Pioneer Floorstanding Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for Pioneer floorstanding speakers, there are a few key points to consider to ensure you get the best sound quality and performance. First, you need to consider the size and type of speakers that will best fit your room. Floorstanding speakers provide the most powerful and expansive sound, so if you have a large room, this type of speaker is ideal. Next, consider the frequency range of the speakers. Pioneer floorstanding speakers generally have a frequency range between 40-20000 Hz, so you should ensure that the speakers you choose meet your requirements. Thirdly, consider the power handling of the speakers. Floorstanding speakers need more power to perform at their best, so make sure you have an amplifier that can handle the power. Fourth, think about the type of connectivity you need. Pioneer floorstanding speakers typically come with a variety of input options, such as Bluetooth, RCA, and XLR. Finally, consider your budget. Pioneer floorstanding speakers can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. So, make sure you select the speaker that fits your budget.

In summary, when looking for Pioneer floorstanding speakers, consider the size and type of speakers, frequency range, power handling, connectivity, and budget. With these points in mind, you can ensure that you select the right Pioneer floorstanding speakers for your needs.

10 Best Selling Pioneer Floorstanding Speakers

1. Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series Ii Floorstanding Speaker – Black (1-Pack)

The Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker is the perfect addition to any home audio setup. This tower speaker features a 1" Dynamic Balance dome tweeter and three 5-1/4" Dynamic Balance woofers. This 3-way design provides an impressive power and high quality sound. Enjoy clear, crisp and spacious stereo sound with a wider dispersion that gives a 3-dimensional and lifelike audio experience in your bedroom, living room or entertainment room.

This speaker delivers detailed high frequency response with realistic reproduction of vocals and instruments. It provides powerful deep bass, better mid-range and superior audio that make your party and movie nights exclusive. Create a complete and immersive home theater setup by adding a Polk CS2 Center Speaker and Polk Monitor 40 or 30 Surrounds. The Monitor speakers are magnetically shielded, so you can place it near your TV without having to worry about distortions.

Polk Audio has an unwavering commitment, reliability and craftsmanship that has made it one of the most trusted names in home audio speakers and entertainment systems. Their best in technology provides a sit back, relax and listen with your heart experience. With an affordable price, the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Floorstanding Speaker is the perfect choice to bring out the best in your home audio setup.

2. Pioneer Sp-Fs51-Lr Floorstanding Loudspeakers (Black, Pair) (Discontinued By Manufacturer)

The Pioneer SP-FS51-LR Floorstanding Loudspeakers offer a powerful and dynamic sound experience for any home theater. These speakers feature a three-way design with three woofers and an oversized magnet for a powerful and rich bass. The superior crossover design ensures full-spectrum clarity, while the curved cabinet construction helps reduce vibration for better sound quality. The 1-inch soft dome tweeter provides crisp and accurate high frequencies.

The Pioneer SP-FS51-LR Floorstanding Loudspeakers deliver a balanced soundstage with no audible distortion, perfect for music and movies alike. The frequency response extends from 35 Hz to 20 kHz, providing an impressive range of sound. The two-way design offers a wide soundstage with excellent imaging. The cabinets are constructed with medium density fiberboard, which helps to reduce resonance and vibration.

The Pioneer SP-FS51-LR Floorstanding Loudspeakers feature a stylish design with a black finish. The grille is removable, allowing for a more customized look. The speakers can be used in a variety of configurations, including stereo and multi-channel systems. The speakers are easy to install, and come with mounting brackets for wall and ceiling installation.

The Pioneer SP-FS51-LR Floorstanding Loudspeakers are the perfect choice for any home theater system. With their powerful sound and stylish design, these speakers will bring your favorite movies and music to life. The powerful woofers and oversized magnets provide an impressive bass, while the superior crossover design ensures clear and accurate sound. The removable grille allows for a more customized look, and the easy installation makes them the perfect choice for any home theater enthusiast.

