Sermonaudio Com Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for a speaker for your church or organization, is a great resource for finding the perfect fit. With a vast selection of speakers from around the world, you are sure to find someone who can bring your message to life. Here are five key points to consider when searching for speakers:

1. Background: Research the speaker’s background to ensure they have the credentials, experience, and qualifications to effectively deliver your message.

2. Availability: Make sure the speaker is available on the dates you need them.

3. Style: Consider the speaker’s style to ensure their delivery, approach, and tone are in line with your message and your audience.

4. Cost: The cost of the speaker should be taken into consideration and should fit within your budget.

5. Reviews: Look at the speaker’s reviews to get an idea of how they have been received by other audiences.

Finding the right speaker for your event can be a daunting task, but with, you have access to a wide array of speakers from around the world. By taking into account the five key points above, you can be confident you are finding the perfect fit for your message. With the help of, you can be sure to find the best speaker for your event.

10 Best Selling Sermonaudio Com Speakers

1. Earpods Headphones With Mic And Remote.

The Apple EarPods are designed to provide an incredibly comfortable and secure fit with their unique geometry. Built with high-quality speakers to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, these earbuds are sure to provide an excellent audio experience.

The EarPods come with a built-in remote that allows you to conveniently adjust the volume, control the playback of music and videos, and answer or end calls with ease. This remote and mic are supported by all models of iPod, iPhone, and iPad (not all models support volume up/down functions). Audio is supported by all iPod models, and requires software version 1.0.3 for iPod nano (4th generation), 2.0.1 for iPod classic (120GB), and 2.2 or later for iPod touch (2nd generation).

The EarPods provide superior sound quality and convenience, perfect for anyone looking for an easy to use and reliable pair of headphones. With the built-in remote and comfortable design, these earbuds are perfect for listening to your favorite music, streaming videos, or making phone calls. Whether you are using them for watching movies, playing video games, or just listening to the radio, the Apple EarPods will provide you with an excellent audio experience.

2. Jabra Speak 510: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For Softphone/mobile, Easy Setup, Portable, Outstanding Sound Quality.

The Jabra Speak 510 is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker designed to make conference calls and meetings easier and more efficient. With its outstanding sound quality, this speaker ensures everyone is heard clearly, making conversations more productive. This device is incredibly easy to setup, with no IT required – just connect and dial-in. Compatible with all leading UC platforms, this speaker is perfect for home, office, or on-the-go use.

This slim, compact design is perfect for travel, coming with a convenient carrying case for use while on-the-go. The Speak 510 speakerphone also works with many types of devices for conference calls and streaming multimedia, making it a versatile device for any situation. The battery powered power source makes this speaker easy to use and reliable, and the 6.5 inch size makes it the perfect fit for any workspace.

The Jabra Speak 510 is the perfect solution to make conference calls and meetings easier, more efficient, and more productive. This wireless Bluetooth speaker is incredibly easy to setup and use, with no IT required. The slim, compact design makes it perfect for travel and use on-the-go, while the 6.5 inch size ensures it fits in any workspace. The Speak 510 is compatible with many types of devices for conference calls and streaming multimedia, giving you the versatility to use it in any situation. With this portable device, you can take audio conferencing to a whole new level and turn any room into a conference room.

3. Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, 60w Bookshelf Stereo, Aptx, 16-Bit Dac (Black)

The Audioengine A2+ Plus Wireless Speakers are award-winning desktop monitors that offer true stereo sound with exceptional clarity. Advanced Bluetooth aptX technology ensures a seamless connection up to 100 feet away, connecting to your phone, tablet or computer in seconds.

The A2+ features a classic design with painted wood cabinets and dual analog audio inputs, along with a USB audio input, allowing you to connect multiple devices. The powerful class A/B amplifiers drive 2.75” custom aramid fiber woofers and 0.75” silk dome tweeters. The speakers come with a subwoofer output, and despite their compact size, they offer an impressive 60 watts of power.

