Snowmobile Helmet Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for snowmobile helmet speakers, there are a few key points to consider. First, you want to make sure the speakers are compatible with your helmet. Second, you want to make sure the speakers are waterproof in case you get caught in a snowstorm. Third, you want to make sure the speakers are loud enough to be heard over the engine noise. Fourth, you want to make sure the speakers are lightweight to ensure comfort while riding. Finally, you want to ensure the speakers are durable and can withstand the cold temperatures and vibrations of a snowmobile ride.

When shopping for snowmobile helmet speakers, it’s important to do your research. Start by taking measurements of your helmet to ensure the speakers you purchase are compatible. Next, make sure the speakers are waterproof and can handle the cold temperatures. Look for speakers that are loud enough to be heard over the engine noise and lightweight for comfort. Finally, make sure the speakers are durable and can withstand the vibrations of a snowmobile ride.

By following these key points, you can be sure to find the perfect snowmobile helmet speakers for your next ride. With the right speakers, you can make sure you can hear your favorite music and enjoy your snowmobile ride safely.

10 Best Selling Snowmobile Helmet Speakers

1. Esoku V6 Bt 1200m Motorcycle Intercom Headset (2 Sets)

The Motorcycle Intercom Bluetooth Helmet Headset ESoku V6 BT is the perfect solution for outdoor adventure and sports. Featuring a CSR Bluetooth Chip, this headset is capable of pairing with up to six riders, and provides full-duplex intercom with a maximum speed of 120 km/h (75mph). With a maximum distance of 1200m, two riders can even communicate at the same time. In addition, this headset is also compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device such as mobile phones, GPS, or MP3s.

For added convenience, this headset also features Bluetooth hands-free capabilities, allowing users to answer or reject incoming calls with just a few clicks. With its DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression technology, you can also be sure of clear voice quality even at high speeds.

For added protection, this headset is also waterproof to National Level 5 standard, making it perfect for rain and snow. With its wide range of uses, this headset is perfect for mountain climbing, cycling, concerts, stadiums, port command, command, and more. It is also a great gift for couples, families, buddies Motorcycles, sports, and horse lovers alike.

2. Bluetooth 5.0 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset, 2 Riders 1000m Communication System, Handsfree Calls.

The FODSPORTS F2 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset is the ultimate solution for hands-free communication and entertainment. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the F2 Headset is highly compatible and stable, allowing for two riders to be connected up to 1000m away.

The F2 Headset also features an intelligent voice command system for handsfree calls, listening to music and GPS voice navigation. Its 40mm speakers provide more than most intercoms sound quality and a super loud volume. With a Nano coating technology, the F2 Headset is dustproof and IP67 waterproof, allowing for safe use in the outdoors.

The F2 Headset comes with a 400mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, with an intercom time of 10h, a long stand-by time of 300h and a charging time of 3h. With a working time of up to 12h, the F2 Headset is perfect for motorcycle driving, outdoor sports, snowboarding and skating.

Installation is also a breeze, thanks to the detachable velcro straps that are compatible with full face, open face and half helmets. With easy installation and long-lasting battery life, the FODSPORTS F2 Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset is the perfect choice for hands-free communication and entertainment.

3. Fx6s Helmet Intercom System, 2-Pack, Bluetooth, 6 Riders, Voice Dial, Led Screen.

The FODSPORTS FX6S Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Communication System is the perfect choice for motorcyclists looking for a user-friendly and reliable communication system. This helmet headset includes a convenient LED screen that displays the connection status, battery life, and FM radio frequency. It also features a larger and integrated button that allows users to easily switch from intercom to music or voice dial while wearing gloves.

The FX6S Bluetooth 5.0 Motorcycle Communication Headset is designed to allow up to six riders to stay connected faster and more stable within a 0.62 mile range. It is universally compatible with other motorcycle intercoms, such as the FODSPORTS M1-S Pro/Plus and FX8, making it ideal for group rides and adding an extra layer of safety and fun to the experience.

