Older Polk Audio Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Older Polk Audio speakers provide a great way to enjoy quality audio without breaking the bank. If you're in the market for a vintage set of Polk Audio speakers, there are a few key things to consider.

First and foremost, it's important to think about the size and type of room you're looking to fill with sound. If you're looking for a more intimate listening experience, then a pair of bookshelf speakers will be a great option. If you're looking to fill a larger space, then a set of floor-standing speakers may be the better option.

The next key point to consider is the condition of the speakers. Older Polk Audio speakers can be found in a variety of conditions, ranging from like-new to heavily used. It's important to inspect the speakers thoroughly to make sure they are in good working order.

Another key point to consider is the type of driver the speakers use. Polk Audio speakers can come with either dynamic drivers (which can handle a wide range of frequencies) or ribbon drivers (which can handle higher frequencies more accurately).

Finally, you'll want to think about the input connections the speakers support. Older Polk Audio speakers may only support analog inputs, while newer models may also include digital inputs.

When looking for older Polk Audio speakers, it's important to consider size, condition, driver type, and input connections. By taking the time to do your research and find the perfect set of speakers for your home audio setup, you'll be able to enjoy high-quality sound for years to come.

10 Best Selling Older Polk Audio Speakers

1. Polk Audio 6.5" 300w 2 Way Car/marine Atv Stereo Coaxial Speakers Db652 (Pair) (Renewed)

Experience the ultimate audio experience in your car, boat, ATV or other vehicles with Polk Audio 6.5" 300W 2 Way Car/Marine ATV Stereo Coaxial Speakers DB652 (Pair). Designed to deliver quality audio performance, these speakers provide crisp sound with punchy bass and smooth midrange. They come with a 1-year warranty and are easy to install.

The DB652 speakers feature a 6.5” woofer with butyl rubber surround and a 1” liquid-cooled silk dome tweeter for distortion-free sound. They are designed with an optimal combination of sensitivity and power handling to give you the most out of your music. The speakers also come with a built-in crossover, providing you with a smoother frequency response.

The speakers are designed to be corrosion-resistant and waterproof, making them ideal for outdoor use. The mounting depth is 1.77” at the top and 2.12” at the bottom, allowing for easy installation into multiple vehicle types. The speakers also come with a grille, allowing you to protect your audio system while still enjoying great sound.

Polk Audio 6.5" 300W 2 Way Car/Marine ATV Stereo Coaxial Speakers DB652 (Pair) are the perfect solution for your audio needs. Whether you’re enjoying music at the beach or taking a drive in the countryside, these speakers will provide you with an immersive listening experience. Enjoy your music and get the most out of your audio with Polk Audio.

2. Polk Audio Signa S2 Sound Bar W/ Wireless Subwoofer, Hdmi/optical Cables, Bluetooth.

This Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar is the perfect upgrade for your home theater experience. It's just over two inches tall, so it fits in any space easily and won't block the IR remote sensor or the bottom of your TV. With five powerful full-range drivers, you'll get beautiful, rich sound with deep bass, and Polk's exclusive Voice Adjust technology and Dolby Digital decoding maximize sound clarity and reduce voice delays.

This sound bar is on par with any mid- to high-range sound bars out there. You can easily wall-mount it or place it in front of your TV, and you'll be able to watch your favorite shows on your 4K HD Smart TV with exceptional picture quality and crystal clear sound. It's also equipped with numerous connection possibilities, such as HDMI ARC, optical inputs, and AUX.

You can also wirelessly stream music from your favorite streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, and TuneIn directly from your smartphone, tablet, or other compatible device through the built-in Bluetooth technology. The included subwoofer, HDMI and optical cables ensure that setting up your sound bar is a breeze. You'll be ready to listen in minutes!

This Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar is the perfect way to upgrade and enhance your home theater experience. With its powerful and clear sound, it will be the perfect addition to any room. So don't wait, get your Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar and enjoy high-quality sound today!

