Speaking Soon | Blondfire (Los Angeles, CA)

Blondfire at Lollapalooza | Photo by Jason Gonulsen
Coming off tours supporting Surfer Blood, Foals, AWOLONATION, and hitting the summer festival circuit with stops at Lollapalooza and Firefly, you could say it’s been a good year for Blondfire.
But, success hasn’t come easy — it was earned through a modern grassroots approach.
Lead singer Erica Driscoll, who acted as the band’s publicist for a short time, sending out emails to countless blogs, knew she had something with a single called “Where The Kids Are.” She just needed people to hear it.

“It was definitely a song that was one of those things that happened so fast,” Driscoll told me backstage at Lollapalooza. “It just kind of came out, and those are always the best songs, because they feel naturally. I thought it had a vibe when we wrote it, and that was why I wanted people to hear it. I just never thought anyone would actually read my emails.”

The song soon became a hit on The Hype Machine, and momentum started to rumble.

“I think it was the blog attention that really made a difference for us,” Driscoll says. “Getting signed, and getting label attention — it was because people were talking about us online.”
Driscoll has since appeared on Avicii’s “Liar Liar,” and Blondfire’s new song, “Life of the Party,” recently made an appearance on the Dallas Buyers Club soundtrack. A full-length Blondfire album, it seems, is on the horizon.
“The album is finished,” Driscoll confirmed back in August. “It’s mastered and finished, but the funny thing is — we’re always writing new songs.”
Stay tuned, as we’re sure to hear from Driscoll and Blondfire in 2014.

[UPDATE] Blondfire will release Young Heart on February 11th. 

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