Outdoor Dj Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When it comes to outdoor DJ speakers, there are a few key points to consider before making a purchase. Whether you’re a professional DJ or just a music enthusiast, having the right outdoor speakers is essential for creating a great outdoor atmosphere. Here are five key points to consider when looking for outdoor DJ speakers.

First, you’ll want to make sure the speakers you choose are durable enough to withstand the elements. Look for speakers that are waterproof and dustproof if you’ll be using them outdoors. You’ll also want to make sure the speakers can produce a good sound quality, as well as a good range of sound.

Second, consider the power of the speakers. You’ll want to make sure they are powerful enough to fill the space you’ll be using them in. If you’re using them outdoors and need to be heard over a large area, you’ll want to look for speakers with a higher wattage.

Third, think about the size of the speakers. You’ll want to be sure the speakers you choose are the right size for the area you’ll be using them in. You don’t want to be stuck with speakers that are too small or too big for the space.

Fourth, consider the price. Make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Look for speakers that offer the features you need and are within your budget.

Fifth, look for speakers that are easy to set up and use. You want to be able to set up and use the speakers quickly and easily.

When looking for outdoor DJ speakers, make sure to keep these five key points in mind. Durability, power, size, price, and ease of use are all important factors to consider when selecting the right speakers. With the right speakers, you’ll be able to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for your next event.

10 Best Selling Outdoor Dj Speakers

1. Pyle Pphp1249kt Portable Pa System 1800w Bluetooth.

This Pyle PPHP1249KT Wireless Portable PA System is the perfect sound system for any event. Powered by 1800 watts of peak power, it is equipped with two 12” subwoofers, high-performance 1” tweeters, and compression drivers with titanium diaphragm for impressive sound reproduction and bass response. Stream your favorite music wirelessly via Bluetooth and connect to any device, such as a smartphone, iPad, tablet, or laptop.

The Pyle PPHP1249KT is equipped with five inputs: USB flash drive, SD card reader, 3.5mm AUX input, 1/4" SpeakOn Input, and XLR microphone input. Additionally, it includes a 35mm stand mount and two stands, remote, microphone, and power cable. The digital LCD display and rear panel rotary dial/button control center allows you to adjust the master volume, mic volume, treble, and bass, so you can balance the audio levels to your liking.

This high-powered, heavy-duty PA system is perfect for any event, whether it's an outdoor DJ party or a personal indoor gathering. With its 1800 watts of peak power, you can be sure that your guests will be impressed by the sound quality. The Pyle PPHP1249KT is the ultimate sound system for any event.

2. Pyle Ps65act Portable Bluetooth Pa Speaker System

This Pyle PS65ACT Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System is a high-powered active/passive wireless karaoke PA portable speaker with impressive 2000W peak/1000W RMS at 8 ohms for full range surround stereo sound. It is equipped with 3x 6.5" subwoofers and a 1-inch tweeter for great sound quality. It is compatible with Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming and works with devices like iPhones, Android mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and PCs.

This speaker system is equipped to serve as an MP3 player, an XLR & 6.35mm microphone input for karaoke, an XLR line in, a 3.5mm line-in, an RCA (R+L) line input, and a FM radio. It also comes with a remote control for easy access to these features.

The Pyle PS65ACT Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker System is perfect for adding life to any occasion with its dual RGB LED flashing lights with beating. It comes with a height-adjustable tripod stand with rubber pads for better stability, making it great for karaoke, stage performances, and crowd control. It is powered by a corded electric power source, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. 1000w Wireless Portable Pa Speaker System W/bluetooth, Usb, Sd, Mp3, Aux, 35mm Mount, 2 Stands, Microphone & Remote

This high powered, two-way full range Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker System provides an impressive 1000 watt peak power/ 500 Watt RMS to bring your favorite tracks to life. The system consists of 10" Subwoofers, high performance 1" Tweeters and compression driver with a titanium diaphragm for superior stereo sound and impressive bass response.

The system is Bluetooth compatible for wireless audio streaming and can be used with devices like iPhones, Android mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and PCs. It is ideal for both personal indoor use and outdoor DJ parties.

For added convenience, the system is equipped with a USB flash drive and SD card reader to serve as an MP3 player, 3.5mm aux input, 1/4" Speakon input, and XLR microphone input for Karaoke. It also includes a 35mm stand mount and two stands, a remote, a microphone, and a power cable.

The system is further equipped with a digital LCD display and rear panel Rotary dial/ button control center to adjust the master volume, mic volume, treble, and bass, so audio levels can be balanced to your preference.

