Ski Boat Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for ski boat speakers, there are five key points to consider. First, you should look for a speaker that is waterproof and designed to withstand the elements such as salt water and wind. Second, make sure that the speaker has a high-end sound quality. Third, look for a speaker that has a good battery life so that you can enjoy your music for longer. Fourth, make sure that the speaker is easy to mount and dismount from your boat. Finally, make sure that the speaker is compatible with your existing sound system.

Finding the right ski boat speakers can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. When shopping for speakers, keep these five key points in mind. Choose a speaker that is waterproof and designed for the elements, has a high-end sound quality, a good battery life, is easy to mount and dismount, and is compatible with your existing sound system. With these points in mind, you should have no problem finding the perfect ski boat speakers for your boat.

10 Best Selling Ski Boat Speakers

1. Kicker Black Dual Wake Tower System Charcoal 6.5" Marine Rgb Led Speakers

This KICKER Black Dual Wake Tower System is the perfect choice for all your marine audio needs. It includes a pair of Kicker LED Lighted Charcoal Grey 6" / 6.5" 4-Ohm Coaxial Marine Speakers with 390 Watts Peak Power Per Pair and 130 Watts RMS Power Per Pair. Each speaker has 195 Watts Peak Power and 65 Watts RMS, allowing you to crank up the volume and enjoy your favorite music with exceptional sound quality.

Also included is the Kicker KMTED Dual 6.5'' Boat Speaker Enclosure, designed for easy mounting. This enclosure is made from tough ABS, making it weather-proof and durable. It features slotted mounting holes for different bolt patterns, so you can easily get the perfect fit for your boat.

This KICKER Black Dual Wake Tower System is perfect for any boat or marine environment, providing superior audio quality and outstanding durability. It will provide you with plenty of power and the versatility to enjoy your favorite music while you cruise around the lake. With its rugged construction and reliable performance, this system is sure to keep the party going all summer long.

2. Krypt Flat Cargo Wakeboard Tower Boat Bimini Top, 62"/53" Rigid Width, 20" Adjustable Legs, 1.5"-3" Clamp Sizes – Black/navy Blue

This Krypt Flat Cargo Wakeboard Tower Boat Bimini Top is a must-have accessory for any boat with a wakeboard tower. This top is available in black or navy blue and can be mounted over or under the tower. The length is 74 inches and the width is either 62 inches or 53 inches. It features a 1 inch stainless steel tubing with an acrylic canopy. The arms are adjustable up to 20 inches, with an additional 10 inches on each side. It is designed to fit clamp sizes ranging from 1.5" to 3".

This top is designed to provide durability and long-lasting protection from the sun. It is constructed from high quality materials and is designed to withstand the elements. It is also adjustable, allowing it to fit different sizes and styles of towers. Additionally, optional lift fittings are available for mounting it over a tower top.

The Krypt Flat Cargo Wakeboard Tower Boat Bimini Top is the perfect way to provide sun protection and style to your boat. It is a great way to add a stylish touch to your boat while also protecting it from damaging UV rays. It is easy to install and adjustable, making it an ideal choice for any boat with a wakeboard tower. There is no better way to protect your boat and keep it looking great.

3. Eagle Creek No Matter What Xl Rolling Duffel Bag – Water-Resistant, Bar-Tacked, Heavy Duty Wheels – Black

The Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel Bag XL is a perfect companion for any traveler. This bag is made of Bi-Tech fabric, which is water-resistant and features bar-tacked reinforcements at all stress points for extra durability. The heavily-treaded wheels are designed to tackle any terrain, with a durable kick plate and protective housing.

The lockable zippers are self-repairing, so you won't be slowed down on the road. The wide-mouth opening with storm flap makes for easier packing, unpacking and finding your travel essentials. It also stuffs into a storage pouch that doubles as an internal pocket for dirty shoes or gear you want to keep separate in your travel bag.

