Magnetically Shielded Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for magnetically shielded speakers, there are a few key points to consider. First, you’ll want to make sure the speakers are designed to reduce interference from other magnetic fields. Magnetic shielding helps to ensure that your sound isn’t distorted by nearby electronic devices like computers, phones, and TVs. Second, you should make sure the speakers have a wide frequency response range, so you can get the most out of your music. Third, you’ll want to look for speakers that are well-built, with a durable enclosure that can withstand the test of time. Fourth, you should look for speakers with a good impedance rating, so you can get the most out of your amplifier. Finally, you should make sure the speakers have a low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) rating, so you can experience clear, accurate sound.

When you’re shopping for magnetically shielded speakers, you should keep these key points in mind. Doing so will ensure you get the best sound possible, without any interference from other magnetic sources. Look for speakers that have a wide frequency response range, a durable enclosure, a good impedance rating, and a low THD rating. This way, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your speakers and enjoy your music in the best possible way.

10 Best Selling Magnetically Shielded Speakers

1. Acoustix Usb Sound Bar System – Stereo Speakers W/magnetic Shielding.

The Digital Innovations AcoustiX USB Powered Speaker System is designed to deliver high-quality 1.5 watt per channel of stereo sound with a sound bar configuration. This system is magnetically shielded to prevent interference from PC, monitor or TV and is powered via USB so no power plugs, wall warts, or AC/DC adapters are needed. Easily control your volume, turn the system on and off and monitor the power with the convenient on/off switch and power indicator light.

This speaker system is ideal for anyone looking for a simple, yet powerful way to enhance their audio experience. It’s lightweight, compact and can be placed anywhere. Whether you’re streaming music from your laptop, watching a movie on your TV, or playing a game on your monitor, the Digital Innovations AcoustiX USB Powered Speaker System will give you a high-quality sound experience.

The AcoustiX system is designed with convenience in mind. Its USB power source allows you to enjoy your audio without the hassle of bulky power cords and cords that can get tangled up. The built-in volume control and on/off switch make it easy to adjust the sound and power as needed. The magnetically shielded design helps to protect against interference from other electronic devices and the sound bar configuration allows you to easily configure the speakers.

The Digital Innovations AcoustiX USB Powered Speaker System is a great way to get high-quality sound in a compact package. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a simple and convenient way to enjoy their favorite audio content. Whether you’re streaming music, watching movies or playing games, the AcoustiX system will provide you with an immersive sound experience.

2. Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, 60w Bookshelf Stereo, Aptx, 16-Bit Dac (Black)

The Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Speakers are award-winning desktop monitors that offer true stereo sound with exceptional clarity. Advanced Bluetooth aptX technology ensures a seamless connection up to 100 feet away, connecting to your phone, tablet or computer in seconds.

The A2+ features a classic design with painted wood cabinets and dual analog audio inputs, along with a USB audio input, allowing you to connect multiple devices. The powerful class A/B amplifiers drive 2.75” custom aramid fiber woofers and 0.75” silk dome tweeters. The speakers come with a subwoofer output, and despite their compact size, they offer an impressive 60 watts of power.

Complete with a 6.5ft speaker wire, power supply and cord, 5ft USB cable, 5ft mini-jack audio cable, microfiber speaker and cable bags, and setup guide, this system is perfect for any desktop or home music setup. Stellar US-based customer support and a 3 year product warranty are also included.

Audioengine has been changing the way people listen to music since 2005 and they believe in the power of music. They are passionate about inspiring people to listen to music every day and their A2+ Wireless Speakers are the perfect way to do that. Not only do they offer exceptional sound quality, but they also take up minimal space and are easy to setup.

3. Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers, Set Of 2 – Bluetooth, Aux, Usb, Optical, Analog.

Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers are the perfect audio solution for your home entertainment. With 4-inch aluminum woofers and 1-inch soft dome tweeters, these speakers provide crystal clear midrange and sparkling highs, while 4-inch passive radiators provide plenty of solid bass. Vanatoo ClearBass technology ensures impressively full-range sound, making these speakers ideal for listening to music on your computer, TV, or gaming system.

These powered speakers boast a variety of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, Optical and Analog, so you can easily connect your speakers to any audio device. Plus, with a frequency response from 56Hz to 20KHz, you’ll get to experience the artist’s performance as it was intended to be heard.

Vanatoo is owned and operated by two engineers with a passion for audio and technology. Their commitment to audio quality and excellent customer service has made them one of the top brands in the industry. With the Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best sound quality available.

The Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers offer a unique combination of quality sound, easy connectivity, and versatile use. Whether you’re looking for Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers, or wired speakers – these speakers are sure to meet your audio needs. Experience the passion and excitement of the artist’s performance with the Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers.

4. Tresound1 Bluetooth Hifi Speaker – Deep Bass, Piano Paint, Atmosphere Lighting.

The TreSound1 Bluetooth HiFi Speaker from Trettitre is a stunning audio piece of art, expertly engineered to deliver true 360° sound for consistent, uniform coverage from a bluetooth speaker. Its elegant mountain peak design was inspired by the shapes of the mountain – the peaks symbolize the clearness and brightness of the mid and treble, while the valley symbolizes the full and powerful bass.

