Pc Richards Bluetooth Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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PC Richard & Son Bluetooth Speakers are a great way to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and more without the need for wires. Whether you’re looking for a portable speaker to take on your travels or something to put in your home, PC Richard & Son has a wide selection of Bluetooth speakers to choose from. Here are five key points to consider when shopping for a PC Richard & Son Bluetooth Speaker:

1. Portability – Choose a speaker that is lightweight and easy to carry. Look for one with a built-in handle or shoulder strap for easy portability.

2. Battery life – Make sure to check the battery life of any speaker you’re considering. Most speakers will last up to 8 hours on a single charge, but some may last much longer.

3. Audio quality – Check the audio quality of the speaker. Look for speakers with deep bass and clear treble for a more immersive listening experience.

4. Connectivity – Make sure the speaker you’re considering is compatible with your device. Most speakers are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, but double-check to be sure.

5. Price – Lastly, consider your budget. PC Richard & Son offers speakers at a range of price points, so you can find one that fits your budget.

If you’re looking for a great way to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and more, then consider PC Richard & Son Bluetooth Speakers. With a range of options to choose from, you’re sure to find a speaker that fits your needs. Consider the portability, battery life, audio quality, connectivity, and price when shopping for a PC Richard & Son Bluetooth Speaker and you’ll be sure to find one that fits your requirements.

10 Best Selling Pc Richards Bluetooth Speakers

1. Rgb Computer Sound Bar, Bluetooth 5.0 & 3.5mm Aux-In, Usb Powered Speakers For Pc, Laptop, Tablet

The Bluedee Computer Speakers offer an amazing audio experience with their incredible Hi-Fi sound quality. Featuring dual drivers and dual diaphragms, these computer speakers provide perfect performance of high-pitch and deep bass, while the anti-magnetic technology suppresses static noise for more vivid sound. Plus, the exciting dynamic RGB lighting enhances the music experience and game dynamics experience to make your entertainment even more fun.

These speakers also offer two ways to connect. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can connect your devices wirelessly and enjoy your audio from a variety of sources. For those devices with a 3.5mm jack, you can connect using the AUX for even more options. And no need to worry about installation, as these speakers are USB powered and turn on automatically when plugged in.

For your convenience, the Bluedee Computer Speakers come with a quick start guide, 18-month worry-free warranty, and lifetime friendly customer service. Bluedee has specialized in the audio industry for 15 years and is committed to providing professional sound solutions. So, if you’re looking for an amazing audio experience, the Bluedee Computer Speakers are the perfect choice.

2. Computer Speakers W/ Microphone, Rgb Sound Bar, Bluetooth & Usb, Pc Hifi Gaming Speakers For Desktop

These Fishcovers Computer Speakers with Microphone are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a little bit of flair to their audio setup. The speakers feature two 5w drivers providing high-pitch and deep bass sound quality. The speakers also come with dynamic RGB lights that come alive to the rhythm of the music, creating a stunning atmosphere.

The speakers come with a built-in microphone that supports voice calls, allowing for crystal clear audio no matter the location. The speakers also feature dual connection options with both Bluetooth and USB capabilities, providing users with the flexibility to choose their preferred method of connection. It also has a right knob for easy volume control and mode switching.

These speakers make for a great gift for those who enjoy music and the atmosphere it can create. The speakers come in an exquisite design with colorful lights that make it the perfect centerpiece for any gathering. Whether it's a family gathering or a quiet night at home, these speakers are sure to provide a memorable experience.

3. Creative Pebble V3 Minimalistic 2.0 Usb-C Desktop Speakers With Bluetooth 5.0, 8w Rms/16w Peak Power, Usb-A Converter.

The Creative Pebble V3 Minimalistic 2.0 USB-C Desktop Speakers offer powerful and amplified USB audio with a larger custom-tuned 2.25" full-range driver, providing 50% more volume and richer, more powerful sound with improved bass reproduction. For even more audio power, the built-in gain switch allows for amplified audio with a 10W USB-C or USB-A port.

