to meet your individual needs. The MR824s also feature a built-in acoustic space control that allows you to tailor the sound to the room acoustics.

Mackie MR824 Studio Monitors provide accurate sound reproduction, allowing you to hear every detail in your mix. The sound remains consistent and accurate, no matter what type of music you are playing. The low frequencies are tight and punchy, while the mids and highs remain clear and precise.

These monitors also feature an advanced system to reduce distortion and minimize listening fatigue. The high-frequency drivers are isolated from the cabinet, helping to reduce vibrations and resonance. This ensures that your music remains accurate and clear.

With their combination of power, precision and clarity, Mackie MR824 Studio Monitors are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take their sound to the next level. Whether you're a professional audio engineer or a musician, these monitors will provide you with the sound you need to create the perfect mix.

7. Mackie Srm150 5.25-Inch Compact Active Pa System, Black

The Mackie SRM150 5.25-Inch Compact Active PA System is the perfect solution for any bands, DJs and other performers who are looking for an extremely portable active loudspeaker system. This system is built with a Mackie mixer for superior sound quality with 3 channel mixer w/ 3-band active EQ. It also has two high-headroom Mackie Mic/Line Preamps with 48V Phantom Power and an Instrument Ready input so you can plug in and play. Additionally, it has a dedicated Stereo Channel for Keyboards, CD, MP3, iPods, etc. for added flexibility.

The Mackie SRM150 5.25-Inch Compact Active PA System is designed for maximum portability and convenience. Its lightweight design and small form factor makes it easy to transport and set up. It also comes with a convenient carrying handle for added convenience. The high quality sound that comes from this system is second to none, with a full range of sound that is perfect for any medium sized performance space.

The Mackie SRM150 5.25-Inch Compact Active PA System is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful, yet portable sound system. With its superior sound quality, lightweight design, and convenient features, this system is sure to impress any audience. Whether you’re a DJ, a band, or just a fan of great sound, the Mackie SRM150 5.25-Inch Compact Active PA System is the perfect choice.

8. Mackie Dlm12 2000w 12-Inch Powered Loudspeaker

The Mackie DLM12 2000W 12-Inch Powered Loudspeaker is an impressive 2-way, 2,000-watt powered speaker that is 1/3 smaller than most 2-way speakers. It is designed with a 12" LF woofer and 1.75" HF compression driver, which together create powerful, clear sound. The speaker also has built-in DSP for feedback suppression, speaker voicing, and alignment delay.

Additionally, the Mackie DLM12 boasts 16 built-in effects including reverb, chorus, and delay, making it perfect for solo use. The speaker provides XLR/TRS combo inputs and RCA inputs to let you connect microphones and instruments directly for solo use. The speaker also features onboard mixers for mixing multiple input sources with ease.

The Mackie DLM12 is an ideal solution for any application that requires a powerful, high-quality sound solution. Whether you need to fill a large venue or just a small space, the Mackie DLM12 will deliver the sound you need. Its small size also makes it easy to transport and set up.

Overall, the Mackie DLM12 2000W 12-Inch Powered Loudspeaker is an impressive speaker that is perfect for both small and large events. It features a powerful, clear sound with built-in DSP and 16 built-in effects. The speaker also has XLR/TRS combo inputs and RCA inputs for direct connection of microphones and instruments. With its small size and portability, the Mackie DLM12 is a great choice for any sound solution.

9. Mackie Srm Series, 12-Inch, 1000w High-Definition Portable Powered Loudspeaker (Srm450v3)

The Mackie SRM Series SRM450v3 is a high-definition, 1000W portable powered loudspeaker with exceptional sound clarity and power. This speaker is built for professional use, giving discerning sound engineers and performers the ability to deliver gig-level volume with room to spare. It's equipped with High-Definition Audio Processing for unparalleled clarity and sound fidelity, and a Quick one-button Speaker Mode selection for application-specific voicing. With this speaker, users can easily switch between PA, DJ, Monitor and Soloist, and eliminate nasty feedback with the one-button automatic Feedback Destroyer. Additionally, the SRM450v3 features an integrated 2-channel mixer with dual Mackie Wide-Z inputs.

