Road King With Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for a Road King with speakers, there are five key points to consider. First, you need to decide on the size of the speakers you want. Do you want small, portable speakers or larger, more powerful ones? Second, you should consider the sound quality of the speakers. Look for models with good sound quality, so you can enjoy your music to the fullest. Third, you should look for good battery life. Make sure the speakers you choose have a long battery life, so you don't have to worry about them running out of power. Fourth, you should consider the connectivity options. Look for models that have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other connectivity options, so you can easily connect them to your devices. Finally, you should think about the price. There are a range of speakers available at different prices, so you should make sure you find the right one for your budget.

If you're looking for a Road King with speakers, then there are many things to consider. Size, sound quality, battery life, connectivity options and price are all important factors to consider when making your purchase. With the right research and information, you can find the perfect Road King with speakers for your needs.

10 Best Selling Road King With Speakers

1. 5×7'' Saddlebag Lids W/grill For Touring Flt Flht Flhtcu Flhrc 2014-2019

This pair of AUFER 5×7'' Gloss Black Saddlebags Speakers Lids with Grills is the perfect upgrade for your 2014-2019 Touring models FLT, FLHT, FLHTCU, FLHRC, Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Ultra-Classic. With its high-quality ABS black plastic construction, these lids are sure to last and look great on your bike.

The lids feature a vivid and glossy black finish that is made to match the original factory color standards. The 5×7 inch dual speaker lids are designed to direct sound forward towards the rider and passenger, making your ride even more enjoyable.

The saddlebags come with all the necessary mounting hardware and re-use the original equipment hinges and locks. Even better, installation is easy and no instructions are needed. However, it is recommended to have a professional install the lids for the best results.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about these lids, AUFER offers friendly customer service that is ready to help. All you have to do is reach out to them and they will do their best to solve the problem within 24 hours.

So don’t wait any longer, upgrade your bike today with these AUFER 5×7'' Gloss Black Saddlebags Speakers Lids with Grills and enjoy the ride!

2. Motorcycle Bag Lid Covers, Black Diamond Stitch, Fits '14-'22 Harley Touring.

This pair of Motorcycle Saddlebag Lid Covers, with their distinctive black diamond stitching, are designed to be a perfect fit for 2014-2022 Harley Touring models Road King, Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Road Glide. Made of premium Microfiber Leather, these covers offer superior protection for your hard saddlebag lids from scuffs, scratches, and road dusts. The durable black material ensures a sleek look, as well as a waterproof and long service life. Installation is a breeze, with no adjustments or instructions needed to put them back in their original position.

For those looking to add a unique, stylish touch to their Harley Touring models, these saddlebag covers are an ideal choice. The Microfiber Leather material provides a superior level of protection, while the black color and diamond stitching create a sleek, stylish look. Installation is easy, with no adjustments or instructions needed to put them back in their original position.

For the ultimate in quality and style, these Motorcycle Saddlebag Lid Covers are a must-have. With their superior protection and stylish look, they are the perfect way to protect your hard saddlebag lids from harmful road dusts and scratches. The black color and diamond stitching create a sleek, stylish look, while the easy installation process makes them a breeze to install. This pair of covers is a great choice for those looking to add a unique, stylish touch to their Harley Touring models.

3. 6"x9" Speaker Lids For 1993-2003 Harley Touring Bikes – Black

These saddlebag speaker opening covers are designed to protect your 1993-2013 Harley Touring FLT FLHT FLHTCU FLHRC Road King Road Glide Street Glide Electra Glide Ultra-Classic. The cover is crafted from high quality ABS and metal material, and has a smooth, durable surface for optimal protection. The cover is designed to hold 6×9 inch speakers, and comes with all the necessary installation parts, including a black rubber strip and screws.

The saddlebag speaker covers provide superior protection from boot wear, rocks, and other road debris. The covers are easy to install, and provide an excellent fit. They are an ideal solution for anyone who wants to protect their Harley Touring from the elements.

These saddlebag speaker opening covers are a must-have for any Harley Touring FLT FLHT FLHTCU FLHRC Road King Road Glide Street Glide Electra Glide Ultra-Classic owner. Not only do they provide superior protection, but they also add a sleek, stylish look to your bike. So if you're looking for a cost-effective way to protect your Harley Touring and keep it looking its best, these saddlebag speaker opening covers are the perfect solution.

4. Harley Touring 5×7" Speaker Cutout Saddlebag Lids (2014-2022)

This TCMT Saddlebag Lids 5×7" Speaker Cutouts is the perfect addition to your Harley Touring CVO Road King Road Glide Street Glide Electra Glide 2014-2022. This aftermarket product is in great working condition and is easy to install. The lids are made of high quality ABS black plastic and the grills are made of metal. The cutouts are designed for 5" x 7" speakers.