The Clear Dialog audio processing technology provides clear and intelligible spoken dialogs when watching videos and TV series, without needing to turn up the volume. A single USB-C cable is all you need for fuss-free connection and minimal cabling with no 3.5mm audio cable required. The Pebble V3 also supports Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless streaming and a 3.5mm AUX-in jack for universal compatibility with other analog audio devices.

The modern and minimalistic design of the Creative Pebble V3 is the perfect fit for any home or office, making them ideal for any desk space. The speakers feature a longer cable connecting the right to left speaker for extra flexibility in speaker placement, and the 45° elevated drivers direct sound straight to your ears, creating an ideal audio sweet spot.

The Creative Pebble V3 Minimalistic 2.0 USB-C Desktop Speakers offer powerful, amplified USB audio with improved bass reproduction and effortless Bluetooth 5.0 streaming for wire-free convenience. With a simple plug-and-play USB-C setup and a modern, minimalistic design, the Creative Pebble V3 is the perfect addition to your home or office.

4. Pc Speakers, 10w, Rgb, Bluetooth 5.0 & 3.5mm Aux-In.

This PC Speaker is designed to provide superior sound quality with its two quality drivers and 10W output. It also comes with alternating colored lights to create an immersive atmosphere for watching movies and playing games. The high-quality ABS varnish promises long life and protection against wear. The aluminum alloy and LED lights also help it to become more fashionable.

The PC Speaker is easy to use with no driver installation required. It supports both AUX and Bluetooth modes. For AUX mode, simply plug the audio cable into the headphone jack of your computer and then plug the USB port into the power supply. For Bluetooth mode, plug the USB port into the power supply and click the "M" button to switch the Bluetooth mode. It is compatible with iPhone, tablet, smartphone and laptop, perfect for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, party.

The PC Speaker also comes with a quick start guide and lifetime friendly customer service. If you have any questions about using the product or advice, feel free to contact us, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

This PC Speaker is a great choice for anyone looking for enhanced stereo bass and superior sound quality. With its two quality drivers and 10W output, you can be sure to get the best audio experience. The alternating colored lights also add to the atmosphere of your space. Its easy setup and versatile connection modes make this speaker a great choice for any computer setup.

5. Bluetooth 5.0 Pc Speakers, 10w Output, Wireless/wired.

This Hsoipn Computer Speakers Bluetooth 5.0 PC Speakers Sound Bar is the perfect choice for any audiophile looking for an immersive sound experience. Featuring dual powerful 5W superior sound drivers, this sound bar provides incredible sound quality with a 10W output. Connectivity is effortless and simple, as this sound bar supports both cable and wireless connections. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it is able to establish a faster and more stable connection with other Bluetooth enabled devices. It also has a 3.5 mm aux cord that works with all different devices that have an audio output.

This sound bar speaker is very versatile and compatible with many different devices, including TV, laptop, tablet, desktop computers, mobiles and any other device. It is also designed with style, as it is ultra-slim and saves your working desktop space, keeping your desk organized. Installation and operation is easy and with one simple connection to your Bluetooth enabled device, you can start to enjoy the music.

This Hsoipn Computer Speakers Bluetooth 5.0 PC Speakers Sound Bar is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a professional audio experience with effortless connectivity and a slim, fashionable design. It is compatible with many different devices and is easy to install and operate. It provides an incredible sound quality with a 10W output and dual powerful 5W superior sound drivers. With its Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it is able to establish a faster and more stable connection with other Bluetooth enabled devices.

6. Harman Kardon Allure Voice-Activated Home Speaker With Alexa, Black

Harman Kardon Allure Voice-Activated Home Speaker with Alexa is an innovative 360 degree home speaker that brings the latest in sound technology to your living space. This speaker is powered by Amazon Alexa Voice Service, so you can easily access millions of songs, check news, get weather updates and control compatible smart home devices with your voice.