The SRM450v3 is engineered to deliver the best possible sound experience, with a 1000W system power that can reach beyond gig levels, and custom transducers for an even smoother and more powerful sound. Its High-Definition Audio Processing allows for professional quality sound with unmatched clarity, and with the Speaker Mode selection, users can easily customize their sound to fit the occasion. The Feedback Destroyer is also extremely useful for eliminating those unwanted tones and frequencies that can cause feedback.

The SRM450v3 is a powerhouse of a speaker, and is an excellent choice for those who need the highest sound quality and power for their performances and recordings. With its 1000W system power, custom transducers, High-Definition Audio Processing, Speaker Mode selection, and Feedback Destroyer, the SRM450v3 gives users the power to create professional-level sound in any setting.

10. Mackie Mr824 8" Studio Monitor, 65w Bi-Amped Class A/b.

The Mackie MR Series Studio Monitor 8-Inch is the perfect choice for all your audio production needs. The MR824 is equipped with 65 Watts of bi-amplified Class A/B amplification, perfect for powerful and accurate sound. The logarithmic waveguide design provides ultra-wide dispersion for enhanced stereo imaging, and the large sweet spot ensures that you’ll get the best sound in any studio.

The MR824 features a 1” silk dome tweeter that offers fast transient response and detailed high end, as well as vocal clarity. The 8” polypropylene woofer produces responsive, dynamic low frequency response, making it ideal for mixing, mastering, and other audio production tasks.

The Mackie MR Series Studio Monitor 8-Inch with 65 Watts of bi-amplified Class A/B amplification is the perfect choice for professional quality audio production. Its ultra-wide dispersion ensures an enhanced listening sweet spot, allowing for superior mix translations and accuracy for the best results. The 1” silk dome tweeter ensures fast transient response and detailed high end, while the 8” polypropylene woofer delivers responsive, dynamic low frequency response. With 65 Watts of Class A/B amplification, the MR824 is the perfect choice for any studio.

Mackie Monitor Speakers FAQs

Can any speaker be used as studio monitor?

In theory, any speaker can be used as a studio monitor. However, there are certain qualities that make a speaker more suitable for such use. Studio monitors should be flat frequency response and have a wide frequency range. They should also be able to reproduce the music accurately without any coloration or distortion. Additionally, a good studio monitor should have good off-axis response and tight bass. The cabinet should also be well-built and rigid to minimize resonances. Lastly, the speaker should have adequate power handling capabilities.

In short, while any speaker can technically be used as a studio monitor, it should have certain qualities to ensure the best performance.

Is Mackie speaker good?

Mackie speakers are generally well-regarded in the audio equipment industry. They offer a wide range of high-quality products that provide excellent sound quality and great value for money. Their products have been used in many professional recording and live sound applications. The company's reputation for producing reliable and reliable audio equipment is often praised by music professionals and enthusiasts alike. Mackie speakers also offer a variety of features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, onboard effects, and balanced and unbalanced inputs. Overall, Mackie speakers are a great choice for anyone looking for professional-grade sound quality at an affordable price.

Is monitor speaker good?

Monitor speakers are a great option if you're looking for a good sound quality in a smaller package. They're typically more compact than traditional speakers, making them ideal for smaller spaces. Monitor speakers generally offer a more accurate sound than larger, more traditional speakers, and they can be used for recording and mixing applications. Additionally, most monitors offer a flat frequency response, meaning that they won't emphasize certain frequencies, like bass or treble, over others. Overall, monitor speakers are a great choice for anyone looking to get good sound quality in a small package.

What is special about monitor speakers?

Monitor speakers are designed to provide accurate sound reproduction that is faithful to the original source material. They are usually designed with a flat frequency response, meaning they don't emphasize any particular range of frequencies, allowing for a more balanced, natural sound. Monitor speakers are capable of producing a wide dynamic range, allowing for accurate reproduction of both loud and soft sounds. They are also designed to minimize sound distortion, providing the most accurate representation of the original signal. Monitor speakers are popular among music producers and audio engineers as they allow for a more accurate assessment of the mix and provide a reference for making mastering adjustments. In short, monitor speakers are designed to provide a faithful and accurate representation of sound, making them ideal for critical listening applications.

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