Powered Tower Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Looking for powered tower speakers? You’ve come to the right place! Tower speakers are a great way to add powerful sound to your home theater or music setup, and with the right powered tower speakers, you can get the most out of your audio. Here are five key points to consider when shopping for powered tower speakers:

1. Power Output: Make sure to look for powered tower speakers that have enough power output to meet your needs. If you plan on playing loud music or movies, you’ll want to make sure the speakers can handle it.

2. Frequency Response: Tower speakers with a wide frequency response will be able to reproduce sound accurately across a wide range of frequencies.

3. Connectivity: Look for tower speakers that offer a variety of connectivity options so you can easily connect them to your home theater or music setup.

4. Design: Consider the design of the tower speakers as well. Do they match the look of your home theater or music setup? Do they have a sleek, modern design?

5. Price: Last but not least, make sure to consider the price. Look for powered tower speakers that offer great sound at a reasonable price.

These are just a few of the key points you should consider when shopping for powered tower speakers. With the right set of powered tower speakers, you can get the most out of your audio. So, take your time and find the perfect set for your needs.

10 Best Selling Powered Tower Speakers

1. Fluance Ai81 Elite Floorstanding Tower Speakers With Built-In 150w Amp For 2.0 Stereo, Tv, Turntable, Pc & Bluetooth – Natural Walnut.

The Fluance Ai81 Elite Powered 2-Way Floorstanding Tower Speakers deliver a breathtakingly immersive audio experience with their integrated 150W amplifier. High-performance neodymium tweeters provide a captivating stereo soundstage with spacious off-axis dispersion, allowing you to catch every note of your favourite songs. Dual 6.5-inch woven glass fiber drivers provide exceptionally accurate midrange with stunning acoustic playback, and deep bass is produced by the down-firing bass ports.

Meticulously engineered MDF wood cabinets are internally braced to ensure a full range of sound and provide an elegant look to any room. Connect your audio source without the need for a separate amplifier or receiver, with RCA and Optical inputs, or Bluetooth 5 wireless streaming. The subwoofer out allows you to add even more bass for a truly captivating listening experience.

Whether you want to enjoy an entertaining movie night, or simply relax with some light music, the Fluance Ai81 Elite Powered Tower Speakers are the perfect choice. With their powerful sound, precise imaging, and deep bass capabilities, they will take your home theater system to the next level. Enjoy an immersive listening experience with Fluance's Ai81 Elite Powered Tower Speakers.

2. Rockville Tm80w White Powered Home Theatre Tower Speakers 8" Sub/bluetooth/usb

The Rockville TM80W Powered Home Theatre Tower Speakers present a complete and fully powered home theatre system with dual 8" subwoofers that are capable of producing incredibly loud and deep bass. These tower speakers are built with Bluetooth for a 150ft range, a USB port for playback, an SD card slot for media, and an FM radio for crystal clear reception.

The speakers are equipped with 4" full-range drivers with polypropylene cones, rubber surrounds, and bullet dust caps, designed to deliver loud and clear sound. To provide incredible highs, Rockville TM80W speakers are also equipped with silk dome tweeters. With a peak power of 800 watts and RMS power of 200 watts, these speakers are able to produce an impressive sound.

The speakers also feature a built-in 8-band equalizer with preset equalizer curves, as well as high and low pass crossovers that are professionally tuned by audio engineers for optimal performance. Bass and treble can be adjusted to user preference. The cabinet is made of top-quality MDF, 0.472 inches thick, while the front panel includes USB and SD inputs and (2) pairs of RCA inputs.

Additionally, the speakers come with a noise rejection cable to connect the two speakers together and a special cable tip that prevents the user from plugging the cable in the wrong way. The speakers also feature a digital display on the front panel with brightness control, a class A/B amplifier with audiophile grade sound quality, and a quad amp design. The Rockville TM80W speakers are available in black, white, and cherry wood finishes and are CE and RoHS compliant.

The dimensions of each speaker are 6.3" W x 31.9" H x 12.99" D and the shipping carton is 16.54" X 16.54" X 40.55". The net weight of the combined speakers is 41.9 lbs and the shipping weight is 48.5 lbs. The Rockville TM80W speakers provide an incredible home theatre experience, with a modern furniture style look, and are perfect for any audio enthusiast.

