Speakers For Conferences For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for speakers for conferences, there are five key points to consider: credentials, expertise, speaking style, availability, and cost.

First, consider the speaker's credentials. Look for speakers with a proven track record of speaking engagements, awards, and recognition. Ideally, they should have experience in the subject matter and be well-versed in the latest industry trends.

Next, consider the speaker's expertise. Look for speakers who have the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver an engaging and informative presentation. They should have a deep understanding of the subject matter and be able to present it in an interesting and accessible way.

Third, consider the speaker's speaking style. Look for speakers who have an engaging and entertaining style. They should be able to captivate the audience and keep them engaged throughout the presentation.

Fourth, consider the speaker's availability. Make sure the speaker is available for the date and time of your conference. You don't want to book a speaker only to find out they are unavailable.

Finally, consider the speaker's cost. Look for speakers who are within your budget. Make sure to factor in any additional costs such as travel and lodging if they are coming from out of town.

By considering these five key points when looking for speakers for conferences, you can ensure you find the perfect speaker for your event. With the right speaker, your conference is sure to be a success.

10 Best Selling Speakers For Conferences

1. Bluetooth Speaker/mic Usb – Conference Call W/ 360° Omnidirectional, Noise Cancelling.

The Skywin Bluetooth Conference Speaker with Microphone is a must-have for any conference call. This powerful speaker and microphone allows for clear and concise communication, without any disruption. It features a rechargeable battery that provides up to 5 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby for the microphone and speaker.

This conference call USB speakerphone microphone has an Omni-directional 360° Microphone and Speaker with Echo and Noise Cancellation within 3 meters distance. This enables the speaker to easily filter out background noise like air conditioning, keyboard clicks, and more, for a clear and crisp sound. This conference table microphone and speaker is also easy to set up for conference calls and internet calls.

The Skywin Bluetooth Conference Speaker with Microphone is perfect for multi-person conferencing. It is arranged in an array of 360-degrees, ensuring that the conference room microphone picks up the voice from the entire room. It is ideal for 3-5 people's conferences.

This computer speaker with a microphone is also ultra-strongly compatible with Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and more. It is the perfect tool for home office, online classes, and business trips.

The Skywin Bluetooth Conference Speaker with Microphone is the perfect way to ensure your conference calls are heard loud and clear. With its rechargeable battery and strong compatibility, it is the ideal tool for multi-person conferencing. Get your Skywin Bluetooth Conference Speaker with Microphone today and make sure your conference calls are heard loud and clear.

2. Usb Conference Speaker Microphone, 360° Omnidirectional, 8-10 People, Dsp Noise Reduction/echo Cancellation, Usb Hub.

The Q95mini USB speakerphone is an ideal choice for business conference calls, online courses, meetings, and chatting. It features a 360° omnidirectional microphone and high-quality speaker, plus DSP technology that provides Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) and Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS). The omnidirectional microphone picks up voices from all directions, with a coverage range of up to 3 meters, so you don't have to raise your voices all the time.

The Q95mini is incredibly easy to set up and use. It requires no drivers, and simply plugs into your computer via a 3m (9.8ft) long USB cable. You can quickly mute or unmute the conference microphone (not the speaker) with the physical mute button. Additionally, the Q95mini is an innovative conference speakerphone with a built-in USB hub. It provides more convenience in connecting a mouse, keyboard, U-disk, handset, and another conferencing system.

The Q95mini is compatible with all popular online conferencing platforms, such as Skype, Lync, Teams, Zoom, WebEx, GotoMeeting, Facetime, Google Voice, eLearning, and more. It is also compatible with Windows 7-10 and macOS systems. With the Q95mini, you can easily transform any space into a meeting room and enjoy crystal clear HD voice and sound.

3. Usb Computer Mic, Mute, Omnidirectional, Condenser Boundary, Voip/streaming/chatting.

The CMTECK Conference Microphone, CM003 USB Computer Desktop Mic is the perfect solution for making conference calls and streaming with crystal clear sound quality. This mic features easy plug-and-play USB connectivity, so you don't have to install any drivers – just plug it into your Windows or Mac computer and start using it right away. It's also well compatible with VoIP calls, Skype, and other video chat programs.

This omnidirectional microphone is designed to pick up sound from all angles, making it perfect for conference calls, even if you're not in the same room. It has a convenient mute button that quickly mutes or unmutes the microphone, and the built-in indicator LED lights tell you the working status at a glance. There's also a handy 1.8m/6ft USB cable included for added convenience.

What's more, this mic features advanced cancellation technology to effectively block out noise and eliminate echo. The high-performance CMTECK CCS2.0 SMART CHIP ensures that your voice is always heard, even in noisy environments. With its sleek design and easy setup, this mic is the perfect choice for any professional or home office.

4. Usb Conference Microphone With Speaker & Mute/volume Control – Ideal For Zoom, Skype, Voip Calls & Interviews.

This Upgrated USB Conference Microphone with Speaker is the perfect choice for any and all virtual meetings, such as Zoom Meetings, Skype, VoIP Call, Interview, and even Christmas Stocking Stuffers Gifts. The condenser microphone is designed with far field Mic, noise reduction, and echo cancellation, and is able to pick up voices from a 360° omni-direction with a wide pickup range (3m/10ft). This ensures crystal clear voice during any one-to-one conversations or group conference calls.

The USB microphone is built with a 3W speaker, making it both a microphone and a speaker for your PC. It is suitable for office conference, Skype, online meeting, creating podcasts, negotiation, gaming, video/audio chatting, and other VoIP calls. It also features two sensitive touch-sensor buttons – one mute button, one volume control button for speaker and microphone – making it easy to adjust the output volume of the speaker and microphone and ideal for different meeting needs.