The advanced CVC noise cancellation technology and professional windproof microphone guarantee a superior sound quality, allowing users to make hands-free calls and intercom without having to raise their voices. The 40mm high-fidelity speakers are also designed to overcome loud exhaust and wind noise, providing an enhanced digital music stereo experience.

The FX6S Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom has a great water repellency that makes it perfect for use in rainy and snowy days. The battery life is also impressive, lasting up to 10 hours for music and 8-10 hours for continuous talk. A single charge can provide up to 300 hours of standby time, and the two ports design make it usable while on charge with a power bank.

This motorcycle communication system is suitable for a variety of helmets, including open face, modular flip up and full face helmets. It also comes with two detachable microphones that are designed for different helmet types. With its versatile design and reliable performance, the FODSPORTS FX6S Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Communication System is the perfect choice for any motorcyclist.

4. Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom, 2 Riders, Noise Cancellation, Riding/snowmobile/cycling/sports.

The JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is the perfect companion for any outdoor enthusiast. This ultra thin and lightweight headset is compatible with all helmets and is perfect for motorcycle riding, snowmobiling, cycling, and sports. With a built in 1200mAh rechargeable polymer battery, users can enjoy up to 170 hours of continuous use, and 1000 hours of standby time.

The Bluetooth headset allows two riders to communicate with each other within 50 meters, with the added convenience of automatic answering. Its DSP noise reduction technology ensures that voices can be heard clearly even when riding at high speeds. The headset also has an atmosphere light, for added enjoyment during rides.

The JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is waterproof and dustproof, thanks to its nano-coating technology. This allows you to enjoy your ride safely, even in rainy weather conditions. This is further enhanced by the headset's Bluetooth 5.0 technology, allowing for Hi-Fi stereo music and voice assistant compatibility.

For added peace of mind, the JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset comes with a 2-year warranty, and 12-hour customer service. If you have any questions or issues with the headset, you can contact us through the Amazon Buyer Center. So don't miss out on your chance to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about communication, and pick up the JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset today!

5. Fodsports Fx8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset W/ Fm, Noise Cancellation, 8-Rider Connectivity For Atv/dirt Bike/off Road.

The Fodsports FX8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a reliable and high-performance communication system for their motorcycle. This intercom system allows up to 8 riders to communicate with each other within 2000m. It also features a unique antenna design to ensure better signal quality and greater communication range.

This intercom system is equipped with a professional wind noise microphone, which ensures clear and high-quality sound even at high speeds. It also has a CVC digital noise reduction chip to reduce background noise and provide superior sound quality. The 40MM high impedance and high fidelity speaker ensures you hear very clear sound, whether you are in group intercom or listening to music or FM.

The FX8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom also features hands-free communication and easy-to-operate rotating buttons. It also supports voice commands on both iOS and Android devices. The battery capacity of this intercom system is 900mah, which can support up to 20 hours phone time, up to 15 hours intercom time, and up to 300 hours standby time. It only takes 3 hours to charge the battery. The FX8 Bluetooth Headset is also water-resistant and comes with two options for the microphone – hard mic for open face helmets and soft mic for full-face helmets.

The Fodsports FX8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom is the ideal choice for motorcycle riders who want to stay connected with their friends and family while on the road. It is equipped with all the features and functions necessary for clear and reliable communication. If you need any assistance with the product, Fodsports Direct is available to help you 24/7 with quick and reliable responses.

6. Lx-Gtx Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset, 2pcs Set

The LEXIN 2pcs LX-GTX 10-Way Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is a premium communication system that offers a range of features and capabilities. This Motorcycle Intercom system offers exchangeable pattern shells, a steady connection, and powerful noise cancellation for a premium audio experience.

The LX-GTX Bluetooth headset supports two functions running simultaneously, such as conversation and background music. It also provides 6 replacement pattern shells (black, carbon fiber, and graffiti), which allows you to change the look of your helmet to show your personality.

