Surround Sound Wall Mounted Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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Surround sound wall mounted speakers are the perfect solution for creating an immersive audio experience in your home. They provide a full range of sound, allowing you to enjoy movies, music, and more in a truly immersive way. But with so many speakers on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be tricky. Here are five key points to consider when looking for surround sound wall mounted speakers:

1. Sound Quality: Make sure to check the specs of the speakers you are looking at to ensure they provide the sound quality you are looking for. Look for speakers with a frequency range that covers the full range of sound.

2. Power Output: Look for speakers that have enough power output to meet your needs. The more powerful the speakers, the better the sound quality and the louder the sound.

3. Installation: Some speakers may require professional installation, so make sure to factor this into your budget. If you are planning on installing the speakers yourself, make sure to read the instructions carefully and follow all safety guidelines.

4. Design: Wall mounted speakers come in a variety of styles and designs, so make sure to choose one that fits in with your home decor.

5. Price: Lastly, make sure to compare prices to get the best deal. Some speakers may offer better sound quality for a higher price, so make sure to weigh your options carefully.

With these five key points in mind, you should be able to find the perfect surround sound wall mounted speakers for your home. The right speakers will provide you with an immersive audio experience and bring your movies and music to life.

10 Best Selling Surround Sound Wall Mounted Speakers

1. Rockville Cube White Pair Of 3.5" Home Theater Wall Speakers+swivel Brackets

The Rockville Cube is the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade their home theater sound system. This pair of 3.5" white home theater wall speakers offer an audiophile-grade sound quality without taking up too much space. Each speaker has a 30 watt RMS power, a 75 watt peak power, and an 8 ohm impedance for a total of 60 watts RMS and 150 watts peak power. The paper cone woofer provides natural sound reproduction with clear mids and bass, while the 0.5" black PEI tweeter delivers crystal clear highs. This true two way speaker system provides superior sound quality than most one-way designs.

The included swivel mounting bracket allows for 360 degree rotation for optimal sound staging, so you can get the most out of your sound system. The shielded grill offers additional protection from dust and damage. The speakers have Euro block speaker terminals with quick disconnect for easy setup. The product dimensions are 4.13" x 7.3" x 4.74" inches and each speaker weighs 1.32 lbs.

The Rockville Cube speakers are perfect for any room in the house, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and restaurants. You can also use them as surround speakers with a subwoofer for an amazing home theater experience. With their mini design and big sound, the Rockville Cube is the ideal choice for anyone looking to take their home theater sound system to the next level.

2. Acoustic Audio By Goldwood Slm1w Mountable On Wall Slim Speakers Home Theater Wired Pair Pack, White

The Acoustic Audio by Goldwood SLM1W Mountable On Wall Slim Speakers Home Theater Wired Pair Pack is the perfect solution for any home theater or audio system. These low profile, ABS speakers are only 1.5 inches deep and easily mount like hanging a picture on the wall. Each speaker features a 5.25" treated paper cone woofer with rubber edge surrounds and 0.5" mylar tweeter, giving you a full range of sound with a frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz and 91dB at 8ohm.

The white ABS cabinets are durable and mountable, with aluminum mesh grills, spring loaded raw wire connectors, recessed mounting notch and wire channel. The compact size of each speaker is 10.5" x 7.25" x 1.5", making them perfect for any space. The speakers require any amp or receiver with raw speaker wire outputs, and the power from your amp should be no less than 20 and no more than 120 watts per channel.

Included in the package are two Acoustic Audio by Goldwood SLM1W speakers, mounting screws and an instruction manual. You can use these speakers for home theater surround sound, whole house audio systems, business or retail installations. Get the perfect sound with the Acoustic Audio by Goldwood SLM1W Mountable On Wall Slim Speakers Home Theater Wired Pair Pack.

