Pajammy Jam of the Day | Neil Young – You and Me

Open up your eyes
See how lifetime flies
Open up and let the light back in

This one’s from 1992. But hey, it’s okay to look back every once in a while, right? Especially when it comes to Neil Young, my favorite artist.

When people ask why I love Young’s music so much, I’m unsure of the correct way to respond. If I’ve learned anything over the years about being a fan of music, it’s either that you love Young or you don’t, and to try to explain his greatness is not an argument I’d like to take on. I couldn’t even tell you what album I would start with (On the Beach), only because the next one you’ll listen to (Harvest Moon) wouldn’t sound anything like the one before it (Tonight’s the Night). If there’s a more complex musician out there, I’d like to know.

Here’s one from Harvest Moon.

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