The USB microphone is also plug and play, with no drivers needed, no batteries needed and easily connects to your PC computer and laptop. It is compatible with systems like Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS and etc. (Not supporting Raspberry Pi/Linux/Android).

This conference speaker and microphone is great for small or medium-sized meeting rooms and can pick up sound with 360-degree room coverage, and can accommodate up to 8 people. It is small, but powerful and full duplex audio support creates a natural rich sound that emulates face-to-face conversation.

If you encounter any problems in the use of the product, there is customer support available to provide a perfect solution. With this Upgrated USB Conference Microphone with Speaker, you can ensure crystal clear audio for any virtual meeting.

5. Usb Omnidirectional Conf. Mic For 8-10 Ppl, 360° Dsp Noise Reduction For Video Meetings (Gray)

This conference microphone is a professional, high-quality speaker specifically designed for 8-10 people business conferences. It has a range pickup of 3 meters, and can easily capture the most subtle sounds from all directions. The built-in mute button allows you to quickly and easily mute the microphone, and the blue indicator light lets you know if the USB microphone is active.

The speakerphone is compatible with many devices and operating systems, such as Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as Mac OS. It has also been tested and optimized for popular conference applications such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Goto Meeting, Google Hangout, Facetime, and more. The pickup distance of 11.5 ft allows for clear transmission of sound, so that participants can hear each other without having to raise their voices.

The speakerphone also features an omnidirectional microphone and HD voice, which ensures that your voice is heard clearly on the other end. The Acoustic Echo Canceller completely eliminates any echo and the noise isolating microphone ensures a high-quality conference experience, even in noisy outdoor areas. In addition, the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides Automatic Gain Control (AGC), acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and automatic noise suppression (ANS).

This conference microphone is also equipped with two USB hubs, allowing for connection to multiple devices. It is perfect for business meetings, conference calls, online meetings and more. With its high-quality sound and advanced features, it is the perfect tool for any business conference.

6. Nuroum 1080p Hd Video Call Webcam With Microphone & Speaker.

The Nuroum C20 Conference Webcam is the perfect solution for your work from home, remote learning and small team online/hybrid collaboration needs. This all-in-one sleek and compact device offers an ultra-wide-angle 100° camera for clear Full HD 1080p video calls, a 4-element microphone array with a 13ft voice pickup radius for up to 15 participants, and a customized loudspeaker for distortionless and crisp sound.

No drivers are required – the webcam is Plug & Play & Powered by one single USB cable, with no additional power adaptor needed. Easily mute the camera or mics with the touch buttons, and the ring LED indicator shows its real-time working status. The webcam is lightweight and portable with a matte-finished, porcelain white body that is covered with a special substance to prevent fingerprints and other unwanted spots.

Compatible with desktop or laptop computers with Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS and Android operating systems, this webcam is also compatible with conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, Slack, Google Hangouts/Classroom, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Twitch/Facebook Live/xsplit/OBS, etc. The webcam supports resolutions up to 1920×1080/1280×720/640×480 and encoding formats including JPEG, MJPG, YUY2 and H.264.

Regular firmware updates will bring constant performance promotions and new functions. Apps are available for both Windows and macOS on Nuroum’s official website. Delivery is fast, and lightning-fast replacements are available should the product be damaged during shipment. The team at Nuroum is always available to answer questions or requests.

Take your work from home, remote learning and online collaboration to the next level with the Nuroum C20 Conference Webcam. With its ultra-wide-angle 100° camera, 4-element microphone array, and customized loudspeaker, you can be sure of clear, distortionless sound and crisp visuals for all your meetings.

Speakers For Conferences FAQs

How do I find a speaker for a conference?

There are several ways to find a speaker for a conference. First, you can reach out to professional organizations related to the topic of the conference. These organizations usually have lists of speakers available who specialize in the area of focus. You can also search online for experts in the field, as well as look for speakers at other conferences that may have similar topics. Additionally, you can reach out to your network of contacts and ask for referrals. Finally, make sure to check the credentials of the speakers you are considering to ensure they are qualified to speak on the subject.

How much do speakers get paid for conferences?

The exact amount speakers get paid for conferences varies greatly and depends on a variety of factors. These factors include the speaker's experience, the size of the conference, the type of content they will be presenting, and the overall budget of the conference. In general, speakers in larger and more prestigious conferences can expect to command higher fees than those in smaller conferences. Speakers at larger conferences may also receive additional compensation such as travel expenses, accommodation, and other related costs. Smaller conferences may not be able to offer this kind of compensation, so speakers should be aware of what they can expect from each conference. Ultimately, the amount speakers get paid for conferences is determined by the conference organizers, who must consider all of the factors mentioned above when deciding how much to pay speakers.

What is a speaker at a conference called?

A speaker at a conference is typically referred to as a presenter. Presenters typically present a topic or topics related to the overall theme of the conference. They often give lectures, lead discussions, and facilitate activities. Presenters are usually professionals in the field they are presenting on, and they often provide valuable insight and information to attendees. Presenters will often use visual aids such as slides, videos, and handouts to help explain the material they are presenting. Presenters may also use interactive activities such as role playing, debates, and polls to engage the audience and help them learn. Presenters are essential to helping attendees learn and understand the material presented at a conference.

What is considered a good speaker selection for a conference?

A good speaker selection for a conference should be made with a variety of considerations in mind. Firstly, the speakers should be experts in their field and have a proven track record of success. Additionally, speakers should be well-known and have a respected reputation within the industry. Furthermore, the speakers should provide interesting and engaging content that is relevant to the conference's objectives. Finally, the speakers should be able to provide a diverse range of perspectives on the topics discussed at the conference. By taking all of these factors into account, a conference can ensure that its speakers are of the highest quality and will provide an enriching experience for all attendees.

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