This heavy duty PA system is perfect for any occasion and is sure to bring your audio experience to the next level. With its sleek design, easy setup, and easy operation, it is ideal for those who are looking for a powerful sound system with plenty of features.

4. Porreck 15" 2000w 2-Way Pa Speaker System W/bluetooth, Usb, Sd, Fm, Remote & Led Lights.

The PRORECK Dance 15 Portable 15-Inch 2000 Watt 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System Combo Set with Bluetooth/USB/SD Card Reader/FM Radio/Remote Control/LED Light is perfect for any event or occasion. This powerful 2-way powered system set includes an active speaker, a passive speaker, two speaker stands, a wired mic, a speakon cable, a power cable, and a remote control. It also features an impressive 2000 Watts P.M.P.O, 15" woofer with 1.35" titanium diaphragm compression driver, and built-in equalizer with a digital LCD display.

This set is perfect for all of your audio needs, with its mutil-function design. With its BLUETOOTH/FM radio/USB DRIVE/SD CARD functions, you can instantly pair with any iPhone, iPod, iPad, android devices, etc. and playback songs simply by inserting your USB drive/SD CARD. Enjoy your favorite FM radio stations with the built-in FM radio.

The remote control allows you to switch mode, play/pause, switch to previous/next song, and increase/decrease volume from up to 20 feet. The built-in LED lights with 4 colors provide an amazing light show to accompany your performance.

The PRORECK Dance 15 also features convenient transport, with side handles and top handles for easy mobility. It also has two transport wheels for easy transport.

With its power, convenience, and features, the PRORECK Dance 15 is the perfect choice for any occasion. Enjoy the power of 2000 Watt P.M.P.O, control your audio with the remote control, and transport your speaker with ease. The PRORECK Dance 15 is a must-have for any audio enthusiast.

5. (2) Rockville Rsg15 15 3000w Passive Dj/pro Audio Pa Speaker+(2) 15" Subwoofers

The Rockville RSG15 PA Speaker Package provides a powerful sound experience with a total of 3000W of power. This package includes (2) Rockville RSG15 3-Way 8-Ohm Passive DJ/Pro Audio PA Speakers with a single 15" Pro Audio Woofer, (4) Piezo 3" Bullet Tweeters and a high efficiency Piezo Compression Horn. Each speaker has an RMS power of 750W, program power of 1000W, and peak power of 1500W, with a 2.5" high temperature aluminum voice coil and an 8-Ohm impedance. The frequency response is 40Hz – 22 kHz with a sensitivity of 102dB @ 1w/1m and SpeakON input connection for in/out connections in parallel. The speakers have a durable construction of high-quality MDF, stapled, bonded, and braced, with a molded steel grill, aviation grade black carpet, pole mountable design, and rubber isolating feet.

The package also includes (2) Rockville SBG1158 15" 800W Passive Pro DJ Subwoofers with an MDF Cabinet and Pole Mountable design. Each subwoofer has a 15" Pro Audio Woofer with 400W RMS/600W Program/800W Peak Power, 3" high-temperature aluminum voice coil, and 70oz magnet woofer. The subwoofer has a non-resonant MDF wood construction, stapled, bonded, and braced, with ergonomic recessed handles, a molded steel grill, aviation grade black carpet, pole mountable design, and rubber isolating feet. The subwoofer also features binding post/banana plug terminals, 1/4" jack (in/out), and SpeakON (in/out) connections.

The package is completed with the Rockville RSP20 20" Mounting Pole from Subwoofer to PA Speaker, with a 200lb load capacity and 1.38" diameter pole. This mounting pole allows for maximum sound quality and optimal performance when connecting the subwoofer to the PA Speaker.

This Rockville RSG15 PA Speaker Package provides a powerful sound experience with the highest quality components and durable construction. With 3000W of power, and a frequency response of 20Hz – 500Hz, this package is perfect for all types of professional music events.

6. Pair Rockville Rpg12 12" 1600w Powered Pa/dj Speakers + 2 Stands + 2 Cables+bag

The Rockville RPG12 12" 1600 watt powered PA/DJ Speakers come with everything you need to get the perfect sound. This incredible system comes with two 12" active/powered 800 watt speakers, two speaker stands, two XLR female to male cables and a pair of adjustable tripod speaker/light stands.