3. Sony Sscs3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Single) – Black

The Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker is the perfect addition to any home theater or music listening set up. This single speaker boasts a Hi-Res Audio, delivering full frequency audio with a three-way coaxial and four-driver speaker system. The SSCS3 is the perfect building block for creating a robust 5.1.2 home theater setup, perfect for Dolby Atmos with the complete range of CS speakers from Sony.

The SSCS3 tower speaker features a ¾ in. super tweeter and 1” tweeter, accurately reproducing high frequency sounds for an expansive soundstage. Dual 5.12” woofers deliver deep, stable bass and detailed mid-range sounds, while optimized crossover componentry creates clear crisp sound. The SSCS3 has a maximum input power of 145 W and comes with one speaker per carton.

The Sony SSCS3 is the perfect addition to any home theater or music listening set up, giving you the ability to create a robust 5.1.2 home theater setup that is perfect for Dolby Atmos. With its three-way coaxial, four-driver speaker system and optimized crossover componentry, you can enjoy clear and crisp sound with deep, stable bass. The SSCS3 has a maximum input power of 145 W and comes with one speaker per carton.

4. Yamaha Ns-F210bl 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker – Each (Black)

This Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker is the perfect addition to any home audio setup. This powerful speaker is designed to reproduce the full, dynamic sound of HD sources with its light aluminum woofer cones and heavy duty, round, steel bass anchor speaker stand. It offers an incredibly slim design to match any flat panel TVs and its slender profile makes it a great addition to any room. The speaker comes with only one speaker in the package, making it perfect for those who are looking for a single solution for their audio needs.

The NS-F210BL is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the full range of sound from their HD sources. Its light aluminum woofer cones offer extra fast response, allowing for a more detailed and accurate sound. The slim design also allows for a great match with any flat panel TVs, making it a great choice for any living room or entertainment space. The heavy duty, round, steel bass anchor speaker stand ensures that the speaker is always securely attached to the ground, allowing for the best possible sound quality.

The Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker is not only an exceptional choice for any home theater setup, but also a great way to take any sound system to the next level. Its slim design and light aluminum woofer cones combine to make it perfect for any room, while the heavy duty, round, steel bass anchor speaker stand ensures that the speaker is always securely attached to the ground. The single speaker in the package makes it the perfect solution for anyone who needs a single solution for their audio needs. With its detailed and accurate sound, the Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker is a great choice for any home audio setup.

5. Klh Kendall Floorstanding Speakers – Pair (Walnut)

The KLH Kendall 3-Way Floorstanding Speakers provide a stunningly natural sound experience with detailed balance and a wide soundstage. Crafted with an artisan-crafted real wood veneer cabinet in Walnut, these speakers boast a visually captivating and modern look. The speakers feature woven Kevlar drivers and anodized aluminum dome tweeters that deliver a dynamic, balanced and detailed sound. For added stability and decoupling, the speakers feature a solid MDF plinth with chrome-plated floor spikes or rubber feet.

KLH's distinctive 10-year warranty provides long-term peace of mind. With just a glance, the sleek, slim design of the KLH Kendall Floorstanding Speakers will draw you in. Whether it be for music or movies, these speakers will not disappoint. The detailed balance and wide soundstage will provide an immersive listening experience. The real wood veneer cabinet will add warmth and beauty to any room.

The KLH Kendall 3-Way Floorstanding Speakers are an excellent addition to any entertainment setup. With their detailed, balanced sound and captivating design, these speakers will be sure to impress. The combination of the aluminum dome tweeters, woven Kevlar drivers and MDF plinth provide a dynamic sound experience that will bring your movie and music soundtracks to life. And with KLH's industry-leading 10-year warranty, you can rest assured knowing that your speakers are backed by a reliable company.

6. Klipsch Rp-5000f Ii/pioneer Vsx-534 5.2ch Home Theater System, Walnut.

Introducing the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-5000F II 2.0.0 Premium Home Theater Speaker System in Walnut with Pioneer VSX-534 5.2 Channel AV Receiver. This powerful system delivers an immersive audio experience with its Dolby Atmos sound and its exclusive 1” Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Titanium Diaphragm Tweeter.