You can be sure that you're safe with the No Matter What lifetime warranty, so you can travel with peace of mind. With this bag, you have the perfect combination of convenience and durability, making it the perfect companion for your travels.

4. Owt-I Advancer Wakeboard Tower – Polished Aluminum – Fits 17-22' Boats – Easy Install.

The Origin OWT-I Advancer Wakeboard Tower is an adjustable tower designed to fit boats from 68" to a 98" beam. Constructed of 6063 polished aluminum and stainless hardware, this universal tower design is perfect for boats 17' – 22' in length. The Advancer tower is easy to install, with a single bolt and mounting hardware included. Installation takes approximately 2-3 hours and comes with a 5 year warranty from manufacturer defect.

The Advancer's adjustable design allows for an easy fit on most boats. The tubing is 2.25 inch 6063 polished aluminum, a durable and sturdy material that is designed to last. The stainless hardware ensures a corrosion-resistant, long-lasting mount. The single bolt feet provide a secure, easy installation that can be done with minimal tools.

The Advancer Wakeboard Tower is ideal for those looking for an adjustable wakeboard tower that is easy to install and long-lasting. With its polished aluminum construction and stainless hardware, you can be sure to have a secure mount that will last for years. The adjustable design ensures you get the perfect fit, and the single bolt feet make installation a breeze. With a 5 year warranty from manufacturer defect, you can be sure your tower is covered for years to come.

5. Universal Wakeboard Boat Tower – 78" – 106" – Folding – 2.25" Aircraft Aluminium Tubing (Black)

This Reborn Tower Launch Reverse Arch Universal Wakeboard Boat Tower is the perfect addition to your boat, providing you with a forward-facing tower with a reverse arch design. This tower is designed to fit boat beams ranging from 76" – 106", and the distance between the front and rear feet is 20".

This tower is made from the highest-quality materials, including seamless 2.25" 6063 aircraft grade aluminum tubing, CNC machined solid 6061 aluminium fittings, and stainless steel hardware. This product is designed for durability and strength, and is sure to last for years.

The Launch X model of this tower features a 5" higher tow point and head clearance, allowing for the installation of speakers. It also features heavy-duty reinforced deck mounts for reduced swaying during advanced rides.

This tower also features a folding design, which allows it to quickly and easily fold down below windshield height for storage. Simple, quick-release knobs allow you to do this in a matter of seconds.

Installation is simple and easy, taking approximately 3 hours. This tower is the perfect addition to your boat, and is sure to give you the perfect wakeboarding experience.

6. Yamaha Ex/jetblaster Waverunner Footwell Speakers, F3y-H81c0-S0-00 (Black)

Yamaha Motor Corp. has designed a footwell speaker system which is compatible with the Yamaha EX/JetBlaster Waverunner series from 2017 to 2022. This includes the models Sport, Deluxe, Limited, EXR, and JetBlaster. The speakers have a removable, floating design with a quick-release mechanism for charging and listening on the beach. The mounting brackets are included, and are permanently mounted on the unit.

These speakers have been designed to deliver superior sound quality and make for a smooth listening experience. Audio is streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth, allowing users to connect and control the sound from any compatible device. The speakers are crafted from durable material, making them resistant to the elements. They are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to store and transport.

The Yamaha Motor Corp. footwell speaker system is perfect for Waverunner enthusiasts. The speakers are designed to withstand the elements and provide superior sound quality. It is also easy to use and transport. With the quick-release mechanism, users can charge their device and listen to music on the beach. The permanent mounting brackets make installation simple, and the sleek design of the speakers adds a stylish touch to any Waverunner.

For those looking to upgrade their Waverunner experience, the Yamaha Motor Corp. footwell speakers are the perfect choice. With superior sound quality and a durable design, these speakers provide a great listening experience. The quick-release mechanism and permanent mounting brackets make installation and transport easy, and the sleek design adds a stylish touch. With this footwell speaker system, Waverunner enthusiasts can enjoy their music on the go.