This speaker is designed for convenience and ease of use, with wireless Bluetooth streaming, far field voice recognition and 360 degree lighting. The 360 degree Harman Kardon sound is powerful and clear, providing an immersive listening experience. The elegant design of the speaker will look great in any room, adding a touch of sophistication.

The Harman Kardon Allure Voice-Activated Home Speaker with Alexa is a great way to bring the latest in sound technology to your home. With its powerful sound, intuitive voice commands and sleek design, this speaker will be the perfect addition to any living space. Plus, you can access millions of songs, check news and get weather updates with just the sound of your voice.

7. Rgb Gaming Speakers With 7-Color Backlight, 10w Usb, 2.0ch Stereo, Mic, Bluetooth & Usb Audio For Mac/pc/monitor.

This Computer Speakers set is perfect for those who are looking for a sound system upgrade. It comes equipped with 7 LED light modes and touch switch, allowing you to switch freely between RGB, ON/OFF, red, yellow, blue, purple and green. The 10W USB powered speaker has a balanced stereo sound, delivering a crystal clear sound without any interference or noise. It is easy to use, with a one-knob control for adjusting the volume and switching between modes.

This set also provides dual connection options, Bluetooth and USB, for easy pairing and plug and play with wide compatibility. It also has a built-in microphone, so you don't need an additional microphone for voice calls and gaming. With its slim and sleek design, it is perfect for any desktop or laptop.

This speaker set also comes with a 24 months warranty, so you don't have to worry about any problems. Whether you're playing games, watching movies or listening to music, this Computer Speakers set will deliver a dynamic melody that will take your audio experience to the next level. With its RGB backlight modes and one-knob control, this set is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an upgrade.

8. R40 Computer Speakers W/ Bluetooth V5.3, 6 Led Effects, 2.0 Stereo Surround Sound, Usb Plug & Play.

The SOULION R40 Computer Speakers are a powerful 2.0 channel stereo surround sound system that provides crystal clear audio for gaming, movies, and music. Equipped with two 5W large speaker units, it produces rich and high-quality sound with excellent bass. The speakers also feature RGB rainbow lights and 6 lighting modes for a dynamic, eye-catching display.

To add to its convenience, the speakers use a 49-inch 2-in-1 USB cable with both power and AUX functions that are compatible with PC computers and laptops running Windows, Chrome OS, and MAC OS (without any drivers). It also supports wireless Bluetooth V5.3 connections with tablets and smartphones (USB-powered).

The speakers provide an impressive array of functions with their 4-button system. This includes power and mode selection, light and pause/play adjustments, volume+ and previous, as well as volume- and next.

For a compact design, the SOULION R40 Computer Speakers are the perfect choice for any desktop setup. With its quality sound, eye-catching lighting effects, and convenient functions, it’s a great all-in-one package for your audio needs.

9. Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Computer Speaker System

The Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Computer Speaker System offers high-quality sound and convenience. With a range of up to 32.8 ft, it allows users to enjoy their music wherever they are. Its BasXPort technology delivers superior sound quality and clarity, while its Sub-Band Coding (SBC) further enhances the audio performance.

This speaker system is designed to provide an immersive listening experience. Its two-channel configuration ensures that each speaker offers its own unique sound, while the wireless audio connection allows users to move freely while they listen. The speaker system also includes volume control and a bass port, so users can adjust their sound as they want.

The Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Computer Speaker System is ideal for those who enjoy listening to their favorite music without the need for a wired connection. It is easy to set up and use, and is compatible with multiple devices. Its durable construction and clever design make it a great choice for any home or office.

The Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Computer Speaker System is a reliable and convenient choice for anyone looking for a high-quality sound system. With its impressive range, superior sound quality, and effective wireless connection, it is the perfect companion for any music enthusiast. Its combination of features and convenience makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to bring their music with them wherever they go.