The new and larger 90° x 90° silicone composite hybrid Tractrix horn provides crisper, clearer sound. The LTS minimizes distortion for enhanced, detailed performance, while the vented tweeter housing enhances the detail in what you hear. The all-new Cerametallic woofers have been designed for absolutely flawless sound reproduction, minimum distortion, and maximum efficiency.

The Reference Premiere ports use Tractrix geometry, allowing for the most efficient, fastest air transfer from the cabinet for cleaner, more powerful bass. Bi-wiring/ bi-amping capabilities separate high and low-frequency current into different speaker cables, reducing distortion for clearer midrange. The advanced cabinet design includes additional bracing and a divided cabinet, minimizing vibrations, with an improved input panel and furniture grade materials and finishes, making this speaker a statement piece for any room.

The Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-5000F II 2.0.0 Premium Home Theater Speaker System with Pioneer VSX-534 5.2 Channel AV Receiver is the perfect solution for those looking for an immersive and powerful audio experience. With its advanced design and features, this system will bring your home theater to life and make every movie night an adventure.

7. Kef Q950 Floorstanding Speaker (Each, White)

The KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker is designed to bring stunning audio performance to your home. Featuring KEF’s patented Uni-Q Driver Array with an 8in mid-range cone and 1 5in vented aluminum dome tweeter, this speaker promises to provide crisp and clear sound with powerful bass. The speaker is encased in a sturdy and stylish box, allowing it to fit in any room. With a maximum output of 113dB, the Q950 is sure to fill the room with sound.

The Q950 is available in three finishes and offers a sleek look to fit any décor. The Walnut finish gives the speaker a classic and sophisticated look, while the Satin Black and Satin White finishes offer a more modern feel. Optional ultra-strong magnetic grilles may be purchased separately, allowing you to customize the look of your speaker.

In addition to its great looks, the Q950 Floorstanding Speaker also comes with gold plated terminals, providing superior contact and allowing for bare wire spade and banana plug terminations. This ensures an easy setup and connection to your audio equipment. For added convenience, the speaker is also equipped with Auxilliary connectivity technology, allowing you to easily connect to other devices.

The KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker is a great choice for those looking for a powerful and stylish speaker to enhance their home audio experience. With its superior sound quality, sleek design, and easy connection options, the Q950 is sure to be a great addition to any home.

8. Jamo Studio Series S 807 Black Floorstanding Speakers – Pair

The Jamo Studio Series S 807 Floorstanding Speakers are the perfect combination of style and performance. Their sleek black finish and wood grain accents give them a handcrafted, natural look that will easily add a touch of sophistication to any room.

These speakers are designed to provide high-quality, true-to-life sound reproduction. The 1” soft dome tweeter ensures smooth, refined high frequencies, while the integrated WaveGuide focuses the sound for dynamic performance. The bass reflex port has been engineered to provide additional low-frequency output, creating a rich and full soundstage.

The S 807 Floorstanding Speakers provide an excellent listening experience. Their innovative design allows them to be placed in any room, whether it’s large or small. The sound they produce is powerful and accurate, with a wide frequency range that can bring out the best in any music.

These speakers are designed to be easy to use. They come with all the necessary cables and connectors for quick and simple setup. The included wall brackets make it easy to install the speakers in any room. The speakers also come with a remote control, so you can conveniently adjust the volume from the comfort of your couch.

The Jamo Studio Series S 807 Floorstanding Speakers are the perfect choice for any audio setup. Their combination of style, performance and affordability make them a great choice for music enthusiasts who are looking for an exceptional listening experience. With their sleek black finish and wood grain accents, these speakers will add a touch of sophistication to any room.