The LX-GTX is equipped with advanced Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm CSR chip, which allows for a more stable 10 riders group intercom, with a talk range of up to 2000m/1.2 miles (2 riders 500m). This system is also compatible with most Bluetooth headsets in the market. The LX-GTX is also equipped with intelligent DSP and CVC noise cancellation technology, which ensures clear audio quality even when traveling at speeds of up to 120km/h.

The LX-GTX also features a Hi-fi Stereo Sound Quality, with an 800 mAh high capacity battery that provides up to 18 hours of music and phone talk time, 13 hours of intercom, and over one week of standby time. Additionally, the LX-GTX supports voice assistants such as Siri and other voice assistants, as well as hands-free calling and GPS navigation. This headset is also IP67 waterproof, making it suitable for use in any weather condition.

The LEXIN 2pcs LX-GTX 10-Way Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is the perfect choice for any rider looking for a powerful and reliable communication system. With its exchangeable pattern shells, steady connection, noise cancellation, and waterproof capabilities, you can be sure to enjoy a premium audio experience wherever you ride.

7. Cardo Packtalk Bold Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom System Bundle, 2 Helmet Kits

The Cardo PACKTALK BOLD Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Communication System Bundle is the perfect solution for motorcycle enthusiasts. This bundle includes one Packtalk Bold and two helmet kits, allowing you to stay connected on the road. The Packtalk Bold offers universal connectivity, allowing it to work with any Bluetooth headset of any major brand.

The Packtalk Bold also features incredible sound quality, provided by JBL. This partnership creates the perfect listening experience, whether you’re zooming down the highway or tackling a mountain pass. The Packtalk Bold also offers robust group intercom with Dynamic Mesh Communications (DMC). With this technology, you can easily connect up to 15 people within seconds, and re-enter them after going out of range without pressing a button.

The Packtalk Bold also offers natural voice operation, allowing you to communicate without ever having to press a button, turn a wheel, or move a slider. This bundle also includes one 2nd helmet kit, giving you the ability to connect two helmets simultaneously.

The Cardo PACKTALK BOLD Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Communication System Bundle is the perfect way to stay connected on the road. With universal connectivity, incredible sound quality, robust group intercom, and natural voice operation, this bundle has everything you need to stay connected while out on the road.

8. Bt-S2ns Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom (2 Pack), 1000m Helmet Communication System.

The Yaconob BT-S2NS Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom is an advanced communication system designed for motorcycle and snowmobile riders. It can connect up to three people, with two people able to talk at the same time. The ideal speed for the system is 80 km/h-120 km/h and the barrier-free distance is 800-1000m.

The intercom is equipped with a DSP noise reduction and wind noise processing technology, allowing for clear and undistorted audio quality while travelling. It also has an FM radio, MP3, and GPS function, allowing riders to listen to music and access navigation. The buttons are large and suitable for wearing gloves, and the intercom can be easily installed on both full-face and half-face helmets.

The intercom is waterproof and designed for use in rainy and snowy conditions. The earphones and helmets are snap-fitted for easy removal and installation. Additionally, the intercom can be connected to a phone and supports automatic answering, rejecting, and hanging up of calls, as well as a last redial.

The Yaconob BT-S2NS Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom is the perfect choice for riders who want an easy-to-install and reliable communication system. If customers are not satisfied with the purchase, we offer a 100% full refund and replacement service. Just email us and we will take care of the rest.

9. Bluetooth 5.2 Helmet Headset – Waterproof, 170hrs Playtime, High-Quality Audio – Cycling/skiing/riding (A30).

The Geva Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset, a Bluetooth 5.2-enabled hands-free music control system, offers users up to 170 hours of continuous playing and a high sound quality system for cycling, skiing, and riding. Its advanced chip allows users to switch between four color LED lights—blue, green, and red—giving them a professional and cool look while they ride.

For a wireless connection and simple control, the A30 headset supports hands-free calling, hanging up, rejecting calls, streaming music, and connecting to any wireless device. By pressing a button, users can accept/reject previous/next song, adjust volume, and more. Its 40mm 16Ω HD Stereo Speakers ensure excellent sound quality for both music and calls, even when travelling at high speeds.