3. Fluance Ai81 Tower Speakers & Db12 Subwoofer With 15' Rca Cable (Walnut).

Fluance brings you the ultimate listening experience with the Ai81 Powered Floorstanding Tower Speakers and DB12 12" Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer with 15 Feet RCA Ultimate Performance Collection Subwoofer Cable. These speakers deliver 150 watts of power that will fill the room with clear, captivating stereo sound. The premium neodymium tweeters provide spacious off-axis dispersion that allows you to hear beautifully expressed highs. The speakers are powered by an integrated 150W amplifier to deliver breathtaking imaging with refined detail and impressive bass for an immersive audio experience.

The speaker cabinets are meticulously engineered and expertly tuned. The MDF wood cabinets produce a full range of sound, and feature unique down-firing bass ports for deep and natural omni-directional bass. The subwoofer amplifier design provides 240w RMS and 400w peak wattage, while ensuring exceptionally low distortion. With this setup, you can enjoy the highest quality audio that will bring any movie or music to life.

The Ai81 Powered Floorstanding Tower Speakers and DB12 12" Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer with 15 Feet RCA Ultimate Performance Collection Subwoofer Cable is the perfect combination for an exhilarating cinematic experience. The top-of-the-line speakers and subwoofer ensure that you can enjoy a full range of sound, with deep and natural bass, and clear, captivating soundstage. Whether you're watching a movie or enjoying music, the audio will be realistic, accurate, and powerful.

4. Polk Audio T Series 3.1 Home Theater System With Powered Sub, Wi-Fi, Alexa & Heos.

The Polk Audio T Series 3.1 Channel Complete Home Theater System is designed to deliver an immersive audio experience right in your own home. This system includes a T30 center channel speaker, two T50 tower speakers, and a powered subwoofer to create a powerful, room-filling sound.

The center channel speaker features two 5.25” drivers and a 1” tweeter, while each tower has a 6.5” driver, 1” tweeter and two 6.5” Bass Radiators. This combination of drivers offers a well-balanced, room-filling sound with plenty of depth and clarity. The powered subwoofer delivers up to 100 watts of punch and bass, making your music and movies come alive.

The Polk T Series speakers are equipped with Polk’s proprietary Dynamic Balance Technology, providing a wider dispersion of sound with minimal distortions. This ensures that everyone in the room can enjoy an unmatched three-dimensional surround sound experience with heart-thumping bass. The speakers are also compatible with most home theater AV receivers, giving you the option to upgrade to a more immersive multi-room setup with 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 or more channels.

With the Polk Audio T Series 3.1 Channel Complete Home Theater System, you get premium acoustics, high quality construction and a spectacular theater experience without breaking the bank. The easy setup and straightforward design makes this system a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home theater setup.

5. Bowers & Wilkins 704 S2 Floorstanding Speaker – Slim Tower, Aerofoil Woofers & Flowport, Home Stereo System, White.

The Bowers & Wilkins 704 S2 Floorstanding Loudspeaker is a slim and compact tower speaker that brings studio-grade quality to your home audio system. Featuring two 5" computer-modeled Aerofoil Profile Cone Bass drivers, this speaker ensures cleaner audio with deep bass, while its Flowport Technology prevents turbulent "chuffing". In addition, its 1" Decoupled Carbon Dome Tweeter reveals clarity and detail in great vocal performances and delivers astonishing clarity to dialogues and treble effects.

With its Decoupled 5" Continuum Cone FST Midrange Driver, the 704 S2 speaker offers stellar midrange transparency, benefiting from technology developed for the premium 800 Series. The composite construction of its cone delivers precise vocals and instruments, ensuring best-in-class audio.

The 704 S2 is voice-matched to other 700 Series speakers and can be paired with the compact 707 S2 bookshelf speakers and the HTM72 S2 center speaker (sold separately) to build a seamless surround sound system. With its elegant design, it's easy to see why the 700 series is inspired by recording studios and made for living rooms. There is a speaker to suit every home in this range of floorstanding, standmount, and bookshelf speakers.