9. Polk Es50 Tower Speaker – Hi-Res Audio, Dolby Atmos, Dts:x, 1" Tweeter, (2) 5.25" Woofers, Power Port Tech, Walnut.

The Polk Signature Elite ES50 Tower Speaker has been designed to give you an immersive, cinematic soundstage with its Dynamically Balanced Acoustic Array and 2.5-Way Cascading Crossovers. It is packed with a 1" Terylene Tweeter and (2) 5.25" Woofers that bring you a room-filling sound. The Polk ES50 features Polk's patented Power Port Technology which delivers 3dB louder bass than conventional ported speakers, minimizing turbulence and distortion for pristine vocals and focused dialogues in movies, games and music.

The Polk Signature Elite ES50 has a sleek, modern look that will make heads turn and set feet tapping in any room. Its contemporary walnut finish and bold design will make a statement with any home décor. The ES50 comes with rubber feet designed for both carpet and hard floors, providing improved stability and flexible placement. The dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts ensure efficient, loss-less connection.

The ES50 is Hi-Res Audio Certified and Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Compatible and is compatible with 4- & 8-Ohm systems, allowing you to stream online audio via Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Spotify and other services. It also works with the latest Dolby Atmos & DTS:X AVRs. Its high sensitivity and 4- & 8-Ohm compatibility deliver spacious, enveloping and true to life music.

You can build your dream home theater with the Polk Signature Elite series. Its timbre matched components ensure seamless speaker-to-speaker blending so you can get the full experience. Combine the ES50 with ES10 surround speaker pair, S30 center channel & any sub for a 5.1 surround setup. Get the Polk Signature Elite ES50 Tower Speaker and enjoy movie-quality sound at home.

Pioneer Floorstanding Speakers FAQs

Are Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers good?

Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers are generally well-regarded for their sound quality and value for money. They are known for their excellent imaging, accurate representation of sound, and good bass response. They feature high-quality drivers and components, as well as Pioneer's own patented technologies, making them a good choice for both music and home theater setups. They are also easy to install and pair well with a variety of AV receivers and amplifiers. Overall, Andrew Jones Pioneer speakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great-sounding, affordable speaker system.

Are Pioneer Home speakers any good?

Pioneer Home speakers are generally very good. They offer a wide range of audio solutions tailored to specific budgets and needs. They are known for their excellent sound quality, with many offering a wide frequency range and a variety of different settings to customize the sound. They also have a range of options, from bookshelf designs to floor-standing models, so you can find the perfect sound for your space. Additionally, Pioneer Home speakers are known for their durability and are designed to last for many years of use. All in all, Pioneer Home speakers are a great choice for those looking for high-quality sound at an affordable price.

Do floorstanding speakers sound better?

The answer to this question depends on the context, as different speaker designs will have different sound characteristics. Floorstanding speakers typically have larger drivers than bookshelf speakers, and the larger size allows them to move more air and potentially produce a fuller, richer sound with more bass. However, floorstanding speakers also require more power and can be more expensive than bookshelf speakers. Ultimately, it's up to the listener to decide what they prefer. While floorstanding speakers may sound better in some cases, bookshelf speakers could be a more affordable and practical option for smaller rooms. It's important to consider all the factors and match the speakers to the room and the listener's preferences.

Why bookshelf speakers are better than floorstanding speakers?

Bookshelf speakers are often better than floorstanding speakers for a few key reasons. Firstly, bookshelf speakers are more compact, making them easier to fit into a variety of rooms and spaces. Secondly, bookshelf speakers often have superior sound quality than floorstanding speakers due to their smaller size; the sound waves can be focused more precisely in a smaller space, resulting in better sound clarity and detail. Additionally, bookshelf speakers are often less expensive than floorstanding speakers, making them a more financially accessible option. Finally, bookshelf speakers are more versatile and can be used in smaller spaces or even mounted on walls or shelves, while floorstanding speakers are typically used in larger spaces and cannot be mounted. Ultimately, bookshelf speakers offer a better combination of quality, flexibility, and affordability than floorstanding speakers.

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