The Rockville RPG12 speakers feature a long-throw 12" woofer with a 2.5" aluminum voice coil for deep bass and acoustic power. They have a frequency response of 40Hz-20kHz, a maximum SPL @1w/1m of 125dB peak/122dB continuous, and a linear Class AB amplifier technology for high power and transparent sonic performance. The built-in bass and treble equalization processor allows for ultimate system control and speaker protection. The ultra-wide dispersion, 40 large-format horizontal wave guide horn is molded directly into the cabinet and the ultra-low noise mic/line input is via XLR and 1/4" stereo jacks with volume control.

The adjustable tripod speaker/light stands are made of steel with a black finish and have a weight capacity of 100 lbs. The adjustable height range is 47.25-78.75 inches and the base spread is 15-40 inches. The tubes have a diameter of 1.5-1.37 inches and the legs have a diameter of 1.37 inches. The stands also include two 20 foot XLR female to male cables.

The Rockville RPG12 12" 1600 watt powered PA/DJ Speakers come with a convenient travel bag making it easy to transport and set up your system wherever you go. This incredible system provides distortion free sound even at extreme SPL and is perfect for live sound and playback applications. Get your hands on this amazing system today and hear the difference!

7. Rockville (2) Rsg15.28 Dual 15 3000 Watt 3-Way 8-Ohm Passive Dj/pa Speaker

The Rockville RSG15.28 is a passive loudspeaker system that is perfect for DJs, musicians, and sound professionals alike. It is made with (2) Dual 15" Pro Audio Woofers and (4) Piezo 3" Bullet Tweeters, and a high efficiency Piezo Compression Horn. With a RMS Power of 1500 Watts and a Program Power of 2000 Watts, this system has the ability to handle peaks of up to 3000 Watts. It also features an 8-Ohm Impedance and 105dB sensitivity at 1w/1m. The frequency response is 35Hz – 22kHz and it has SpeakON In/Out connections, as well as 1/4" In/Out connections. The system is constructed with top quality MDF and is stapled, bonded, and braced for maximum durability. The dimensions are (20.5+13.2)x13.8x46in and the weight is 61.7Lbs. The systems also have rubber isolating feet for additional stability. Overall, the Rockville RSG15.28 is a great choice for any professional looking for high-quality sound at an affordable price.

8. 2000w 2-Way Powered Speakers System With Bluetooth, Usb/sd, Aux/mp3/fm, Mic, Stands & Cables. Indoor/outdoor Use.

The GOFLAME 2000W 2-Way Powered Speakers is a high-quality PA system that is perfect for any indoor or outdoor event. It features a high power long-throw 12" woofer and high performance 1" tweeter for impressive bass response and acoustic power. The trapezoidal horn design helps to spread the sound farther and cover wider. It has a maximum power output of 2000 watt peak power and 400 watt RMS, making it loud enough for any music style.

The system also comes with a wireless Bluetooth function, so you can easily connect your speakers to mobile devices, TVs, tablets and laptops. It also has a built-in USB/SD digital reader which supports MP3 and WAV audio files, along with a LCD display to keep track of your music. The active speaker also has a built-in amplifier to magnify the audio signal, with a wide frequency response from 50-18KHz.

The complete DJ party speaker system includes an active speaker, a passive speaker, 2 tripod stands, a wired microphone, a wireless remote control and a 16.5 ft cable. The tripod stands are adjustable from 3.9 ft to 4.9 ft, so you can get the perfect sound for your event. The wireless remote control also allows you to switch the mode when you are far away.

The GOFLAME 2000W 2-Way Powered Speakers is perfect for any conference, presentation, wedding or concert. It is easy to set up right out of the box, and its portable design makes it suitable for any indoor or outdoor event. With its high-power professional PA set and multifunctional design, it is sure to deliver great sound quality and make your event a success.

9. Rockville Rpg2x10 Powered Bluetooth Mixer+(2) 10" Speakers+stands+wireless Mics

Rockville’s RPG2X10 PA system is the perfect solution for any event or performance. This complete package includes a 4-channel powered mixer, two 10" speakers, two collapsible stands, and dual wired microphones, plus Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you’re a professional DJ or just getting started, this system has everything you need for high-quality sound.

The powered mixer is designed to provide distortion-free sound even at extreme SPLs, so you’ll always get the best sound out of your system. The mixer also has four channels for a variety of inputs, including microphone, line, and RCA connections. Plus, with its easy-to-use control knobs, you can quickly adjust the sound levels for the perfect mix.

