Speakers Surround System For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for a speaker surround system, there are a few key points to consider. First, you need to consider the size of the room. This will determine the size of the speakers you need and the power you need to achieve the best sound. Second, you want to consider the type of surround sound setup you want. Do you want a 5.1 or 7.1 system? Third, you want to factor in your budget. You want to make sure you get the best sound for the best price. Fourth, you want to look at the sound quality. Make sure you are getting the best sound possible for your setup. Finally, you want to consider the features you want. Do you want a wireless setup or one with cables? Do you need a remote control?

Overall, when looking for a speaker surround system, it is important to consider the size of the room, type of surround sound setup, budget, sound quality, and features. By considering these factors, you can find the perfect speaker surround system for your home entertainment needs.

10 Best Selling Speakers Surround System

1. Ilive 5.1 Home Theater System W/ Bluetooth, Wall Mountable, 6 Speakers, Remote.

This iLive 5.1 Home Theater System with Bluetooth is the ideal system for any home theater enthusiast. It includes 6 surround speakers: subwoofer, front left & right, surround left & right and 32" sound bar. Bluetooth technology allows for straightforward pairing of Bluetooth enabled devices, allowing for a wireless range of up to 60 feet from the mobile device to the speaker system. A LED function indicator, pairing indicator, and power indicator make the setup process easier, while voice prompts announce speaker functions and facilitate the Bluetooth pairing process.

The system also includes a master volume control and wall mountable sound bar and satellite speakers (hardware and instructions included). An AC/DC power adapter, remote, mounting hardware/instructions, optical audio cable, 3.5mm to RCA audio cable, and 3 RCA stereo audio cables are also included. A cloth speaker grill adds to the professional feel of the product, and helps to protect the speakers from dust and other particles.

This iLive 5.1 Home Theater System is the perfect addition to any home theater setup. With its easy setup process, Bluetooth compatibility, and included hardware and instructions, it is sure to be the perfect fit for any theater enthusiast. It is sure to provide a unique and immersive listening experience that can be enjoyed for years to come.

2. Wireless 5.1 Home Theater System With Wisa Certified Platin Milan.

The Platin Milan 5.1 Surround Sound System is a wireless home theater system designed to deliver superior dynamic quality, ultra-compact design, and simple setup for an immersive home theater experience.

The Milan system utilizes an uncompressed 24-bit 48 kHz audio signal to deliver a 5.1 surround sound, far beyond Bluetooth capabilities. The included SoundSend transmitter decodes theatrical audio formats such as Dolby HD and Dolby Atmos, making it perfect for any room of the house, and great for apartment living too.

All Milan components are WiSA Certified, meeting the highest globally-recognized standards for wireless speaker systems. This ensures superior performance, reliability, and interoperability. Setup is simple: just plug the Milan speakers and SoundSend into power outlets, and connect SoundSend to your Smart TV. The SoundSend will do the rest; it will identify and assign channels to the speakers automatically, using an independent wireless network dedicated to your Milan system.

Once setup is complete, you can adjust the volume with your TV remote or with the SoundSend app (available on iOS and Android). Additionally, you can calibrate your sound around a designated sweet spot in the room, using the exclusive My Zone feature.

The Platin Milan 5.1 Surround Sound System is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, high-quality home theater experience. With its uncompressed audio signal, WiSA Certified components, and ultra-compact design, you can enjoy a 360-degree immersive home theater experience in any room of the house.

3. Simfab Front Surround Speaker Tray Kit Monitor Mount Systems

The SimFab Front Surround Speaker Tray Kit is a proprietary design for monitor mount systems and stands from SimFab and OpenWheeler. This kit provides a universal fit for all surround or main speakers, free standing with the included Velcro strips for secure attachment.

The mount bracket of the kit has a universal clamping design that can fit both 30mm and 35mm size of frame tubes from OpenWheeler and SimFab. It also has swing arm and vertical adjustment for the most immersive effect.

This product is manufactured in the USA and comes with a lifetime factory warranty for any metal parts. It is compatible with SimFab single and triple monitor mount systems.

The SimFab Front Surround Speaker Tray Kit is an essential component for monitor mount systems and stands. It provides an adjustable and secure attachment point for surround or main speakers. It also has a universal fit and is compatible with OpenWheeler and SimFab frame tubes of different sizes. This product is made in the USA with a lifetime warranty and is a great option for anyone looking to set up their own surround sound system.