3. Polk Audio Cs10 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Black)

The Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker is designed to offer impeccable sound quality for a truly immersive experience. It features a 1 inch (25 millimeter) fabric/polymer composite dynamic balance dome tweeter with a powerful neodymium magnet structure for crystal clear, detailed high frequency response. The two 5 1/4 inch bi-laminate composite dynamic balance drivers are lightweight and stiff for increased efficiency and excellent bass with lower distortion. The non resonant all MDF enclosure construction with 3/4 inch thick baffles provides cleaner, clearer and more lifelike sound quality.

The unique reversible design cabinets can be turned upside down to aim “up inches when placed under a video monitor. The five way binding post connectors offer more secure hook up options. The speaker is finished in a sleek black colour and is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any room.

The Polk Audio CS10 provides superior sound and excellent value for money. With its top notch components, quality design and superior engineering, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the ultimate in sound quality. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home theatre system or just want to enjoy some great music, the Polk Audio CS10 is the perfect choice.

4. Polk Signature Es10 Hi-Res Audio Surround Speakers, Atmos/dts:x, 1" Tweeter/4" Woofer, Power Port (Pair, Black)

The Polk Signature Elite ES10 Surround Loudspeaker is the perfect addition to any home audio setup. This hi-res certified speaker features a dynamically balanced acoustic array with precision crossovers, a 1” Terylene tweeter, and a 4” woofer. It provides room-filling sound with an incredibly life-like soundstage. The Polk patented Power Port technology offers 3dB louder bass output than conventional speakers, minimizing turbulence and distortion.

The ES10 is designed to work with nearly any amplifier or AV receiver, including the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound AVRs. Its high sensitivity and 4- and 8-ohm compatibility provides realistic sound reproduction. Its sleek and elegant style is sure to make a statement with any home décor.

The ES10 is also highly versatile, allowing for maximum placement options. It can be used as side, rear, or elevation surrounds for a true cinematic experience. It can also be wall-mounted or placed on a speaker stand for customized directional firing.

The ES10 is a perfect addition to the Polk Signature Elite series. It’s timbre-matched components ensure seamless speaker-to-speaker blending. It can be combined with an ES60 tower pair, ES35 center channel and any sub for a complete 5.1 surround setup.

For those wanting an immersive audio experience, the Polk Signature Elite ES10 Surround Loudspeaker is the ideal choice. With its advanced technology and stylish design, the ES10 will bring your home audio system to the next level.

5. Polk Elite Es35 Slim Center Channel Speaker – Hi-Res Audio, Dolby Atmos/dts:x, 1" Tweeter/6" Woofers, Dual Power Port, Black

The Polk Signature Elite ES35 Slim Center Channel Speaker is the perfect addition to your home theater setup. This high-performance, slim center channel speaker features a Dynamically Balanced Acoustic Array with Cascading Crossovers, a 1" Terylene Tweeter and (6) 3" Woofers that deliver room-filling, crystal clear sound in a life-like soundstage. The patented Power Port Technology gives you a dramatic frontal impact and carries almost 75 percent of the audio so you get louder, lower, and cleaner bass, distortion free.

The ES35 is designed with high sensitivity and 4- & 8-Ohm compatibility to deliver spacious, enveloping, and true to life sound. You can stream music online via Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Spotify & more and even from the latest Dolby Atmos & DTS:X AVRs. The bold, modern look of the ES35 is sure to make heads turn and set feet tapping, no matter where you are sitting in the room. It's elegant and classy style will make a statement with any home décor.

The ES35 is versatile and can be placed on a shelf, speaker stand (sold separately), or wall-mounted below the TV without blocking the IR sensor. You can use it as left and right channel speakers, in additional to center, and enjoy a cinematic experience. The timbre matched Polk components ensures seamless speaker-to-speaker blending. Combine with pairs of ES60 towers, ES20 bookshelf speakers & any sub for a 5.1 surround setup and build your dream home theater.