This product is a great way to enhance the look of your motorcycle and improve the sound quality of your speakers. The installation is straightforward and all necessary parts are included. You'll be able to enjoy the improved sound quality in no time.

Whether you're an experienced rider or just getting started, the TCMT Saddlebag Lids 5×7" Speaker Cutouts are a great way to upgrade your motorcycle's looks and sound. The high quality grills and lids will stand up to the elements and will provide superior protection for your speakers. Installation is easy and the product comes ready to install with all the necessary parts.

The TCMT Saddlebag Lids 5×7" Speaker Cutouts are designed to fit 2014-2022 Touring Models FLT, FLHT, FLHTCU, FLHRC, Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Ultra-Classic. With the improved sound quality and enhanced look, you'll be able to enjoy the ride even more. So, don't wait any longer and get the TCMT Saddlebag Lids 5×7" Speaker Cutouts today and upgrade your motorcycle!

5. Harley Touring 6.5" Abs Vented Leg Fairing Speaker Grills (1983-2013)

This top-of-the-line TCMT ABS Lower Vented Leg Fairing is perfect for Harley Touring Road King Street Glide Electra Glide Ultra-Classic Road Glide models from 1983-2013. The vivid black finish and high quality ABS plastic make this fairing an excellent addition to any bike. The included 6.5" speakers and speaker grills offer superior sound quality with a weight of 14.5OZ, V.C. Diameter of 25mm, cone paper material of PP, impedance of 4Ω, frequency range of 45HZ-22kHZ, output of 60W-120W, and sensitivity of 92dB.

Installation of this product is simple and easy. Models without Engine Guard will require the installation of Engine Guard P/N 49066-09 or 49050-09, Screw P/N 4924 (2), and Washer P/N 2708A (1). FLHXXX models also require the installation of Steering Stabilizer Bracket P/N 83865-09. Does not fit with Front Fender Adapter Kit 59013-02A or standard-size Heavy Breather Air Cleaner.

This product is backed by a 100% brand new warranty and is sure to enhance the look of your Harley Touring Road King Street Glide Electra Glide Ultra-Classic Road Glide. The package includes two Lower Vented Fairings, two 6.5" Speakers, two 6.5" Speaker Boxes Pods, and two Speaker Grills. Experience superior sound with TCMT ABS Lower Vented Leg Fairing and enjoy the ride!

6. Hard Saddlebag Trunk W/ 6×9 Speaker, Latch, Key & Liner For Harley Touring '94-'13

This TCMT Hard Saddlebags Trunk is a great addition to any Harley Davidson touring model from 1994-2013, such as Road Glide, Road King, Street Glide, Electra Glide and Ultra Classic models. Constructed from durable and high quality ABS plastic, this product is designed to be both strong and stylish. The vivid black and chrome finish requires no painting, making it easy to install back in its original position with no adjustments needed.

The package includes two saddlebags, two speaker lids, two ABS plastic mesh covers, and three keys for added security. The speaker lids are perfect for adding extra audio entertainment to your ride. The ABS plastic mesh covers provide additional protection from the elements, while also helping keep your items secure and in place.

This product is designed to fit securely and easily to your motorcycle, allowing you to enjoy your ride worry-free. With a variety of features and a stylish look, this hard saddlebag trunk is a great way to upgrade the look and style of your Harley Davidson. In addition, it also fits Softail, DYNA and Sportster models with the conversion brackets.

This TCMT Hard Saddlebags Trunk is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of style and sophistication to their ride. With no painting needed, easy installation and a variety of features, it is the perfect way to enhance the look of your Harley Davidson.

7. Harley Touring Cvo 6×9 Speaker Lids 1993-2013

This brand new aftermarket product from TCMT is the perfect addition to any Harley Touring CVO Road King, Road Glide, Electra Glide, Street Glide, or Ultra Classic from 1993-2013. These saddlebag dual 6×9 speaker lids are constructed from high-quality ABS plastic and finished in a sleek, black painted finish. Each lid is designed to fit two 6"x 9" speakers, and comes with 6×9" saddlebag lid perforated speaker grills.

This product is easy to install and can be added to your bike in a few short steps. The hardware required is included in the package. With the TCMT saddlebag dual 6×9 speaker lids, you can enhance the look and sound of your motorcycle. They are perfect for adding a custom touch to your bike while also providing a great sound system.

The package includes one pair of saddlebag lids with 6×9" speaker grills, as shown in the picture. The lids are made to the highest standard and are designed to last. With the TCMT saddlebag dual 6×9 speaker lids, you can enjoy an improved sound system and a unique look for your Harley Touring CVO.