The two 10" speakers included in this package offer an impressive 500 watts of peak power, so you can fill any space with sound. They’re designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, yet they’re still rugged enough to stand up to the rigors of the road. The included collapsible speaker stands make it easy to set up the system quickly and efficiently.

The dual wired microphones provide clear, powerful sound for vocals, announcements, and more. They plug directly into the mixer, and with their extended frequency response, you’ll always get the best sound.

Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect your phone, tablet, or other device to the system. This allows you to stream music and other audio content directly to the system, giving you complete control over your sound.

The Rockville RPG2X10 PA system is the perfect choice for any event or performance. With its impressive power, easy setup, and wireless options, you’ll be ready to rock any crowd.

10. Musysic M-Port Pa2k Portable Pa System With 5 Ch. Mixer, 10" Speakers & 2000w Amp, Uhf Mics, Usb/sd/bt/fm/rca, Speaker Stands.

The MUSYSIC M-Port PA2K Portable PA System is the perfect choice for any event that requires sound reinforcement. This system comes with an impressive array of features, including a 5 Channel Audio Mixer, 10” Speakers, 2000 W Powerful Amplifier, UHF Microphones, USB/SD Card/Bluetooth/FM/RCA inputs and outputs, and Speaker Stands.

The PA system has been designed to be easily transported, with speakers that can fold and lock into the center and 4 wheels for easy transportation. There is also a storage compartment at the back for cords, microphones and other accessories. Setting up and dismantling the system is simple, making it ideal for on-the-go events.

The PA System has multiple inputs and outputs for a variety of audio sources. These include Bluetooth, USB, SD Memory Card, XLR, 1/4", and RCA so you can connect MP3 players, stream music on iPads, iPods, phones and tablets, or USB drives. The system also works with a plug in cord or rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 5 hours.

MUSYSIC PA System features a professional grade 5 Channel Mixer, a built in Class D Amplifier and Powerful 10” Outdoor Speakers. Each channel has a separate equalizer for bass, treble and volume control. It has a peak power output of 2000 Watts (with DSP Sound effects) that ensures high-quality sound reinforcement with clear, powerful volume.

This system has been designed with advanced technology for optimal sound reproduction and high-end materials and construction for ultimate durability and performance. It is easy-to-use with an intuitive interface for simple operation. With this system, you can tailor your sound to meet your specific needs, making your events truly unforgettable.

Outdoor Dj Speakers FAQs

What power speakers do I need for DJ?

For DJing, you need speakers that are loud and powerful enough to fill a room or venue with sound. Ideally, you’ll want speakers that provide a wide frequency range, are capable of producing impressive bass, and have good sound clarity. Look for models with at least 300 watts per channel, and if your budget allows, go for more power. Look for speakers with a frequency range of 40Hz to 18kHz, which should provide enough sound range for DJing. As well, consider buying two sets of speakers of the same model to provide stereo sound. Additionally, look for speakers with good quality drivers and a good crossover system. Finally, make sure the speakers can handle continuous use and have good heat dissipation.

Which is the best DJ bass speaker?

The best DJ bass speaker depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the venue and the type of music being played. Generally, speakers with higher wattage and more bass response are better suited for larger venues, while smaller venues may prefer smaller speakers that are more compact and efficient. Additionally, it is important to consider the type of music being played when selecting a DJ bass speaker, as some speakers may be better suited for certain genres, such as EDM or hip-hop. Ultimately, it is important to do research and find a speaker that best fits the needs of the DJ, venue, and music.

Which speaker is the best for DJ?

The best speaker for DJing depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of music being played, the size of the venue, and the budget available. If a large venue is being used and the DJ is playing electronic music, then a powerful subwoofer system is a great choice. For smaller venues, powered speakers with built-in amplifiers may be adequate. If budget is an issue, then passive speakers can be used with a separate amplifier. Additionally, it's important to consider the room's acoustics and select the right speakers to provide the best sound. Finally, it's important to ensure that the DJ speakers are compatible with the mixer and other equipment.

Which speakers are used in DJ?

DJs typically use Active speakers for their setups. Active speakers are powered speakers that come with an amplifier built into the cabinet. This makes them easy to use with no need for external amplifiers. They often come with a mixer, allowing the DJ to control the volume and sound of each speaker individually. Some DJs also use Passive speakers, which require an external amplifier to be used. These speakers provide a clearer and more precise sound. DJs may also use a subwoofer to add a low-end punch to their sound. This is especially important when playing music with lots of bass. The type of speakers used will depend on the venue, the type of music to be played, and the budget of the DJ.

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