6. Digital Optical Audio Cable 6ft (1.8m) – 24k Gold-Plated, Ultra-Durable

This 2 PC Digital Optical Audio Cable is the perfect choice for connecting soundbars and home theaters to TVs, PS4, Xbox, Blu-Ray/DVD Players and receiver/preamps. It provides unparalleled sound quality with its corrosion-resistant, 24K gold-plated connectors and buffer tubing for optimal signal transfer. It is compatible with uncompressed PCM audio and compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound systems including Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution and LPCM for a stunning sound with wide dynamic range.

The digital audio cable is designed with precision for the highest quality and long-lasting performance. It features cuboid-shaped connectors which make it easier to identify the installation angle and fit snugly, keeping adjacent ports available for optimal use. The removable rubber caps prevent dust and oxidation when not plugged in.

People often opt for more expensive versions of this cable, but they all have the same optical fiber inside. This one works just as great and is a much more cost-effective choice. It has a fully flexible PVC jacket and is precision manufactured to provide the highest quality digital audio cable available. Get the best sound experience and enjoy your home theater with this 2 PC Digital Optical Audio Cable.

7. Polk Audio Soundbar Remote Control For Re1305-2, Re1305-1, 3000, 4000, 6000, One Step Sb6000iht, Sb4000iht, Sb3000iht.

The HQRP Remote Control is an ideal replacement for your Polk Audio RE1305-2 RE1305-1 3000 4000 6000 ONE Step SB6000IHT SB4000IHT SB3000IHT Instant Home Theater Soundbar Speaker System. This remote comes with one battery already included, so you don’t need to go out and find one. And you won’t need to spend any time programming it either.

The HQRP Remote Control is designed to be easy to use and is compatible with the Polk Audio RE1305-2 RE1305-1 3000 4000 6000 ONE Step SB6000IHT SB4000IHT SB3000IHT Instant Home Theater Soundbar Speaker System. It features a full range of buttons for all your desired functions, as well as a comfortable ergonomic design for easy operation.

The HQRP Remote Control also comes with a 100-day warranty, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a quality product that will last for years to come. With its high-quality construction and durable components, you can be sure that you’re getting a product that is reliable and will work properly.

If you’re looking for a replacement remote control for your Polk Audio RE1305-2 RE1305-1 3000 4000 6000 ONE Step SB6000IHT SB4000IHT SB3000IHT Instant Home Theater Soundbar Speaker System, the HQRP Remote Control is an excellent option. It’s easy to use, has a long-lasting battery, and comes with a 100-day warranty. So you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product that will last for years to come.

8. Polk Es55 Elite Tower Speaker – Hi-Res Audio, Dolby Atmos/dts:x, 1" Tweeter/2×6.5" Woofers, Power Port Tech, Black.

The Polk Signature Elite ES55 Tower Speaker is an unbeatable combination of high-performance sound and modern aesthetics. This speaker features a Dynamically Balanced Acoustic Array with 2.5-Way Cascading Crossovers and a 1” Terylene Tweeter for room-filling, cinematic sound. Additionally, two 6.5” Woofers provide natural and true-to-life audio, perfect for movies, games, and music.

The Polk Signature Elite ES55 Tower Speaker is equipped with Polk’s patented Power Port Technology which produces louder bass than conventional ported speakers. This technology minimizes turbulence and distortion, so you can enjoy pristine vocals and focused dialogues. With its high sensitivity and 4- and 8-Ohm compatibility, you can enjoy life-like sound reproduction.

The Polk Signature Elite ES55 Tower Speaker also features modern, bold visuals that are sure to turn heads and set feet tapping. It has an elegant and classy style that will make a statement in any home décor. Additionally, dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts ensure efficient, loss-less connection. The speaker also comes with rubber feet designed for both carpet and hard floors, providing improved stability and flexible placement.

The Polk Signature Elite ES55 Tower Speaker is the perfect addition to your own home theater. With its timbre-matched Polk components, you can ensure seamless speaker-to-speaker blending with the Signature Elite series. To complete the 5.1 surround setup, you can pair this speaker with the ES10 surround speaker pair, the S35 center channel, and any subwoofer.

