Pajammy Jam of the Day | Real Estate – Green Aisles

Real Estate’s second LP, Days, will be released on October 18th (Domino), and the Brookylyn (via Jersey) band has released a new single in advance of the record that showcases the group’s growing expertise in breezy, psychedelic surf-rock. “Green Aisles” starts with an extended, mellow intro that finds Real Estate in an airy zone, doing what they do so well. The vocals slide in seamlessly, conjuring up autumnal images fitting for this time of year: “Under dormant trees, under bright lit skies, mountains of maple leaves, standing side by side…” The rest of the even-paced, laid back track flows over our ears and brings about a peaceful sense of calm. Serenity now.

Listen to and download “Green Aisles” (for free) by clicking here. Invest in Real Estate on October 18th and buy Days here.

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