Complete with a 6.5ft speaker wire, power supply and cord, 5ft USB cable, 5ft mini-jack audio cable, microfiber speaker and cable bags, and setup guide, this system is perfect for any desktop or home music setup. Stellar US-based customer support and a 3 year product warranty are also included.

Audioengine has been changing the way people listen to music since 2005 and they believe in the power of music. They are passionate about inspiring people to listen to music every day and their A2+ Wireless Speakers are the perfect way to do that. Not only do they offer exceptional sound quality, but they also take up minimal space and are easy to setup.

4. 10w Stereo Computer Speaker, Usb-Powered, 3.5mm Aux For Pc/laptop/monitor

This LENRUE Computer Speaker is the perfect addition to your home, office, or workspace. With its USB-powered design and 10W stereo sound, this speaker will bring your audio experience to a whole new level. It features a 3.5 AUX line which allows you to connect your wired headphones for a private listening experience. The upgraded 2x5W technology provides a clear and crystal sound to enhance your indoor movies, videos, music, and games.

The volume knob on the top of the speaker allows for instant adjustments, and the RGB colorful LED light will create a vibrant and happy atmosphere. This speaker is also incredibly easy to use, as it requires no drivers or sound delay. It is compatible with desktops, computers, PCs, laptops, iMacs, Macs, tablets, phones, and MP3s. The 47" long cable allows you to reach your devices with ease.

Measuring 2.17" x 12.6" x 2.56" and weighing 1.15lb, this speaker is perfect for a compact desk setup. It also has a separate aux cord for the speaker and microphone, so you can use the speaker without the microphone. To adjust the sound, simply check the volume setting on your computer, which can be adjusted by the speaker icon on the lower right corner of the taskbar.

Bring your audio experience to the next level with this LENRUE Computer Speaker. With its USB-powered design, 10W stereo sound, easy-to-use design, and compact size, this speaker is the perfect addition to any home, office, or workspace.

5. Cyber Acoustics Ca-2016 Usb 2.0 Speakers For Laptops/desktops.

The Cyber Acoustics USB Powered Desktop Speaker System is the perfect audio solution for laptops and desktop computers. This stereo speaker system is USB powered, and comes in OEM packaging. It features magnetically shielded speakers for superior sound quality, and a headphone output jack for private listening.

This system offers a total output power of 3 watts (1.5 watts per channel). It also includes an integrated volume control and power on/off switch, as well as an LED power indicator. The compact design allows for easy portability and setup.

The Cyber Acoustics USB Powered Desktop Speaker System is a great addition to any audio setup. It is ideal for anyone who needs a good quality audio solution for their laptop or desktop computer. With its magnetically shielded speakers and headphone output jack, this system offers superior sound quality and the convenience of private listening. The integrated volume control and power on/off switch, as well as the LED power indicator, make this system easy to use and control.

This speaker system is a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable and powerful audio solution for their laptop or desktop computer. It is compact, easy to setup and transport, and offers superior sound quality. With its integrated volume control and power on/off switch, and LED power indicator, this system is easy to use and control. Whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or gaming, the Cyber Acoustics USB Powered 2.0 Desktop Speaker System is a great choice for your audio needs.

6. Wall-Mountable 5.25" Home Theater Speakers, 0.75" Silk Dome Tweeter, Aluminum Voice Coils, Neat Black/gold.

These 5.25'' Home Wooden Bookshelf Speakers provide an excellent sound quality for your listening pleasure. With RMS power of 40W each, uninterrupted and undistorted, the Audiophile-Grade Black Woven Glass Fiber Woofer Cone and a Top Quality 12mm MDF with beautiful wood grain finish deliver powerful bass and a much more impactful experience.

The classic wood finish of these speakers serves as a fantastic complement to any home design. They have a 0.75mm silk dome tweeter unit and Aluminum Voice Coils, and a Frequency Response of 75Hz – 20KHz with an impedance of 8 ohms which will fill your home with rich stereo effects. The max power of 240W with a Rubber Surrounds on Woofer and Detachable Magnetic Grill allows you to fine-tune your speakers to your liking.

