Slim Floor Standing Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for slim floor standing speakers, there are five key points to consider. First, consider the size of the speakers. Slim floor standing speakers are typically much smaller than traditional floor standing speakers, so they can fit into tighter spaces. Second, the sound quality of the speakers should be a priority. Make sure to find speakers that are well-designed and have good sound quality. Third, the power output of the speakers should be taken into consideration. Make sure the speakers have enough power to provide the sound level you need. Fourth, consider the features of the speakers. Look for features such as Bluetooth connectivity, remote control, and more. Finally, the cost of the speakers should be taken into account. Make sure to find speakers that fit within your budget.

When shopping for slim floor standing speakers, it’s important to keep these five key points in mind. Size, sound quality, power output, features, and cost are all important factors to consider when looking for the perfect speakers. By taking the time to research and compare different models, you can find the perfect slim floor standing speakers for your home. With the right speakers, you can enjoy quality sound in a space-saving design.

10 Best Selling Slim Floor Standing Speakers

1. B&w 704 S2 Floorstanding Speaker – Slim Tower, Aerofoil Woofers & Flowport, Gloss Black

The Bowers & Wilkins 704 S2 Floorstanding Loudspeaker is a slim, compact tower speaker that packs a powerful punch. It is engineered with studio-grade technologies derived from the award-winning 800 Series Diamond range. The speaker includes two 5" computer-modeled Aerofoil Profile Cone Bass drivers, which are aided by Bowers & Wilkins' Flowport Technology to prevent turbulent "chuffing". The 704 S2 also features a 1" Decoupled Carbon Dome Tweeter that reveals clarity and detail in great vocal performances and delivers astonishing clarity to dialogues and treble effects. Additionally, it has a Decoupled 5" Continuum Cone FST Midrange Driver, which benefits from technology developed for the premium 800 Series. The composite construction of its cone delivers precise vocals and instruments.

The 704 S2 is voice-matched to other 700 Series speakers, so it can be seamlessly paired with the 707 S2 bookshelf speakers and the HTM72 S2 center speaker (sold separately) to build a surround sound system. Defined by elegance and driven by performance, the 700 series is inspired by recording studios and made for living rooms. With a range of floorstanding, standmount, and bookshelf speakers, there is a speaker to suit any home.

The Bowers & Wilkins 704 S2 Floorstanding Loudspeaker is an excellent addition to any modern home stereo system. Its slim, compact design and powerful punch will bring your music to life, while its studio-grade technologies deliver clean audio with deep bass, high-quality sound with sharp details, and stellar midrange transparency. Whether you want to build a complete Bowers & Wilkins system or just need a great single speaker, the 704 S2 is the perfect choice.

2. Ps5 Stand And Cooling Station With Dual Controller Charger

This PS5 Stand and Cooling Station is the perfect way to store and display all your PS5 accessories and console. It features a holder for headset, dual PS5 controllers, PS5 media remote and PS5 system, keeping everything organised and tidy. With its sleek and modern white design, it is the perfect alternative to the official PS5 base stand.

The stand also features three USB hubs, allowing you to connect additional gaming peripherals such as external storage, wireless headsets and wire controllers without having to remove your existing setup. It also includes three adjustable fan speeds, allowing you to cool your PS5 console efficiently. All heated air is directed away from the console, ensuring it remains at the optimal temperature for optimal performance.

The stand also includes two wireless PS5 charger stations for both DualSense controllers, allowing them to be charged simultaneously. An LED indicator will let you know which controller is ready to go or charging. Additionally, the smart charge chips provide overcharge protection, ensuring the controllers remain at a safe charging level and extending their battery life.

For PS5 digital and disc versions, the stand has a special digital strip for the slim PS5 digital console and a safety screw to attach it to the PS5 console system. This ensures the docking station is secure and balanced, and the compact size helps to save space and increase the efficiency of your gaming area.

This PS5 Stand and Cooling Station with Dual Controller Charging Station is an essential addition to any PS5 console, offering a neat and organised way to store your gaming setup. With its sleek and modern design, it is sure to enhance any gaming setup and make a great gift for any PS5 gamer. All products provide a one-year warranty, so you can purchase with confidence.