6. Fluance Ai81 Bamboo Tower Speakers & Db10 Black Ash Subwoofer W/ 15' Rca Cable

The Fluance Ai81 Powered Floorstanding Tower Speakers (Bamboo) and DB10 10" Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer (Black Ash) with 15 Feet RCA Ultimate Performance Collection Subwoofer Cable provide an extraordinary cinematic experience. With a combination of 150-watt powered floorstanding tower speakers and a room shaking bass from the DB10, this system is sure to leave any listener in awe.

The high-performance tweeters provide a captivating stereo soundstage with spacious off-axis dispersion allowing for beautiful highs to be heard. The 150-watt integrated amplifier makes for an incredible audio experience with immersive imaging and detailed bass. The expertly tuned, internally braced MDF wood cabinets produce a full range of sound with down-firing bass ports for a deep and natural omni-directional bass. The subwoofer amplifier is designed to ensure exceptional low frequency output.

This system is perfect for those looking for a premium home audio experience. The combination of the powerful speakers and subwoofer will bring out the best in any music or movie soundtrack. With this system, you can be sure to get the most out of your audio experience.

7. Definitive Technology Bp9040 High Power Bipolar Tower Speaker With Integrated 8" Subwoofer

The Definitive Technology BP9040 High Power Bipolar Tower Speaker is the ultimate home audio experience. Featuring the latest in audio technology, it offers a refined soundscape that takes your listening experience to the next level. Equipped with eight speakers, the BP9040 boasts a front array of 1" tweeter and (2) 4.5" mid drivers, as well as rear-facing 1" tweeter and 4.5" mid driver for an accurate, lifelike sound.

In addition to the impressive array of speakers, the BP9040 includes an integrated powered 8" subwoofer and 8" dual bass radiators for even deeper, more powerful bass. Definitive's patented Forward-Focused Bipolar Technology ensures wide sound dispersion, maximizing the soundstage and allowing music to reach you wherever you are. The built-in docking port allows you to connect an optional A90 height speaker (sold separately), so you can explore a new dimension of sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Surround Sound.

For a better tonal balance, the BP9040 also features Definitive's proprietary Intelligent Bass Control, which helps enhance bass, while maintaining an overall balance between the lows and the mids for crystal clear sound. With 25 years of constant innovation, relentless engineering, and iconic intelligent designs, Definitive is one of the most trusted names in audio speakers and premium home entertainment systems. The Definitive Technology BP9040 High Power Bipolar Tower Speaker is the perfect addition to any home audio system.

8. Electro-Voice Evolve 50 1000w Powered Column Speaker Array System, Black

The Electro-Voice Evolve 50 1000W Powered Column Speaker Array System is the perfect solution for any large venue needing powerful, immersive sound. It's designed to offer quick and easy setup, with a high-quality Bluetooth audio streaming for background music or musical accompaniment, and a single-knob user interface with LCD for quick, efficient Smart DSP processing.

The Evolve 50 features an ultra-wide 120 Degree horizontal coverage via custom designed waveguides and array-formed 40 Degree asymmetrical vertical coverage, offering an incredibly wide range of sound coverage without the need for additional speakers or extra equipment. It also has a lightweight and intuitive assembly, making it easy to move and set up in whatever venue you need.

The Evolve 50 is also designed to offer wireless configuration, control and monitoring of up to six systems at a time, making it a great choice for large events or venues. With a power consumption of 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1.5-0.6 A, you can be sure that your sound system will always be running at peak performance.

If you need a reliable and powerful sound system for your large venue, look no further than the Electro-Voice Evolve 50 1000W Powered Column Speaker Array System. With its high-quality audio streaming, wide coverage, and wireless setup and control, it's the perfect choice for any audio application.