3. 100w Bluetooth Weatherproof Outdoor Speakers (2-Pack)

The iHome IHSI-W400BT-PR-BLK Bluetooth Indoor/Outdoor All Weather Weatherproof 4" Inch Small 100W Watt Wall/Ceiling Mounted Surround Sound Powered Patio Speakers System Pair in Home Party Enclosure is designed to withstand most outdoor environments. The speakers feature an IP44 rating, making them water and dust resistant, so you can safely hang them outside without fear of damage. The adjustable and locking swivel mounting brackets allow for optimal sound dispersion. The set includes one active master speaker and one passive speaker, both of which can be connected with the included speaker wire. Only the master speaker needs to be connected to power, as no external amplifier is required. The power adapter comes with a nine-foot extension cable.

The speakers are easy to set up and connect wirelessly. Once connected to your preferred device via Bluetooth, they will automatically connect in the future. If you want to pair another device, just turn off the Bluetooth on the connected media player, and the speaker will search for other devices. There is an LED indicator to display the connection status. The speakers pair with any Bluetooth enabled device, such as iPhones, Androids, Tablets, Laptops, PCs or Macs, as well as Bluetooth enabled Smart TVs and Home Stereo Receivers.

The included wireless remote puts the control in your hands. You can Power on/off, Pair, Mute and adjust Volume, EQ and Playback controls. There is a 30+ feet range connection to your Bluetooth device, so you can move about the party untethered. The speakers are designed for the ultimate outdoor sound experience, with a D Class amplifier specifically tuned for outdoor use and custom cabinet tooling design. The wall mounted speaker system will fill your space with crisp and clean yet deep and loud audio. You can set them on your deck, patio, garden gazebo, or bring them inside to your conference room or home entertainment system.

4. Speaker Wall Mounts (2 Pack), 7.7 Lbs Capacity, Black

The WALI Speaker Wall Mounts, Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mount Brackets, and Surround Sound Speaker Mounts are the perfect solution for all your home theater, office, or living space needs. These wall mounts are built for maximum compatibility for most bookshelf satellite speakers and are designed for easy installation on any wall.

The modern design of these wall mounts is complemented by a sleek reinforced Black coat for a contemporary appearance. With a maximum capacity of 7.7 lbs. (3.5kg), these mounts are sure to provide the support needed to hold your speakers in place.

Installation is a breeze with the mounting hardware included. Mount the speaker holders to stud, concrete, or brick/stone walls in minutes with no need to worry about complicated instructions. With the included user manual, installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The WALI Speaker Wall Mounts are ideal for home theaters, offices, living rooms, bedrooms, studios, schools, dorms, events, houses, public areas, hotels, lobbies and more. You can rest assured knowing your speakers are securely mounted and your investment is safe.

Package includes two WALI speaker wall mount brackets, one mounting hardware kit, one user manual, and experienced and friendly US-based customer support available to assist seven days a week. With these wall mounts, you can be sure your speakers are secure and your investment is safe.

5. Yuanhot Cooling Stand For Xbox Series S – Dual Fan, 3 Speed, 2 Usb Ports.

YUANHOT introduces a dual purpose cooling fan cooler system dock station compatible with Xbox Series S. This stand is equipped with an upgraded fan cooling system that enhances airflow and increases heat dissipation. It features three levels of adjustable fan speed and two extra USB ports for charging and data transmission.

The stand can be placed on the bottom as a vertical cooling stand to enhance airflow, or it can be mounted on the top of the console with the fan on the top and the stand on the bottom to increase heat dissipation. The stand features two high-speed fans with a new design, and an ON/OFF fan button to keep the fans working and improve the operational life span.

The stand also includes two extra USB ports. One is for charging only, and the other for both charging and data transfer. Both ports are conveniently located and won’t block any of the ports.

This stand is the perfect accessory for your Xbox Series S. It comes with one cooling fan (installed on the top or bottom), one pair of Series S stand, and a user manual. It is easy to install and use. Please note that the console, games, or controllers are not included.