8. Harley 6×9 Saddlebag Speakers – Matte Black (2014-2022)

For motorcycle enthusiasts looking to upgrade their ride, the Green-L Matte Black Saddlebag 6×9 Speakers Lid is the perfect choice. This aftermarket product is made from high quality materials, with a metal grill and an ABS black plastic lid for maximum durability. It’s easy to install and fits perfectly on 2014-later touring models such as the Road King, Street Electra Glide, and more.

With its sleek matte black finish and classic style, this saddlebag lid with 6×9 speakers is the perfect way to give your motorcycle a stylish upgrade. The 6×9 speakers will provide you with a clear, high-quality sound, and the included mounting hardware makes installation a breeze. The lid will fit snugly onto your existing saddlebags, making it easy to access your belongings.

The Green-L Matte Black Saddlebag 6×9 Speakers Lid is the perfect addition to any motorcycle, offering a stylish and functional upgrade. The high-quality materials and perfect fit make this product a great choice for any motorcycle enthusiast. For a classic look and superior sound quality, you can’t go wrong with this saddlebag lid.

9. Hozier

Hozier’s debut album is now available in vinyl format! Hozier’s self-titled release is a captivating journey through a range of different sounds and styles. On the record, you’ll find the lead single “Take Me to Church”, along with other favorites such as “Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene” and “Jackie and Wilson”.

You’ll also find uplifting and emotive tracks, such as “Someone New” and “To Be Alone”, as well as, the beautiful “From Eden”. Side two features the powerful “In a Week”, along with “Sedated”, which will make you want to dance. The record is perfect for anyone who is looking for a diverse mix of sounds and genres.

This album has been carefully crafted and produced by Hozier himself, and with the help of a talented team of musicians and producers. The production is top-notch, making the album an absolute pleasure to listen to. It’s a record that will stay on your turntable for years to come.

Hozier’s self-titled debut is an honest and courageous record that showcases the artist’s talent. From the gentle beauty of “Take Me to Church” to the vibrant energy of “In a Week”, this album will take you on a captivating journey. With its beautiful melodies and thoughtful lyrics, it is sure to touch your heart.

So if you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, then Hozier’s vinyl release is the perfect choice. It is an album that will stay with you for many years to come. Experience the incredible sound of Hozier’s self-titled debut album and enjoy its beautiful sound on vinyl.

Road King With Speakers FAQs

Does Road King have speakers?

Yes, Road King does have speakers. They are made of a waterproof material that is designed to be durable and resistant to the elements. The speakers are mounted on the back of the motorcycle and have a built-in amplifier that provides clear audio at high volumes. The speakers have an adjustable volume knob, allowing riders to customize the sound to their preferences. Additionally, Road King has an optional audio system that includes a headset, allowing riders to enjoy music, navigation, and hands-free calling while on the road. The system is also compatible with a variety of audio devices.

How much is a 2022 Road King special?

The exact price of a 2022 Road King Special depends on the specific model, features, and packages chosen. Generally, the Road King Special model starts at around $20,000 and can go up to $25,000 depending on the accessories and options chosen. The model comes with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine and a host of standard features including a two-up seat, removable passenger footpegs, a mini-ape handlebar, and a set of hard saddlebags. It also offers a wide variety of optional features such as the Reflex Linked Brakes with ABS, a Boom! Box GTS Infotainment system, and a full-color 4.3-inch touch screen. With its classic styling, modern features, and powerful engine, the Road King Special is a popular choice for riders on the road.

Is Harley discontinuing the Road King?

No, Harley-Davidson is not discontinuing the Road King motorcycle. It is still a popular model within the Harley-Davidson lineup and continues to be produced and sold. The Road King is a classic touring bike that has been around since 1994 and it continues to be a mainstay in the Harley-Davidson lineup. The bike has been updated and improved over time, with the latest iteration of the Road King featuring a High Output Twin Cam 103 engine, a new design, and electronic cruise control. Whether you're looking for a long-distance cruiser or a comfortable ride for exploring back roads, the Road King is a great option.

What's the difference between Road King and Road King special?

The Road King and Road King Special are both Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. The biggest difference between the two is that the Road King comes with a standard air-cooled, Twin Cam 103 engine and the Road King Special comes with a Twin-Cooled, Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine. Additionally, the Road King Special has a more aggressive riding position, adjustable suspension, and a three-piece hard saddlebag system for additional storage. The Road King Special also has larger wheels and performance foot controls for improved handling. Finally, the Road King Special has a more aggressive exhaust system and upgraded brakes for improved stopping power. Overall, the Road King Special is aimed at riders looking for a more aggressive and responsive ride, while the Road King is suited to those looking for a more relaxed ride with more storage capacity.

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