The Polk Signature Elite ES55 Tower Speaker is Hi-Res Audio Certified and is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. With its unbeatable combination of sound and style, this is the perfect addition to any home entertainment setup.

9. Polk Audio Blackstone Tl1 Satellite Speaker – Hi-Gloss, Powerport, Crisp Sound.

The Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Satellite Speaker is the perfect way to bring the sound of a large system into your home. With a 2.5" driver and a 0.5" silk dome tweeter, this speaker provides realistic audio detailing for a soundstage comparable to any large system. The Aperiodic-Tuned Rear Port delivers bass extension and increases the audio when placed on a shelf or against a wall.

The TL1 features a unique curved shape based on Polk Audio's Time Lens Technology. This design allows the acoustic centers of the tweeter and mid-bass to be aligned in the same plane, creating an immersive experience similar to being in the movie itself.

The TL1 allows you to build your own 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 and beyond home theater system. Simply pair four to eight of these satellite speakers with a TL1 center channel and any subwoofer of your choice to create a surround sound system.

The TL1 is easy to connect and operate with any receiver. Use them as front speakers, left-right surrounds, or rear surrounds to maximize the effect. Despite its low price, the TL1 is still backed by Polk Audio's unmatched quality and expert engineering. Enjoy premium audio and a spectacular theater experience right in your own home.

Older Polk Audio Speakers FAQs

Are vintage speakers still good?

Yes, vintage speakers can still be good depending on their age, condition, and type. If they are well-maintained and the components are still in good condition, then they can still provide good sound quality. However, older speakers may not have the same capabilities as newer ones. For example, vintage speakers may not be able to handle high-frequency sound as well as modern speakers. Additionally, their sensitivity may be lower than modern speakers, leading to a lower volume output. Depending on the situation, it may be better to invest in modern speakers. However, vintage speakers can still be great for those who want to get a classic sound or are on a budget.

Does Polk Audio still exist?

Yes, Polk Audio still exists. It is a company that designs and manufactures audio equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and other home theater components. Founded in 1972, Polk Audio has become one of the leading brands in audio technology and is known for its commitment to delivering a quality audio experience. Their products are available in more than 100 countries and they have over 300 authorized dealer locations across the United States. They also offer custom installation services and technical support to ensure customers get the most out of their Polk Audio experience. In addition to their product offerings, Polk Audio also offers an online community where users can ask questions and offer feedback about the company and its products.

Is Polk Audio speakers any good?

Polk Audio speakers are generally well-regarded in the audio industry and have a long-standing reputation for producing quality sound. They offer a wide range of products to suit different budgets, with some of their higher-end models featuring advanced technologies like Klippel distortion analysis. These speakers offer a balanced sound profile with plenty of detail and clarity, making them great for music, movies, and gaming. They also feature well-designed cabinets that help to reduce distortion and improve soundstage. Overall, Polk Audio speakers are a great choice for those looking for a high-quality sound experience.

What is the history of Polk audio speakers?

Polk Audio was founded in 1972 in Baltimore, Maryland by Matthew Polk, George Klopfer, and Sandy Gross. The company started off as a maker of high-end home audio speakers and quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. The company was the first to use a new technology called "Dynamic Balance" which used computer-aided design to create a more accurate and balanced sound.

Polk Audio speakers soon became a favorite among audiophiles and were praised for their accurate sound reproduction. Over the years, the company introduced new technologies such as the Polk Power Port, which allowed for deep bass without distortion, and the Polk Omni-Sonic tweeter, which provided a wider range of sound. In the 1990s, Polk Audio was one of the first companies to introduce surround sound systems, and later, wireless systems.

Today, Polk Audio is still considered one of the top manufacturers of home audio speakers, and their products are available in over 60 countries around the world. They continue to innovate and introduce new technologies, such as their patented SDA technology and Polk Room Optimizer, which provide an even better listening experience.

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