3. Sony Ss-Cs3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker System -Sold Individually (Renewed)

The Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker System is a powerful and reliable audio system that will bring your music to life. Featuring a Wide Dispersion Super Tweeter, the system is designed to deliver ultra-responsive, high-frequency audio response (up to 50 kHz) with a wide directionality that creates a natural sounding vocal that will shoot straight to the heart.

The system comes with a tight and powerful bass response that is realized through precise timing alignment across the entire frequency range. Listeners will be mesmerized by the incredibly fast and powerful bass that gives your music a solid foundation and rocks your senses.

The high-quality crossover networks of this speaker system use specially selected components to assure minimal signal loss for energetic vocal response with even the most delicate emotional nuances. The components are carefully mounted directly to the cabinet for vibration isolation, providing an optimized listening experience.

This product has been refurbished to manufacturer standards, showing limited or no wear, and includes all original accessories plus a 90-day limited hardware warranty. The Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker System is a reliable and powerful audio system that will bring your music to life.

4. Dewenwils Led Floor Lamp, 57.5" Dimmable Corner Lighting, 3000k Warm White Light (Gold)

This DEWENWILS Modern LED Floor Lamp is a perfect fit for any living room, bedroom, office, foyer, den, or study room. With its sleek and modern design, this lamp will instantly add a touch of sophistication and class to any room. This 57.5" tall lamp features a stepless dimming function, allowing the user to adjust the brightness from 10-100% and customize their light according to their needs. The one-button operation with foot switch control makes it easy to adjust and turn the lamp on and off, and the memory function allows for the lamp to remember the brightness settings you have set previously.

This LED floor lamp is designed with an eye-caring uniform and flicker-free reading light that reduces fatigue and is space-saving. It is made with a high-quality aluminum stem and a weighted but compact lamp base that prevents it from tipping over. The LED floor lamp features over 20 years of long life and will never overheat, while the heavy chrome metal base plate ensures the lamp is stable and wobble-free.

This DEWENWILS Modern LED Floor Lamp is perfect for any room and provides comfortable light with its adjustable brightness setting. With its sleek and modern design, this lamp will instantly add a touch of sophistication and class to any room. The one-button operation with foot switch control and memory function make it easy to adjust and turn the lamp on and off. Furthermore, it is designed with an eye-caring uniform and flicker-free reading light that reduces fatigue and is safe and stable, with its heavy chrome metal base plate and its weighted but compact lamp base. With its long lasting LED lighting, this lamp is sure to provide you with years of comfort and convenience.

5. Pyle, Black, Floor-Standing (Psufm1035a)

The Pyle PSUFM1035A is a powerful and versatile floor-standing active PA amplifier speaker system. It is equipped with a 10-inch subwoofer and 3-inch tweeter, with a powerful peak power of 1000 watts and 500 watts RMS at 4 ohm for full range surround stereo sound reproduction and impressive bass response. It is also compatible with Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming, making it ideal for personal indoor and outdoor use.

The PSUFM1035A is also equipped with a wide range of inputs to meet your needs. It includes a USB Flash Drive and SD Card reader to serve as an MP3 player, a 3.5mm AUX input, RCA, and two 1/4” microphone/guitar inputs for karaoke. It also has an FM radio with digital LCD channel display for your favorite station.

The Pyle PSUFM1035A also has multi-color flashing disco LED lights that will add life to any occasion with an on/off switch, making it perfect for patio parties or gatherings at night. It also has a top control panel for adjusting the guitar volume, bass, treble, main volume, echo, mic volume level, mode control and EQ switch.

In addition, the PSUFM1035A comes with a 35mm stand mount, remote, audio cable and user manual for your convenience. With its impressive 1000 watt peak power and wide range of input and output options, the Pyle PSUFM1035A is an ideal choice for your PA amplifier speaker system needs.

6. Universal Wall Mount – Black (Adjustable For Cable Boxes, Gaming Consoles, Dvd Players, Routers, Modems, Etc.)

The HumanCentric Universal Wall Mount is the perfect accessory for mounting cable boxes, routers, modems, soundbars, and more. It offers adjustable straps to fit devices 12” to 32” in perimeter, allowing you to securely mount your device to the wall.