6. Rockville 2 Rockslim Black Home Theater 5.25" 240w Easy Wall Mount Slim Speakers

Rockville RockSlim Black 5.25" 240 Watt Home Theater Slim Speakers are the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, kitchen, restaurant and more. These speakers feature a 5.25” woofer with a paper cone for natural sound reproduction with clear mids and bass, and a 0.5” mylar dome tweeter to deliver pristine highs. With a sensitivity of 89 dB, they feature an RMS power handling of 40 watts per speaker and a peak power handling of 120 watts per speaker. The shielded grill offers additional protection from dust and damage.

The Rockville RockSlim Black 5.25" 240 Watt Home Theater Slim Speakers are designed for easy wall mount with brackets that are molded into the speaker. The recessed spring loaded speaker wire terminals make it easy to hide wires, and the molded speaker wire groove makes it easy to run speaker wires behind the speaker. The sleek design is perfect for any room. The product dimensions are 10.8" x 7.3" x 1.38" inches, and the weight of each speaker is 2 lbs.

Rockville RockSlim Black 5.25" 240 Watt Home Theater Slim Speakers are the perfect solution for any home theater system. The natural sound reproduction with clear mids and bass combined with the pristine highs will provide the perfect sound experience. The easy wall mount and sleek design make these speakers the perfect addition to any room.

7. 6.5" In-Wall 2-Way Speaker, Poly Woofer, Pivoting Silk Tweeter, White/paintable (1pc)

Introducing the Micca M-6S 6.5” in-wall speakers, designed to deliver uncompromising audio quality and a top-notch listening experience. Perfect for a variety of home audio applications, the smooth and natural sound signature and robust bass output provide a truly engaging experience.

The built-in mounting tabs make installation a breeze and ensure secure attachment to both drywall and wood panels without the need for additional brackets or boxes. Constructed with durable materials and boasting a rimed grill design, this in-wall speaker is perfect for family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and covered outdoor porches, providing years of lasting enjoyment.

Whether left in its natural white color or painted to match the wall color, the Micca M-6S blends unobtrusively into any decor. The high excursion 6.5” poly woofer and pivoting 1” silk dome tweeter work together to project a spacious sound stage. With perfect integration between the tweeter and woofer achieved through a 12dB crossover network, the upper midrange region is sure to be coherently transitioned.

The Micca M-6S in-wall speakers have a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz, 8 Ohm impedance, and 87dB 1W/1M sensitivity. The power handling is 80 Watts (Each), and the outer dimension is 8.7” (W) x 12.1” (H). The cutout dimension is 7.3” (W) x 10.7” (H), and the mounting depth is 2.9”.

Bringing together uncompromising audio quality, easy installation, and elegant design, the Micca M-6S in-wall speakers are the perfect addition to any home audio system. With its smooth and natural sound signature and robust bass output, the M-6S will provide a top-notch listening experience for years to come.

8. 2-Way 400w Outdoor Speakers, 4" Waterproof & Wall Mountable, 400w Bass & Tweeter (2 Pairs, Black).

Herdio Outdoor Speakers offer a full range of high quality sound for any outdoor space. Featuring a 1” superior dome tweeter, 4” aluminum injection cone woofer, and an articulated sound enclosure, these waterproof speakers will fill your area with clean highs and deep bass response. Designed to live indoors and outdoors, they feature an IP66 marine grade waterproof and weatherproof molded ABS plastic basket to resist a variety of weather conditions, including snow, rain and sun.

The swivel brackets make installation easy and versatile, allowing up to a 120 degree range of motion. The facial can rotate up to 90 degrees, making sure you can place these wall mount speakers in your desired location. Perfect for pool, patio, sunroom, garage, basement or on a bookshelf, these speakers will deliver exceptional sound quality.