These wooden bookshelf speakers are only 10.6'' x 6.3'' x 6'' inches and weigh in at 12.12 lbs. Their size and weight make them easy to transport and mountable to a wall, and their eco-friendly design will brighten up any room. The 5.25'' Home Wooden Bookshelf Speakers are perfect for anyone looking to add a classic and stylish look to any home. With its excellent sound quality, distortion-free sound, sturdy construction and eco-friendly appearance, these speakers are sure to bring your music to life.

7. Waterproof Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker, 10w Enhanced Bass, Led Flame, Gift For All, Home Decor & Camping Accessory.

This Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect gift for any occasion, as it combines both sound and lighting. Boasting a 10W HD audio and enhanced bass, it provides high-definition stereo sound. With 96 LED, the realistic dancing flickering torch creates a lively campfire atmosphere. It is also IP65 waterproof protection, perfect for use in the bathroom, by the pool, or beach party.

The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is multifunctional, working as a portable speaker, LED night light, and atmosphere lamp. The LED lantern speaker creates a romantic atmosphere, helping your family fall asleep quickly. With a handy carrying handle, a height-adjustable stake, and a hook, it can be used as a table or hung as a lantern or landscape decor. It is also a great choice for indoor shower room, kitchen, bookshelf, and movie theater.

The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is easy to use, and can be connected to your phone in a few seconds with the newest 5.1 technology. It also has a long playtime, with a battery charge of 4-5 hours. The wireless range is up to 33 feet. It is a great choice for outdoor party, camping, picnic, BBQ, gatherings, and pool accessories decor.

This Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is a unique and creative electronic gift for anyone. From its sleek design to its exquisite packaging, it is sure to be a hit. It is also a great housewarming gift for any new home. With lifetime guarantee, it is the perfect gift for any occasion.

8. 6.5" 320w 2-Way Round Ceiling Speakers, Pair (White).

Herdio HCS818 in Ceiling Speakers provide crystal clear sound quality and a frequency response of 50Hz – 20kHz. It features two high-excursion 6.5-inch poly woofers and a 1-inch soft dome tweeter, allowing for excellent integrated sound details. It also features a compact flush mount design for easy installation, with a cutout dimension of 8.07 inches (20.5CM) in diameter and 4.92 inches (12.5CM) in depth. The high-quality ABS material and round stain resistant speaker grills are paintable to match existing wall color.

The Herdio HCS818 is perfect for background and foreground music in many places such as home, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, gym, bars, etc. The moisture resistant ceiling speakers with a dual cone provide an extended frequency response. It can easily be streamed from your Bluetooth Amplifier compatible smartphone, tablet or Alexa (not included). It is perfect for a home theater living room, bathroom, or office and does not take up additional space.

The Herdio HCS818 in Ceiling Speakers offer 320W of power, enabling powerful and high-quality sound performance. It is an ideal way to add high quality sound to a room without taking up any additional space. The speakers can be easily installed, making them a great choice for any user. With its premium stereo sound and high durability material, the Herdio HCS818 Ceiling Speakers are sure to provide a great listening experience.

9. Doss Soundbox Plus Portable Speaker With Hd Sound, Deep Bass, Wireless Stereo Paring, Touch Control, Led Lights, 20h Playtime.

The DOSS SoundBox Plus Portable Speaker is the perfect choice for great HD sound, deep bass, and multi-color LED lighting. Its dual full-range drivers and passive radiators deliver 16W stereo sound with crisp highs, accurate mids, and decent bass. The touch button sensitivity allows you to play music effortlessly, and its five lighting patterns fit your mood.

