Pajammy Jam of the Day | The Romany Rye – All the Boys

The Romany Rye is built around the the song craftsmanship of Luke MacMaster, an L.A.-based singer/songwriter with a penchant for that somber, indie-folk sound (totally my kinda sound, especially when harmonica is involved). While MacMaster penned the collection of songs that have come to be called Highway 1, Looking Back Carefully, it was with the help of a handful of notable musicians that the album came to life. MacMaster recorded with Delta Spirit’s Kelly Winwrich, and Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes), David Quon (We Barbarians) and Blake Mills joined them in the studio.

On today’s PJOTD, the harmonica takes a knife to my heart in the very first notes. That heartbreaker. It is, however, a very apropos introduction to the melancholy roadtripper that is “All the Boys.” If The Low Anthem’s “To Ohio” is a contemplative yet hopeful return home, then “All the Boys” is simply wearied and displaced. Just look at the chorus: “It’s a lonely road/ and the ground is cold/ Tennessee, you drown my soul…”

Sometimes you’re behind the wheel but unsure of where you’re really going. “All the Boys” personifies that sentiment exactly.

The Romany Rye – All the Boys

Highway 1, Looking Back Carefully is out now. You should also check out The Romany Rye’s recent Daytrotter session. The band’s on tour with Delta Spirit all summer – yeehaw!

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