4. Acoustic Audio By Goldwood Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker System, Black (Aa2103).

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA2103 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System is the perfect choice for home entertainment and audio needs. This set of 2.1 speakers provides you with a dynamic sound experience that is sure to impress. The system includes a powerful 8.5" x 4.75" x 7" subwoofer with 200 watts of system power, as well as two 5.125" x 3.625" x 3.125" wired satellite speakers with 6' single RCA cables.

The AA2103 features a variety of easy plug and play connections to ensure simple setup. Standard RCA stereo inputs connect to most audio sources, while stereo RCA AUX inputs, front panel controls, USB drive input and SD card input provide further flexibility. Additionally, the system requires a standard US 110V grounded wall plug, and can be used with any audio device with a standard 3.5mm headphone or RCA stereo audio outputs.

This system provides full control via a convenient full function remote, allowing you to adjust volume, bass, treble and other settings in an instant. The rear sub bass control knob allows you to customize your sound to your exact preferences. Whether you’re watching your favorite movie or streaming music from your phone, the Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA2103 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System provides superior sound quality and convenience.

5. Acoustic Audio R-191 5.25" 2-Way In-Ceiling/in-Wall Speaker Pair, White.

The Acoustic Audio R-191 in Ceiling/In Wall Speaker Pair 2 Way Home Theater Surround Speakers provide the ultimate home theater experience. These speakers are designed for easy installation and feature a 2-way design and functionality, a 5.25" woofer with high rigidity polypropylene cones and extended throw assembly, Butyl rubber surrounds for increased performance and durability, and 12mm soft dome tweeters. The speakers also have a low profile housing designed for easy installation and an integrated wall-lock mounting system, with cut-out templates included for easy installation. The cut out size is 6.625" per speaker, with an overall size of 7.625" per speaker and a mounting depth of 3" per speaker. The speakers are paintable and designed and engineered in the USA.

The Acoustic Audio R-191 in Ceiling/In Wall Speaker Pair 2 Way Home Theater Surround Speakers are recommended for 20-200 watts per speaker, with a frequency response of 45Hz-22kHz and an efficiency of 95dB/8ohm. The speakers are ideal for in wall or in ceiling home entertainment, home theater, multiple room, industrial sound, and outdoor entertainment. The speakers come with a full instruction manual and are sold as a pair.

For the ultimate home theater experience, the Acoustic Audio R-191 in Ceiling/In Wall Speaker Pair 2 Way Home Theater Surround Speakers are an excellent choice. With their easy installation, 2-way design and functionality, and extended throw assembly, these speakers will provide an immersive and powerful audio experience.

6. Fluance Sxbp2 Bipolar Surround Speakers, Black Ash (Pair)

The Fluance Elite High Definition 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speakers are designed to bring the cinema experience into the home. Offering an immersive bipolar radiation pattern for wide dispersion of sound, this surround sound system will provide an optimum surround imaging experience. The premium components ensure serious performance and natural sound, guaranteeing a seamless timbre to match with the Fluance SX Series and other high quality systems.

The speakers are expertly crafted with engineered MDF wood cabinetry to reduce cabinet resonance, and finished in a sleek black ash wood. This ensures the speakers will look great in any home theater setting. Additionally, the speakers come with a Full lifetime parts and labor manufacturer's direct warranty, and a lifetime customer support service.

The Fluance Elite High Definition 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speakers will provide a sound experience like no other. With their premium components and engineered MDF wood cabinetry, you can be sure of a reliable and powerful sound. The bipolar radiation pattern offers wide dispersion, while the seamless timbre allows it to match perfectly with other high quality systems. The full lifetime warranty and customer support services ensure you can enjoy this system for years to come.

7. 2.2 Channel 32" Bluetooth 5.0 Soundbar W/dual Subwoofer & Remote Control.

The Puxinat 2 in 1 Separable Sound Bars for TV is the ideal addition to any home entertainment system. This innovative soundbar features a split design, allowing you to combine the two tower speakers into one large TV speaker or separate them for a better stereo sound effect. It produces distortion-free sound quality at maximum volume levels thanks to its two tweeters and dual sub-woofers, creating a room-filling sound effect.

The Puxinat soundbar is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for a fast and stable transmission speed. You can also connect your device via HDMI ARC/USB/AUX/Optical/Coaxial ports. Set-up is a breeze, with the included HDMI ARC cable and remote control allowing you to control your music, video and gaming console with ease. The DSP technology allows you to choose 10 different tailor-made EQ modes.