7. Universal Wakeboard Tower For Motor Boats (60-102" Width), Quick Release, Anodized Aluminum, 2.5" Tubing, Stainless Steel Joints, Swivel Tow.

The MT1 Wakeboard Tower is designed to fit securely on trailerable boats with beam widths between 60 and 102 inches. Crafted with 6061/63 aluminum and 304 stainless steel fasteners, it is built for superior strength and stability. The tower is also anodized and powder-coated for extra corrosion resistance.

Installation of the MT1 is easy and straightforward; it typically takes 4-6 hours to complete. Detailed instructions are provided along with helpful how-to videos to simplify the process. This tower also features a dual header, giving you ample mounting space for a variety of your favorite tower accessories.

In addition to its quality construction, the MT1 is designed for convenience. A machined aluminum base and Monster Paw heim joint allow the tower to fit your boat’s contours exactly. Plus, quick release knobs make it easy to fold the tower down without the use of tools. This is ideal for storage or travel under low clearances.

Overall, the MT1 offers quality, convenience, and performance. Its universal fit and corrosion-resistant design make it the perfect choice for any boat. This wakeboard tower is sure to keep you and your boat safe and secure on the waves.

Ski Boat Speakers FAQs

Are wakeboard tower speakers worth it?

Yes, wakeboard tower speakers are worth it. They provide clear sound quality and amplified bass that allows you to hear music at higher volumes, making it easier to enjoy your watersport activities. Wakeboard tower speakers are also weatherproof and durable, meaning they can withstand the harsh conditions of being out on the water. They are also easy to install and setup, with no need for wiring or extra hardware. Furthermore, wakeboard tower speakers are a great way to enhance the ambiance of your watersports experience, creating a more enjoyable environment and enhancing the overall vibe. All in all, wakeboard tower speakers are a great addition to any watersport setup and can certainly be worth the investment.

Do you need special speakers for a boat?

Yes, special speakers are needed for a boat. Marine grade speakers are designed to withstand the harsh conditions experienced on the water, including high humidity, salt spray, and extreme temperatures. Marine speakers are also designed to be waterproof and highly durable, making them perfect for use in boats. Marine speakers are also designed to provide clear sound, so you can listen to your favorite music while on the water. They even come with special mounting brackets that make installation easy and secure. Additionally, many marine speakers are designed to be UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring they will last for many years. With the right marine speakers, you can enjoy quality sound while out on the water.

How many watts do I need for my boat speakers?

The exact amount of watts you need for your boat speakers depends on several factors, such as the size of the speakers, the type of music you enjoy, and the size of your boat. Generally, the rule of thumb is that you need approximately 1-2 watts per square inch of speaker size. For example, if you have 6 inch speakers, you would need 6 to 12 watts of power. However, if you are looking to blast your music while boating, you would likely need more power. If you have larger speakers, you may need up to 50 watts or more of power. Additionally, if you are using a powered subwoofer, you may need to double the wattage that you would normally need for your speakers. Ultimately, the best way to determine how many watts you need for your boat speakers is to consult a professional audio technician. They will be able to assess your boat and sound system and provide you with an accurate estimate.

What size speakers for a wakeboard tower?

The size of speakers for a wakeboard tower depends on a few factors, including the size of the boat, the size of the listening area, and the desired sound quality. Generally, the larger the boat, the larger the speakers that can be used. For boats between 14 and 16 feet long, 6.5-inch speakers are typically recommended. If a larger listening area is desired, 8-inch speakers may be a better option. For boats over 16 feet, 10-inch speakers are typically recommended. Additionally, the type of speaker should be considered. For wakeboard towers, marine-grade speakers are typically recommended, as they are designed to withstand the marine environment. To ensure optimal sound quality, it is also important to select a speaker that is compatible with the receiver or amplifier being used.

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