Vintage Turntable With Speakers For Sale (2023 Update)

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When it comes to vintage turntables with speakers, there are a few key points to consider before making your purchase. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful piece of decor for your home, or you’re a collector looking for a special piece, it’s important to know what to look for when shopping for vintage turntables with speakers. Here are five key points to consider when searching for the perfect vintage turntable with speakers:

1. Quality: It’s important to focus on the quality of the turntable and speakers. Look for a turntable that is in good condition and has all the necessary components. Check the audio quality of the speakers and make sure they have no cracks or visible damage.

2. Brand: Many vintage turntables with speakers are made by well-known brands, such as Technics, Sony, and Bose. Be sure to look for a brand that is known for its quality and longevity.

3. Price: It’s important to consider the price of the vintage turntable with speakers. Many vintage turntables are sold at auction, so it’s important to factor in the cost of the item and any additional fees associated with the purchase.

4. Accessories: Make sure to look for any additional accessories that may be included with the turntable. This can include a dust cover, a record player needle, and even a carrying case.

5. Maintenance: Vintage turntables require regular maintenance. Be sure to research how to properly clean and maintain the turntable and speakers.

When shopping for a vintage turntable with speakers, it’s important to consider all of these key points. Make sure to do your research and find the right turntable and speaker set that meets your needs. With the right turntable, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music in style with a beautiful piece of vintage equipment.

10 Best Selling Vintage Turntable With Speakers

1. Victrola 8-In-1 Turntable With Bluetooth, Stereo Speakers & Real Wood – Espresso

The Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center is the perfect blend of vintage style and modern technology. This belt-driven turntable has a classic wooden design that will look great in any living space, while its upgraded premium sound quality makes it a great choice for any beginner or vinyl enthusiast.

This 3-speed (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) record player has an array of features, including a CD and cassette player, FM radio, Bluetooth and Aux & headphone jacks for audio streaming from your smartphone. It also has a full function remote control, a volume knob and easy click buttons for input select, power, play/pause/forward/rewind and eject.

You don’t need an external stereo system or extra equipment to get this record player up and running. It’s easy to set up and ready to go within minutes. And if you want to expand the sound, you can connect external speakers or an amplifier via the RCA Line outputs. Plus, the headphone jack allows for personal listening.

The Victrola 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center is the perfect combination of vintage style and modern technology. It has all the features you need to enjoy your favorite vinyls, CDs and cassettes. And with its upgraded premium sound quality, this record player is sure to become a favorite.

2. Bluetooth Turntable Vinyl Record Player, 3-Speed, Belt-Driven, W/ Speakers, Aux/rca Out.

This Vinyl Player Bluetooth Turntable Vinyl Record Player with Speakers is the perfect addition to any home for music lovers. Featuring three-speed turntable (33, 45, 78 RPM) and an adjustable 45RPM adapter to play all 7" 10" 12" vinyl records and albums, it also offers Bluetooth connectivity to play music from Bluetooth compatible devices.

In addition to its vinyl playing capabilities, this turntable also features an AUX input cable and an RCA output cable, allowing you to play music from CD players, smartphones, digital media players, or other audio sources. It also features a 3.5mm music headphone jack for private listening.

This vintage record player is the perfect addition to any home, creating a warm atmosphere for family gatherings or helping you relax when you're alone. Even if you don't use it, it makes a great home décor piece. As a gift, it allows the recipient to feel your heart.

For music lovers, this Vinyl Player Bluetooth Turntable Vinyl Record Player with Speakers is the perfect addition to any home. Enjoy the warm analogue sound of your music on vinyl, or take advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity to listen to your favorite music from your Bluetooth compatible device with ease. With its AUX input cable, RCA output cable, and 3.5mm music headphone jack, you have all the options you need to make your music listening experience as enjoyable as possible.

3. Crosley Cr8017u-Hl1 Voyager Turntable W/ Bluetooth, Cream

The Crosley CR8017U-HL1 Voyager Vintage Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntable is the perfect choice for any music enthusiast. This turntable is designed with vintage inspiration and features a belt-driven 3-speed mechanism that plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records. The adjustable pitch control lets you customize your listening experience.

The Voyager also features Bluetooth out, allowing you to easily connect it to any Bluetooth enabled speakers. You can also use the RCA out to connect to your existing stereo system. Additionally, the Aux-in and Bluetooth receiver let you stream your favorite digital playlists directly to the built-in stereo speakers.

This turntable also contains a headphone jack for private listening as well as an auxiliary in. The Voyager also comes in a range of stylish colors to suit your taste. Whether you're a music enthusiast or a casual listener, the Crosley CR8017U-HL1 Voyager Vintage Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntable is sure to please.