The Puxinat 2 in 1 Separable Sound Bars for TV is wall mountable and comes with all the necessary cables and accessories. This includes two tower speakers, a remote control, a desktop gasket, a DC Adapter, Long line cable, Short line cable, HDMI ARC Cable, Coaxial digital audio cable, AUX audio cable, AUX to RCA audio cable, Optical cable, Wall mount screws and a User Manual.

The Puxinat 2 in 1 Separable Sound Bars for TV is perfect for any home entertainment system. With its powerful sound and simple set-up, you and your family can enjoy the perfect audio experience. For optimal compatibility, please ensure that you manually switch your TV sound output to PCM audio output, and turn off the Dolby audio or DTS function in your app sound settings.

8. Bobtot 800w 5.1/2.1 Home Theater System With Hdmi, Arc, Optical, Bluetooth, 4k Tv, Av, Dvd, Fm, Usb.

The Bobtot Surround Sound Speakers Home Theater System is the ideal sound solution for anyone looking to take their entertainment experience to the next level. With 800 Watts Peak Power, this system is capable of reaching an impressive level of sound quality. This system features 5.1/2.1 channel, switchable via remote control or front panel, allowing you to customize your listening experience.

The Bobtot system has multiple input modes, including TV ARC/OPT/COA/AUX/USB/BT/DVD, with the necessary cables included. The system also has a convenient remote control, allowing you to independently control the volume of each speaker and the subwoofer for maximum effect. The 5.0 Bluetooth connection makes it easy to connect to smart devices, while the wired connection between the small speakers and the subwoofer ensure that the speakers can be placed anywhere.

The Bobtot system also has a range of convenient features, including FM radio, USB drive/SD card slot (max file size 32GB), and 2 ¼” MIC Inputs with Echo Function for karaoke. It is the perfect system for watching movies, watching football games, partying, and e-sports games with friends at home.

The Bobtot Surround Sound Speakers Home Theater System is easy to set up and use, making it the perfect system for any home. With its powerful sound capabilities, range of input modes and features, and its simple setup, this system is sure to enhance any entertainment experience.

Speakers Surround System FAQs

Are surround sound speakers worth it?

Yes, surround sound speakers are worth it. They provide a much more immersive sound experience than regular speakers, allowing for a more realistic and powerful audio experience. Surround sound speakers also create a wider soundstage that allows you to hear sound from different directions, making audio sound much more realistic and lifelike. Additionally, investing in surround sound speakers can help to improve the overall sound quality of your home theater setup, making for a much more enjoyable viewing experience. Ultimately, if you are looking to get the most out of your home theater system, investing in surround sound speakers is definitely worth it.

Can any speaker be used as surround?

Yes, any speaker can technically be used as a surround speaker. However, it is important to note that not all speakers are created equal and certain types of speakers are better suited for certain types of sound systems. For example, if you are looking for a surround sound system with a great sound quality, you may want to opt for bookshelf speakers or floor-standing speakers. These types of speakers are designed specifically to generate powerful sound at a wide angle, which is ideal for a surround sound system.

What speakers do I need for surround sound?

Surround sound is a great way to create a more immersive listening experience. Depending on the size and type of room you have, there are several options for creating a surround sound system. Generally, a 5.1 system is recommended for a basic home theater setup. This setup consists of five speakers: a center speaker, two front speakers, two rear speakers, and a subwoofer. The center speaker is used to produce dialogue and other mid-range sounds. The two front speakers are used for the main audio, while the two rear speakers provide the surround sound effects. The subwoofer is used to provide low frequencies. For larger rooms, a 7.1 system is recommended, which adds two additional speakers to the sides of the room. Depending on your budget and the size of your room, you can choose from a variety of speakers to create a surround sound system.

Which sound system is best for home theater?

The best sound system for home theater will depend on the size of your space, budget, and preference. A standard 5.1 surround sound system is a good option for most people, featuring five speakers and one subwoofer. This setup is ideal for watching movies and playing video games. If you have a bigger budget, then you may want to consider investing in a 7.1 surround sound system, which adds two additional speakers for a more expansive soundscape. You should also look for a system that has Dolby Atmos or DTS:X technology for immersive sound. If your space is smaller, then a soundbar or 2.1 system may be a better choice. Ultimately, the best sound system for you will depend on your budget and preferences.

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