9. Fluance Sx71br Elite 7.1 Home Theater Speaker System W/ Towers, Center Channel, Surround, Rear Surround & Subwoofer – Black Ash

The Fluance Elite High Definition Surround Sound Home Theater 7.1 Speaker System is the perfect choice for any home theater enthusiast. This expertly timbre matched 7 speaker system includes floorstanding towers, center channel, surround, rear surround speakers, and a DB10 subwoofer. The 3-way floorstanding towers feature high frequency tweeters, dynamic midrange, and a powerful subwoofer that come together in a precision crafted enclosure to suppress distortion and produce an accurate response. The dynamic surrounds provide remarkable reproduction of the finest details, creating an exceptionally accurate and intensely musical system with broad frequency response and low distortion. Additionally, the 10-inch subwoofer pumps out room-shaking bass for a truly immersive experience that brings your movies and music to new depths. The engineered MDF wood cabinets boast a classic woodgrain finish, ensuring a natural, distortion-free sound and a pure listening experience. With its superior components and features, the Fluance Elite High Definition Surround Sound Home Theater 7.1 Speaker System is sure to provide an unparalleled cinematic experience.

10. Monolith Thx Ultra 2000w Subwoofer – Studio/home Theater

The Monolith 13 Inch THX Ultra Certified 2000 Watt Powered Subwoofer is an audio powerhouse. It has been rigorously tested and verified by THX engineers to ensure the highest audio performance standards for large home theaters up to 3,000 cubic feet in size and a 10~12 foot viewing distance from the screen. To achieve this, the subwoofer is equipped with a 13 Inch woofer driver, custom designed from the ground up to provide high output, low distortion, and accurate bass. The hybrid cone combines long fiber pulp and fiberglass, ensuring maximum durability and excursion. The 2000 watt (RMS) amplifier (3800+ watt peak) is a high efficiency Class D amplifier module based on a proven topology, with a Texas Instruments 48 bit data path and 28-bit filter coefficients for precise sound reproduction. Additionally, the amplifier has thermal protection and transfer function monitoring, customized for each individual driver. The cabinet is constructed from HDF material with massive internal bracing, and outfitted with three ports that can be used in sealed, semi sealed, or ported mode depending on your preference. This THX Ultra Certified subwoofer is the ideal choice for immersive home theater systems and professional studio setups.

Powered Tower Speakers FAQs

Are floorstanding speakers worth it?

Floorstanding speakers can be worth it, depending on your budget and the size and quality of speakers you're looking for. Generally speaking, floorstanding speakers offer a larger soundstage and deeper bass than bookshelf speakers, making them well-suited for larger rooms or for those who want more impactful sound. Additionally, some models may offer additional features like multiple drivers, adjustable crossover frequency, and built-in amplifiers. Ultimately, the answer will depend on your needs and preferences. If you're looking for a larger soundstage, deeper bass, and/or more features, then floorstanding speakers may be worth the investment.

Are tower speakers worth it?

Yes, tower speakers are worth it. Tower speakers offer a range of benefits that smaller speakers can’t match. They have larger drivers that can produce lower frequencies, giving them a more full-bodied sound. They also have larger cabinets that can better absorb vibrations, providing a more dynamic sound. Tower speakers also have a greater range of sound, giving you more options when it comes to sound customization. All of these benefits come at a price, however, so it’s important to consider your budget and the type of sound you’re looking for before investing in a pair of tower speakers. But overall, tower speakers provide an exceptional sound quality that is well worth the investment.

Do tower speakers sound better?

When it comes to sound quality, tower speakers can definitely provide a better listening experience than smaller speakers. The larger size of tower speakers allows them to produce more powerful, detailed sound with greater clarity and a wider range of sound. Additionally, tower speakers often come with built-in subwoofers, which provides an even deeper and richer bass response. They also tend to be more efficient and can better fill a room with sound than smaller speakers. That being said, the ultimate sound quality of any speaker will depend largely on the individual components, build quality, and design of the speaker.

Which tower speaker is best?

The best tower speaker is ultimately subjective and depends on your budget, preferred sound quality and specific preferences. If you're looking for an affordable option, the Polk Audio T50 Tower Speaker is a great choice. It offers excellent clarity, deep bass and crisp highs, making it great for a variety of music genres. If you have a larger budget, the KEF LS50 Tower Speaker is an excellent option. It produces a detailed and accurate sound, with a wide soundstage that creates an immersive listening experience. It's also built with high-end materials that offer a luxurious look and feel. Ultimately, the best tower speaker for you will depend on what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend.

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