The Universal Wall Mount is easy to install and requires less than 10 minutes of your time. You’ll get the drywall anchors, drywall screws, shorter straps for smaller devices, and longer straps for larger devices, so you can mount the bracket to the wall, insert the straps, and secure the straps around the device you are mounting.

This wall mount is compatible with a wide array of devices, such as cable boxes, routers, modems, soundbars, Apple TV, DVRs, DVD players, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 Original, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, PS3, Nintendo Wii U, Alienware Consoles, and more!

With the HumanCentric Universal Wall Mount, you can easily and securely mount your device to the wall without worrying about it falling or being damaged. It is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that it blends in with your home’s décor.

This wall mount is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to mount a wide range of devices to their wall. With its adjustable straps and easy installation, you can have your device securely mounted in no time. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and secure way to mount your device to the wall, the HumanCentric Universal Wall Mount is the perfect choice.

7. Led Mirror Jewelry Cabinet, Wall/door Mounted, 47" Lighted Mirror, Lockable, White

The Becko LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet is the perfect combination of beauty and security. This wall/door mounted wooden jewelry armoire features a 47.2-inch full-length mirror with three colored LED lights, and a lockable door with two keys for absolute security.

The external LED lights offer three color options – cold white, natural, and warm yellow – and brightness can be adjusted to suit your needs with a long press on the switch. The frameless mirror eliminates the “fun house mirror effect”, and reflects a perfect mirror image. The interior of the cabinet is lined with a highly selective glass, enabling you to put on jewelry and makeup with ease.

The spacious storage space provides ample room for your jewelry, make-up, and other valuables. It comes with up to 120 earring slots, 36 ear stud holes, 78 ring slots, 36 necklace hooks, 1 hanging rod, a row of cosmetic cases, 2 acrylic drawers, and 2 storage shelves. The detachable clear zippered pouch is also included for daily use or travel.

The Becko LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet is an ideal gift for girlfriends, daughters, and beloved wives. It can be hung on the door with the enclosed hooks, or on the wall by the screws. You can rest assured that your jewelry, make-up, and other valuables will stay safe and secure. With its perfect combination of beauty and security, the Becko LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet is the perfect addition to any bedroom.

8. Sony Ss-Cs3 3-Way 4-Driver Floor Speaker W/ Cps 1 Yr Enhanced Protection Pack

The Sony 3-Way 4-Driver Bass Reflex Stereo Floor-Standing Speaker is the perfect choice for those seeking uncompromising sound. Featuring high-resolution audio, this speaker provides an immersive audio experience with clear, detailed sound that you won’t find in other speakers. With a Super Tweeter, the soundstage is expanded to provide a wide range of frequencies for a more accurate sound.

Included with the speaker are four foot pads, ensuring a stable and secure placement on any surface. To ensure your speaker is protected, this bundle also includes an extended 1-year protection plan in addition to the manufacturer’s included full protection.

This speaker is great for anyone looking for a powerful sound that won’t sacrifice quality. With its accurate soundstage and detailed audio, the Sony 3-Way 4-Driver Bass Reflex Stereo Floor-Standing Speaker is sure to provide an unforgettable listening experience.

9. Collapsible Rolling Cart, 4-Tier Metal Storage Utility Cart For Kitchen Home Office Outdoor, Black

This Collapsible Rolling Cart is the perfect addition to any home, office, or outdoor space. It is designed with convenience and durability in mind, featuring a sturdy metal frame with a black baking finish that is rustproof and scratch-resistant. The cart measures 12 inches by 12 inches by 39.6 inches and can be quickly folded or unfolded for easy storage. The 4 tiers of the cart have a high fence of 2.95”, protecting your items from falling while also providing ample storage space.

The cart also features 4 swivel casters, two of which are lockable, making it easy to move around or keep in a permanent place. The mesh design of the cart allows for even airflow to naturally ripen fruit and keep your produce fresh. Furthermore, it has a 360° rotating design, making it easy to take or place items from any direction. This cart can be used as a fruit basket, fruit stand, book rack, kids toy bins, potato and onion storage rack, towel holder, and more.