The SoundBox Plus also features wireless stereo pairing, so you can pair two speakers via a single device for a better stereo-surround sound and double the volume. With a built-in 3200mAh rechargeable battery, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of playtime (without light) at 50% volume. You can also take the SoundBox Plus to the living room, backyard, office, or any other place you desire.

You can play music through Bluetooth, a 3.5mm Line-In cable (not supplied), or a Micro SD card (not provided). It also has a built-in microphone so you can take conference calls or friend group chats, and access your device’s default voice assistant right from this Bluetooth speaker. The SoundBox Plus is compatible with mobile phones, computers, and tablets, making it a convenient way for calls or music.

The DOSS SoundBox Plus Portable Speaker is the perfect choice for great sound, deep bass, and multi-color LED lighting. Its intuitive touch button sensitivity, wireless stereo pairing, extended playtime, and portability make it a great choice for any occasion. Enjoy the ultimate HD sound experience with the SoundBox Plus.

10. Bluetooth Led Flame Speaker With Hd Audio And Enhanced Bass, Bt4.2 For Iphone/ipad/android

This DiKaou Led Flame Speaker is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion or gathering. With its unique design and Bluetooth compatibility, it’s sure to bring an exciting atmosphere to any setting.

This portable, wireless speaker is equipped with five-watt drivers, providing a huge stereo sound with impressive volume. It is also Bluetooth 4.2 enabled, allowing it to instantly connect to any device from up to 33 feet away. It can even automatically reconnect to the last device used.

The speaker is also equipped with multiple LEDs which flicker warm yellow lights to create a stunning flame, mimicking a realistic and natural dancing flame. This creates a romantic atmosphere and pairs perfectly with the high-quality audio and powerful bass that the speaker produces.

This DiKaou Led Flame Speaker is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is an ideal present for a girl/boyfriend, students in dorms, party-goers at celebrations, families at special events, and children for relaxing. It is especially ideal as a holiday gift, birthday present, housewarming gift, or simply as a personal treat.

This DiKaou Led Flame Speaker is a must-have for any music lover or party enthusiast. With its high-quality sound, stunning LED display, and easy portability, it is sure to be a hit.

Sermonaudio Com Speakers FAQs

Is Sermon audio free?

Yes, Sermon Audio is free to use. The website offers streaming and downloadable audio sermons, as well as video sermons, to anyone wishing to access them. It is possible to listen to, watch, and download sermons without registering for an account. The site also provides a number of tools and resources to assist users in studying and referencing sermon material. These tools and resources include sermon outlines, Bible references, and the ability to create playlists. There is no cost associated with accessing the content on the website.

What is a sermon in church?

A sermon is a speech or talk given in church by a religious leader to the congregation, typically about a moral lesson or spiritual topic. It is usually based on a text from the Bible, and can be either expository (explaining the meaning of the text) or topical (focusing on a particular issue). Sermons typically end with a call to action, encouraging the congregation to act upon the message and make changes in their lives. The main purpose of a sermon is to bring the congregation closer to God and to help them live their lives in accordance with His teachings.

What is Sermonaudio com? is an online platform that provides free audio recordings of sermons, lectures, and Bible studies. It was founded in 1998 and is used by many churches and ministries around the world. It provides an easy way for ministers to share their sermons and religious talks online, and for listeners to access them. The site also provides additional features such as live streaming, podcasts, and video recordings. It is a valuable resource for those looking for spiritual guidance, as well as for churches and ministries to keep their members updated.

Where can I find sermons online?

There are a variety of online resources that offer sermons online. Depending on your specific religious or spiritual beliefs, you can find a range of sermons from a variety of denominations. Many websites, such as, offer sermons from a variety of preachers and denominations, including Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, and Catholic. Additionally, many churches offer their sermons online, meaning you can access sermons from specific denominations or locations. YouTube also offers a range of sermons from various denominations and individuals, and you can easily search for topics or speakers. Finally, many podcasts, such as The Bible Project, offer sermons in audio and video formats. Regardless of your beliefs, there is a wide variety of sermon resources available online.

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