10. Jabra Speak 510: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For Softphone/mobile, Easy Setup, Portable, Outstanding Sound Quality.

The Jabra Speak 510 is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker designed to make conference calls and meetings easier and more efficient. With its outstanding sound quality, this speaker ensures everyone is heard clearly, making conversations more productive. This device is incredibly easy to setup, with no IT required – just connect and dial-in. Compatible with all leading UC platforms, this speaker is perfect for home, office, or on-the-go use.

This slim, compact design is perfect for travel, coming with a convenient carrying case for use while on-the-go. The Speak 510 speakerphone also works with many types of devices for conference calls and streaming multimedia, making it a versatile device for any situation. The battery powered power source makes this speaker easy to use and reliable, and the 6.5 inch size makes it the perfect fit for any workspace.

The Jabra Speak 510 is the perfect solution to make conference calls and meetings easier, more efficient, and more productive. This wireless Bluetooth speaker is incredibly easy to setup and use, with no IT required. The slim, compact design makes it perfect for travel and use on-the-go, while the 6.5 inch size ensures it fits in any workspace. The Speak 510 is compatible with many types of devices for conference calls and streaming multimedia, giving you the versatility to use it in any situation. With this portable device, you can take audio conferencing to a whole new level and turn any room into a conference room.

Pc Richards Bluetooth Speakers FAQs

Can you use any Bluetooth speaker for a PC?

Yes, you can use any Bluetooth speaker for a PC, as long as the speaker is compatible with the PC's Bluetooth technology. First, the Bluetooth speaker must be compatible with the Bluetooth technology of the PC; the PC must have a Bluetooth adapter, or you may need to purchase a compatible Bluetooth adapter. Second, the speaker must be compatible with the specific operating system of the PC. Third, the Bluetooth speaker must be within range of the PC and the connection must be strong enough so that there is no audio dropout. Finally, depending on the speaker, you may need to install drivers or other software to enable the speaker to connect with the PC.

What are the disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers?

The main disadvantage of Bluetooth speakers is the limitation of sound quality. Due to the compression of the audio signal, Bluetooth speakers often have a lower sound quality than traditional wired speakers. Additionally, Bluetooth speakers can be limited in terms of sound range, as the signal can be blocked by walls and other obstacles. Furthermore, they can be more expensive than wired speakers, and the battery life of a Bluetooth speaker can vary depending on usage. Additionally, Bluetooth speakers can be more susceptible to interference, resulting in audio dropouts or distorted sound. Finally, some Bluetooth speakers may have limited compatibility with different types of devices, so it's important to check that the speaker is compatible with your device before purchase.

Which Bluetooth is best for bass?

The best Bluetooth for bass will depend on your budget, the type of sound you prefer, and the type of equipment you have. Generally speaking, aptX HD and aptX Low Latency are the two most popular standards for Bluetooth in terms of audio quality and low latency. AptX HD Bluetooth offers the best sound quality, with up to 24-bit/48kHz audio, while aptX Low Latency offers the lowest latency (delay) between the audio source and the receiver. Both options are great for bass, as they provide better sound than standard Bluetooth and offer very low latency. Additionally, if you're using a speaker system, look for models with built-in aptX HD or aptX Low Latency support.

Which brand Bluetooth speaker is best?

When selecting a Bluetooth speaker, it is important to consider the brand and sound quality. Popular brands include JBL, Bose, Sony, and Beats. JBL offers a wide range of speakers with excellent sound quality, and they are typically more affordable than other brands. Bose is known for its high-end speakers, which have sterling sound quality and a sleek design. Sony has a range of portable Bluetooth speakers that are budget-friendly and offer good sound quality. Beats offer superior sound quality and have a modern, stylish design. Ultimately, the best brand of Bluetooth speaker will depend on your budget and preferences.

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