It is an ornement to any beautiful department, valley, or studio. Control it easily with the knob switch on the top – just turn it on and use the same knob to adjust the volume. The base of the speaker has an LED strip embedded in it, creating a stunning atmosphere lighting effect that can also increase the level of the space and enhance the effect of interior decoration art.

The TreSound1 is equipped with two 1.25" silk film neodymium magnetic tweeters and two 2.25" double neodymium magnetic full-range speakers, which are made by Trettitre to produce 360° surround sound. It is perfect for home parties, as it delivers deep bass and clear highs for an enhanced listening experience.

All in all, the TreSound1 Bluetooth HiFi Speaker from Trettitre is an ideal audio solution for any home or party. With its mountain peak design and moodlighting LED, it adds a touch of art to any space while providing full, powerful sound. Enjoy a unique listening experience with the TreSound1.

5. Audioengine A1 Home Music System: Bluetooth Stereo Speakers (Grey, Pair)

The Audioengine A1 Home Music System is the perfect addition to any home music setup. With its advanced Bluetooth aptX technology, it quickly and seamlessly connects to your phone, tablet or computer from up to a hundred feet away. Its power-efficient class D amplifiers drive the 2.75" custom aramid fiber woofers and 0.75" silk dome tweeters with no DSP, resulting in better stereo imaging. The A1's 60 watts of power will fill any room with sound, and you can easily connect a compact Audioengine S6 or S8 subwoofer via the LFE variable output.

The compact design of the A1s is perfect for any small space, offering modern elegance and versatility with its grey finish. Each speaker measures 6”H x 4”W x 5.25”D yet still packs a powerful punch. Included in the package is a pair of Audioengine A1 Wireless Powered Speakers, 6.5ft speaker wire, 6ft AC power cord, 5ft mini-jack audio cable, and a setup guide.

Audioengine has been changing the way people listen to music since 2005, and their passion is to inspire you to listen every day. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is outstanding, and they include a stellar US based customer support and 3 year product warranty. So if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable home music system, the Audioengine A1 is the perfect choice.

6. Edifier R33bt 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers, Powered Studio Monitors, Black (Pair).

The Edifier R33BT Active Bluetooth Computer Speakers are a great addition to any home. With an elegant, classic wooden enclosure, these speakers are designed to minimize acoustic resonance, and look great with any home decor. Users can easily connect to almost any device with its Bluetooth V5.0 and 3.5mm AUX inputs, making it compatible with mobile phones, laptops, iPads, PCs, and more.

The speakers feature a 1/2-inch tweeter and 3.5 inch mid/bass driver, enabling them to produce both highs and lows of excellent quality. The user-friendly controls are located on the top of the main speaker, allowing you to switch inputs, disconnect Bluetooth, control the volume, and turn the speakers on and off with ease.

The Edifier R33BT Active Bluetooth Computer Speakers come with a two-year warranty in the USA and Canada, guaranteeing high quality and reliability with hassle-free parts and labor. With their versatile input options, classic wooden enclosure, and user-friendly controls, these speakers are a great choice for any home.

7. Edifier R980t 4" Active Bookshelf Speakers – 2.0 Computer Speaker – Powered Studio Monitor (Pair)

The Edifier R980T 4" Active Bookshelf Speakers offer superior sound quality with 24 watts of RMS power output. The bookshelf speakers feature a classic wood finish with 100 percent wooden enclosures to minimize acoustic resonance. Included are all the necessary cables for connection to any device with a 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output, as well as a universal 110V-240V power supply. This versatile speaker system is capable of connecting to two devices via AUX at the same time, without any need for plugging and switching.

The R980T speakers offer superior sound quality and a classic design that will blend in with any home or office décor. The front of the speaker features calibrated, flared bass reflex ports that help to provide a full and rich sound. The wood finish makes these speakers look elegant and stylish, while the rigid construction helps to minimize resonance and ensure the clarity of the audio.

The Edifier R980T 4" Active Bookshelf Speakers are a reliable and high-quality product that is sure to provide crystal clear audio. The speakers are backed by a two-year warranty in the USA and Canada, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability. With their classic design and superior sound quality, these speakers are ideal for any home or office.

8. Psb Alpha P3 Black Ash, Pr Bookshelf Speakers

The PSB Alpha P3 Black Ash Bookshelf Speakers are the perfect addition to any entertainment system. Delivering a powerful, yet accurate sound, these speakers are designed to make your music and movies come alive.

At the heart of the speakers lies a 3/4" black anodized aluminum dome tweeter with a front waveguide. This waveguide helps to disperse sound evenly throughout your listening environment, making sure that every seat in the house can enjoy the audio experience. The waveguide is also acoustically transparent, which helps to reduce any unwanted distortion.

The speakers are housed in a bass reflex cabinet design with a rear-firing port. This design helps to increase the bass response of the speakers, giving listeners a full-bodied sound. The cabinet is finished with a high-quality woodgrain vinyl, ensuring that the speakers look as good as they sound. The speakers come with acoustically-transparent detachable magnetic grilles, allowing you to customize the look of your audio system.