The helmet intercom headset is IPX7-waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as dust, rain, snow, and low temperatures of -15°F. Its scientific design makes it compatible with open, modular, and full-face helmets. The built-in 2800 mAh battery supports up to 170 hours of continuous work and 900 hours of standby, and can be charged in just two hours with its Type-C port for audio, data transfer, and charging.

This helmet headset is suitable for adults and is unisex. It provides users with a professional and cool looking headset while they're out on their rides while also providing them with a secure connection and easy control.

10. Bluetooth 5.0 Motorcycle Helmet Headset

This 3T6B Bluetooth 5.0 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is designed with the latest wireless technology to provide an effective communication quality for motorcyclists while they are on the go. It enables drivers to stay connected to their mobile phones, enjoy music, and quickly answer incoming calls with its automatic answering function.

The headset is equipped with high fidelity headphones and easy to install speakers that make it possible to enjoy clear voice quality and listen to clear music. Moreover, the Bluetooth 4.0 technology ensures that the drivers can stay connected with their favorite music anytime, anywhere.

The headset is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, so it can be easily used and installed. It also features a fashionable shape design and the Bluetooth 5.0 noise reduction technology, which ensures that there will be no interference in the communication.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with quality service, so if you have any questions after purchasing this product, please contact us and we will reply within 12 hours. With this 3T6B Bluetooth 5.0 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset, you can enjoy clear music and effective communication quality while you are on the go.

Snowmobile Helmet Speakers FAQs

Are Bluetooth helmets worth it?

Yes, Bluetooth helmets are worth it if you want to be connected while riding. They allow riders to listen to music, make and receive phone calls, access GPS navigation, and even use voice commands. Bluetooth helmets also offer several safety features such as intercoms, emergency alerts, and lane-departure warnings. Additionally, some Bluetooth helmets are equipped with advanced noise-canceling technology, which can reduce wind and engine noise and help riders focus on the road. Ultimately, Bluetooth helmets can help riders stay connected and safe while riding, making them a great investment.

Can you have speakers in motorcycle helmet?

Yes, it is possible to have speakers in a motorcycle helmet. This is done by installing a Bluetooth device or headset in the helmet, which is then connected to the smartphone or other audio device. By doing this, the rider will be able to listen to music, GPS navigation, and other audio while riding. The helmet should be fitted with a padded interior and extra padding to protect the ears, as well as a microphone that can be used to communicate with passengers or other riders. Additionally, the helmet should be designed with a snug fit in order to ensure that the speakers are properly secured and won’t move around while riding.

What is the best sounding motorcycle helmet speakers?

The best sounding motorcycle helmet speakers depend on a few factors, including your personal preferences and budget. Generally speaking, the higher-end models tend to have the best sound quality, with features like noise cancellation and built-in audio amplifiers. For a budget-friendly option, look for speakers with neodymium drivers, as these provide a good balance between sound quality and price. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, look for Bluetooth-enabled models, as these allow you to stream music and make phone calls wirelessly. Additionally, consider the size of the speakers, as this can affect the overall sound quality. The larger the speakers, the better the sound will be. Ultimately, it’s important to find a set of speakers that fit your helmet properly, as this will ensure the best performance.

Where should I put my speakers on my helmet?

The best place to put speakers on a helmet depends on a few factors, such as the size and shape of the helmet, the type of helmet, and the type of speakers. The speakers should be placed in a way that allows sound to be heard clearly, but also in a way that does not interfere with the fit and safety of the helmet.

If the helmet is a full-face or open-face model, the speakers should be placed near the ears, and the cables should be routed along the back of the helmet and behind the neck. If the helmet is a modular helmet, the speakers should be placed within the helmet’s chin bar near the ear.

It is important to make sure the speakers are secured properly to the helmet, as vibrations from the speakers can cause the helmet to become loose and potentially unsafe. Additionally, the speakers should be placed in a way that does not interfere with the comfort and fit of the helmet, as this could lead to a decrease in the quality of sound.

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