Each package includes 4x outdoor Speakers, 4x Mount Brackets, 4x Speaker Wires (16.4Feet/5m). Herdio store provide one year warranty and premium customers service. If you have any questions, you can email us and we'll provide help within 24 hours. With these Herdio Outdoor Speakers, you'll be able to enjoy an immersive sound experience in any outdoor space, rain or shine.

9. Speaker Wall Mounts, 2 Pack – Universal For Home Theater.

These Bealuffe Speaker Wall Mount Brackets are the perfect solution for any home theater setup. Each package contains two brackets, allowing you to mount two speakers on the wall. With a maximum capacity of 8 lbs (3.6kg), these brackets are perfect for any size speaker.

The brackets offer flexibility in positioning, with adjustable tilt up and down 20 degrees, and swivel left and right 70 degrees. You can make position adjustments with an easy-grip knob, without the need for tools. The reliable heavy-duty plastic construction provides a strong supportive base, and ensures these brackets will last for many years.

The package includes two wall mount brackets for speakers, a set of mounting screws, and a user manual. It's easy to mount your speakers on the wall with the Bealuffe Speaker Wall Mount Brackets. It’s suitable for most speaker brands in the market, making them perfect for any home theater setup.

The Bealuffe Speaker Wall Mount Brackets are designed with versatility in mind. They can be used in the living room, bedroom, or any other area where having speakers on the wall is preferred. For any quality problem, we offer a refund or replacement. Get the perfect sound setup with the Bealuffe Speaker Wall Mount Brackets.

Surround Sound Wall Mounted Speakers FAQs

Are in wall speakers as good as floor speakers?

In-wall speakers and floor speakers both have their advantages and disadvantages. In-wall speakers are great for saving space and offering a more discreet look, but they may not be as powerful as floor speakers. Floor speakers often provide more detailed sound, but require more space to install and are often more visible. Ultimately, the best type of speaker for any given situation depends on the individual’s requirements and preferences. If a person is looking for detailed sound quality, floor speakers may be the better option. If a person is looking for a more discreet option, in-wall speakers might be the better choice. Generally speaking, both types of speakers can provide excellent sound quality, but it is up to the individual to decide which type of speaker works best for their needs.

Can you use in wall speakers for surround sound?

Yes, in-wall speakers can be used for surround sound. They are a great option for installing a home theater system without needing to take up extra space. They can be installed flush with your wall, creating a seamless look. The sound quality of in-wall speakers can be comparable to that of traditional speakers, depending on the model and installation. In-wall speakers can be used for the front, center, and back/surround channels of a home theater system, depending on the number of speakers you choose. It is important to note that in-wall speakers may require additional wiring, which can be difficult and expensive to install. Additionally, some models require a separate enclosure inside the wall, which can add to the cost and complexity of installation. Finally, the sound quality of in-wall speakers may be affected by the wall material and construction, so it is important to consider this when selecting a model and installing it.

Do wall mounted speakers sound good?

Yes, wall mounted speakers can sound good. Their design allows for optimal sound quality, as the speakers are placed closer to the listener than traditional floor-standing speakers. Wall mounted speakers also create a more immersive experience, as the sound is projected directly at the listener. Additionally, wall mounted speakers are usually able to accommodate a variety of audio formats, so they can provide a more versatile listening experience. Of course, the quality of the sound still depends on the quality of the speakers and the audio signal. High quality wall mounted speakers, combined with a good audio signal, can provide exceptional sound quality.

Where do you mount surround sound speakers on the wall?

Surround sound speakers should be mounted on the wall in order to provide the best audio experience. Generally, the front speakers should be placed on either side of the TV at the same height, about 3 to 6 feet from the floor. The centre speaker should be placed directly above or below the TV. The rear speakers should be placed at equal intervals from each other, between 6 and 8 feet away from the listener. For the best results, the speakers should be angled slightly towards the listener. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the speakers are not placed too close to the wall as this can adversely affect the sound quality. It is also important to ensure that the speakers are securely mounted to the wall.

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