The PSB Alpha P3 Black Ash Bookshelf Speakers are the perfect way to get the most out of your entertainment system. With their powerful yet accurate sound and attractive design, these speakers are sure to impress. Whether you are watching a movie or listening to your favorite music, these speakers will bring your audio experience to life.

9. Wharfedale – Diamond 225 (Walnut) Walnut

The Wharfedale Diamond 225 Walnut is an aesthetically pleasing and powerful speaker designed to bring your audio experience to the next level. This speaker features a walnut finish that exudes sophistication and class. With a wide frequency response range of 45Hz to 20kHz, the Diamond 225 is capable of producing sounds that range from powerful lows to crystal clear highs.

The Diamond 225 has an impressive sensitivity rating of 87dB (2.83V @ 1m), ensuring that you get loud and clear sound without having to turn up the volume too high. Additionally, its 8 ohm compatible impedance ensures that you get optimal sound quality with a wide range of amplifiers. For best results, the Diamond 225 is recommended to be powered by an amplifier between 25 to 120 watts.

The Diamond 225 also has a compact design, measuring 14" x 7.7" x 10.5". This ensures that it can fit virtually anywhere, making it perfect for a variety of audio setups. So if you’re looking for a powerful speaker that can blend in seamlessly into your audio setup, the Wharfedale Diamond 225 Walnut is the perfect choice.

10. Wapster Wharfedale – Diamond 225 (Black) Black

The WapSter Wharfedale Diamond 225 (Black) is an excellent choice for audiophiles seeking great sound quality. This three-way bookshelf speaker offers a wide-open sound from its one-inch soft-dome tweeter and 6.5" Kevlar woofer. Its frequency response ranges from 45 Hz to 24kHz, providing you with an incredibly immersive listening experience.

The Diamond 225's layered cabinet construction and high-quality finish are perfect for an elegant look. It is also designed to ensure that your music sounds as warm and natural as possible. The cabinet is constructed of MDF, with a protective black finish to further enhance the sound quality.

The speaker also comes with a 5-way binding post for easy connection to your amplifier or receiver. It also has a 2-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you're buying a quality product that will last for years to come.

The WapSter Wharfedale Diamond 225 (Black) is an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their sound system. Its award-winning performance, wide-open sound, and high-quality finish make it a great addition to any audio setup. Its 12.4-inch height, 6.9-inch width, and 9.8-inch depth make it a great fit for most bookshelves. Plus, it only weighs 11.7 pounds, so it won't take up too much space in your home.

The WapSter Wharfedale Diamond 225 (Black) is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their sound system to the next level. With its award-winning performance, wide-open sound, and high-quality finish, this is a great choice for anyone seeking a top-of-the-line audio experience.

Magnetically Shielded Speakers FAQs

Are studio monitors magnetically shielded?

Yes, most studio monitors are magnetically shielded. This is necessary in order to prevent interference from other components within the studio. Magnetic shielding helps prevent the monitor from picking up unwanted signals from other nearby devices, like computers, amplifiers, and other audio equipment. This can result in distortion or noise that can negatively impact the quality of the audio being produced. Many professional studio monitors come with a special coating or material that helps block out these signals and maintain a high level of sound quality. Additionally, some monitors feature an internal magnet that helps to further shield them from outside sources.

How do you tell if a speaker is magnetically shielded?

Most speakers will be labeled as magnetically shielded, so if the speaker you are looking at does not have this label, then it is not magnetically shielded. You can also check the speaker's specification sheet to see if it is listed as magnetically shielded. Additionally, you can use a magnet to see if the speaker is shielded or not. If the magnet is attracted to the speaker, then it is not magnetically shielded. If the magnet is not attracted, then it is likely magnetically shielded. To be sure, you can also use an oscilloscope to measure the magnetic field of the speaker. If it has a low enough field, then it is likely magnetically shielded.

What is magnetically shielded speakers?

Magnetically shielded speakers are a type of audio speaker designed to reduce the interference of magnetic fields. They are typically used in environments where other devices, such as televisions and computer monitors, emit strong magnetic fields. The shielding is accomplished by wrapping the speaker's magnet in a special material that blocks the magnet's field, reducing interference with other electronic devices. This allows users to place the speakers closer to other electronic devices without causing interference. Magnetically shielded speakers are generally more expensive than unshielded speakers, but are necessary in some applications.

What is the benefit of magnetically shielded speakers?

Magnetically shielded speakers are designed to prevent interference from outside magnetic fields. This is especially useful in areas that have a lot of electronic equipment, like home theaters, where multiple speakers can be placed near TVs and other electronic devices. Shielding helps to prevent buzzing, humming, and other types of noise that can come from external sources. Furthermore, since magnetic fields can also affect the sound coming from the speakers themselves, shielding helps to ensure that the sound will remain consistent and true to the original source. In addition to these benefits, shielded speakers are also more durable and less likely to be damaged by external magnetic fields.

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