This Collapsible Rolling Cart is ideal for any kitchen organization, home decor, bathroom, office, bedroom, laundry room, craft room, pantry, and more. Its versatility makes it a decorative furniture, and its collapsible design makes it easy to store. Its durable metal frame and black baking finish make it rustproof and scratch-resistant, and it is easy to move around with its swivel casters. This multi-functional utility cart can be used for a variety of purposes, making it the perfect addition to any home, office, or outdoor space.

10. Sony 3-Way 4-Driver Floor Speaker Bundle W/wire & Cloth

Sony's 3-Way 4-Driver Bass Reflex Stereo Floor-Standing Speaker is the perfect addition to any home theater system. With four drivers and three-way coaxial design, this speaker system is capable of producing high-resolution audio with an authentic, full-frequency sound. The speakers come with foot pads for easy setup and installation, and the bundle includes a Monoprice Select Series 16 AWG Speaker Wire 100ft and Deco Gear 6 x 6 inch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Using the latest in audio technology, this speaker system is designed to provide a powerful, immersive sound. The four drivers create a 3D surround sound, with a dedicated bass driver for deep, rich lows, a mid driver for detailed midrange sounds, and two tweeters for clear, crisp highs. The three-way coaxial design ensures that each driver is accurately positioned, creating the perfect soundstage with precise imaging. The Bass Reflex design also adds extra power and depth to the bass response.

The Monoprice Select Series 16 AWG Speaker Wire 100ft provides a reliable connection between your receiver and the speaker system, so you can enjoy the highest quality audio. The Deco Gear 6 x 6 inch Microfiber Cleaning Cloth ensures that your speakers remain in pristine condition and are protected from dust, dirt, and other debris.

With the Sony 3-Way 4-Driver Bass Reflex Stereo Floor-Standing Speaker, you can experience true high-fidelity audio with detailed imaging and powerful bass. The included accessories make it easy to set up and enjoy your home theater system.

Slim Floor Standing Speakers FAQs

Are floor speakers outdated?

No, floor speakers are not outdated. Floor speakers can still provide a high-quality listening experience, particularly when paired with the right amplifier and receiver. Floor speakers are larger than most other speakers, and they provide a more immersive listening experience due to their ability to project sound in multiple directions. They also tend to be more powerful and deliver richer, fuller sound than other speakers. Furthermore, floor speakers can be relatively inexpensive compared to other speaker systems, making them a great option for those looking to get the most out of their audio setup without breaking the bank.

Do floorstanding speakers sound better?

It depends on the quality of the speakers and their setup. Floorstanding speakers are usually larger and can produce more bass, which can make them sound better than smaller speakers. However, if they are not correctly positioned, they may not sound as good as smaller speakers placed in the optimal position. Floorstanding speakers also tend to be more expensive, so if you are on a budget, smaller speakers may be a better choice. Ultimately, it is best to audition different speakers to determine which will sound best in the given environment.

How can I hide my standing speakers?

One way to hide standing speakers is to place them inside decorative boxes or cabinets. This will ensure that the speakers are out of sight and still sound great. You can also use furniture to hide your speakers, such as arranging them behind sofas, chairs, or bookshelves. If you have the space to do so, you can even create a built-in entertainment center or alcove to house your speakers. Alternatively, you can paint your speakers to match the surrounding walls, and place your speakers in corners or behind plants to blend them into the background. Using rugs and other decorations can also help to disguise the speakers, allowing them to blend into the room.

What to look for in a floor standing speaker?

When looking for a floor standing speaker, it's important to consider factors such as size, frequency range, power handling, and impedance. Size is important because you want to ensure the speaker will fit in your space, as well as provide enough volume to fill the room. Frequency range is also important, as it determines the range of audio frequencies the speaker can produce. Power handling is essential to ensure the speaker can handle the volume and wattage of your system, while impedance is important to make sure your amplifier can properly drive the speaker. Additionally, look for features such as ported designs, adjustable tweeters, and bi-amp configurations for an even better soundstage. Finally, consider the style of the speaker, as it should match the aesthetic of your room.

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