Photos | PHOX at Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

All photos by Agatha Donkar

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing PHOX three times in the last eight months, and they haven’t disappointed yet. The sharp songwriting, the chemistry on stage, the easy way they pass melodies and lead vocals around, it’s all just a delight. They had the crowd at the 506 on Friday absolutely captivated with a loose, sweet, funny set. I delight in the way all the members of the band seem to  genuinely enjoy playing with each other, and having the chance to watch them grow from a small crowd opening for Blitzen Trapper in October to a large one opening for Typhoon in March to their very own, well-deserved, in July, is one of my favorite things about writing about bands and seeing lots of live music.

PHOX is great, and their debut album is spectacular. Don’t miss it.

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