For those who want to take their music on the go, the Voyager is a great choice. It is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for taking to parties, picnics, and other events. With its vintage-inspired design and modern features, the Crosley CR8017U-HL1 Voyager Vintage Portable Vinyl Record Player Turntable will be a great addition to any audio setup.

4. 3-Speed Turntable With Wireless Speakers, Usb, And Rca Output.

This Record Player for Vinyl with Speakers is a 3-Speed Turntable with many optional functions, allowing you to enjoy your favorite vinyl records and albums. It supports 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM speeds (45-RPM adapter included) and has a solid platter for stable and better performance.

This turntable has Phono and Wireless modes, as well as Aux-in, USB socket, RCA output, and clear panel features. It also comes with a pair of dual full range external speakers for a full and dynamic sound quality. The adjustable volume and function settings make it easy to use.

This turntable has a retro natural design with a stylish color. It can be used as a living room/bedroom/study decoration, or as a record shelf to place your vinyls. The removable dust cover prevents dust from entering, and the AUTO STOP ON/OFF feature allows you to customize your usage.

Overall, this turntable is a great option to enjoy your favorite vinyls. It has all the features and functions you need, and it looks great too. It's a great gift idea for the music lover in your life.

5. Bluetooth 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player W/stereo Speakers, Usb Recording, Rca Out, Aux-In, Retro Design.

This Vintage Record Player Bluetooth 3-Speed Vinyl Record Player is the perfect combination of modern technology and vintage style. With its built-in stereo speakers, it is able to easily connect and receive wireless audio from smartphones and other compatible devices. Users can also utilize its USB/TF input connectivity to access and play their favorite playlists. This device also allows users to digitally backup their vinyl records into WAV and MP3 audio files and save it directly onto USB flash drive and TF card.

The turntable also has adjustable 3 speeds (33/45/78RPM) for all (7"10"12") vinyl records. It also features an auto-stop function that stops the platter automatically at the end of a record so as not to damage the record and stylus. Its full handcrafted wooden exterior with cloth cover on the front makes it perfect for home decoration. The detachable dust cover on the top is also present to protect the record and turntable.

The user-friendly LED control panel ensures that anyone can use it with ease. With just 1 button, users can control all functions (Bluetooth/USB/AUX/Phono). With its vintage look and modern technology, this record player is perfect for entertainment and home decoration and makes for a great gift for vinyl music lovers.

6. 3 Speed Vinyl Turntable With Bluetooth, Usb & Built-In Speakers.

This Vinyl Record Player 3 Speed Wireless Turntable with Built-in Speakers and USB Belt-Driven Vintage Phonograph Portable Bluetooth Suitcase Upgraded Audio Sound for Entertainment and Home Decoration is the perfect device for vinyl lovers. It is an all-in-one record player which can be easily connected to external speakers via stereo RCA outputs or to a Bluetooth compatible device such as a smartphone. It also has Aux cable input and headphone jacks.

The three-speed turntable (33, 45, 78 RPM) plays 7", 10" and 12" vinyl records and is also equipped with a power/volume knob and an automatic stop switch which stops the record after it has finished playing. The built-in stereo speakers and Bluetooth wireless technology allows users to easily enjoy music from their preferred devices.

This turntable also has a fashionable suitcase design which allows the user to shut the case and keep the dust out or snap the latch closed and pick it up like a mini suitcase and take it to another location. The exterior of the turntable is textured and is a perfect fit for any environment.

This Vinyl Record Player is the perfect device for entertainment and home decoration. It creates a warm atmosphere when family gathers together and can help the user relax when alone. Even when it is not used, it can be one of the home’s premium decorations. As a gift, it also allows the recipient to feel the giver’s heart.

7. Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable, Cr8005d-Tu, 3-Speed, Bluetooth, Aqua.

The Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Vinyl Record Player Turntable is the perfect companion for music lovers. This device combines modern technology with vintage style to create a unique and practical listening experience. With a built-in Bluetooth receiver, users can stream their favorite music wirelessly to the Cruiser’s dynamic full-range speakers, providing a crisp and clear sound. The adjustable pitch control allows users to customize the listening experience, while the belt-driven portable turntable plays three speeds: 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records. The Crosley Cruiser also features dynamic full range stereo speakers, RCA and headphone Jack outputs, and an output wattage of 6.0 watts.

The Crosley Cruiser is designed with portability in mind, with a suitcase-style design that is easy to carry and store. The exterior is made of a durable, lightweight material, and is available in a range of vibrant colors. The Cruiser’s classic design is complemented by its vintage-style knobs and chrome accents that add a touch of style to any room.

The Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Vinyl Record Player Turntable is the perfect combination of modern technology and classic style. With its easy portability, adjustable pitch control, and dynamic full range speakers, this device is a great addition to any music lover’s collection. With its vintage design and vibrant colors, the Crosley Cruiser will be sure to turn heads and make any music enthusiast proud.

8. Bluetooth Record Player Turntable W/ Built-In Speakers & Usb Playback/record 3-Speed.

The LP&NO.1 Record Player Bluetooth Turntable is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to add an elegant, vintage touch to their home decor. Boasting a wooden housing with a natural wood look, this turntable is both stylish and atmospheric.

This record player provides a reliable, fast and stable connection to Bluetooth devices, such as iOS and Android smart phones, tablets, and laptops, all up to 33 feet (10 meters) away. It can play all 33, 45, and 78 RPM vinyl collections, and even comes with a 45 RPM adaptor. Its auto-stop setting automatically stops the turntable once it reaches the end of the record.

In addition to its playback features, this record player is all-in-one. It can digitize cherished vinyl records directly onto MP3 files in a USB drive, without the need for a computer or software. It also has a USB flash drive, 3.5mm Aux-in, and built-in speakers for audio output. An RCA audio output allows the user to connect to external speakers for an even bigger sound, and the headphone jack allows for private listening.

At LP&NO.1, customer satisfaction is a top priority. We offer 24 hours of one-on-one service and are more than happy to answer any questions about our turntable. With its unique design, quality performance, and modern features, the LP&NO.1 Record Player Bluetooth Turntable is sure to make a statement in any home.

9. Looptone 3-Speed Turntable: Vinyl, Cd, Cassette, Am/fm Radio, Usb Recorder, Bluetooth, Aux-In, Rca Out.

The LoopTone Vinyl Record Player 9 in 1 3 Speed Bluetooth Vintage Turntable is the perfect piece of equipment for any music enthusiast. Featuring 33, 45, and 78 RPM speed options, it comes with a 45 adapter to play 7” LP records. With its automatic pause and stop feature, it safeguards your vinyl records from any damage. Dust is also kept away with its dust cover.

This turntable player also comes with a CD player, cassette player, FM AM Radio, USB SD MMC player, giving you a variety of playback options in one device. It allows for wireless connection via Bluetooth, so you can easily connect with your mobile phone, tablet, mp3 player, computer, or other Bluetooth devices to play your favorite music. The Aux-in jack also makes it easy for you to connect your music player quickly and easily.

The high-quality speakers are equipped with amplifiers for better sound output. The headphone jack allows for even more personal listening. You can also connect an amplifier or active speaker with the RCA line-out to further improve the sound quality. The record player also features USB and cassette recording, so you can easily transfer your vinyl records to MP3 or cassette.

The blue LED light display makes it easy to view the working situation in any mode. The remote control makes it even easier to control the record player, allowing you to switch modes, play/pause music, and mute the device. The LoopTone Vinyl Record Player 9 in 1 3 Speed Bluetooth Vintage Turntable is the ideal device for any music lover looking for a versatile and reliable piece of equipment.

10. 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable With Speakers, Vinyl, Cassette, Cd, Am/fm Radio, Usb/sd, Encoding, Led Display, Aux-In, Line-Out & Earphone Jack.

This record player is the perfect combination of vintage looks and modern technology. It offers a variety of playback options and functions that are easy to use. It can play vinyl, Bluetooth, CD, cassettes, USB/SD devices, AM/FM radio, and can even record songs to your USB device in MP3 format.

The connection options are expansive and flexible. It can be connected to external speakers through the stereo LINE OUT to play vinyl, CD, cassettes, USB/SD devices, and AM/FM. The AUX IN and LINE OUT cables are both included in the package. Additionally, it features a headphone jack for personal listening.

The sound quality is excellent, with minimum vibrations due to the premium built-in 2*2.5 wattage speakers. It operates at 3 speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) and an extra stylus is included. The buttons are clearly marked and the LED display shows the function in process.

The turntable offers an attractive retro look and spotless craftsmanship. The treatment process in every detail in painting, polishing, and buttons of the turntable is exquisite. It is an ideal gift for beginners, vintage enthusiasts, and music lovers alike. With it, you can enjoy a variety of music with ease.

Vintage Turntable With Speakers FAQs

Do vintage turntables sound better?

It depends. Generally speaking, vintage turntables can sound better than newer models due to superior construction and components. However, the sound quality of a turntable is highly dependent on its condition and maintenance, so even a vintage turntable may not sound better than a newer one if it has not been well taken care of. Additionally, the quality of the cartridge, preamp, and speakers used with the turntable can play a major role in its sound quality. Ultimately, it is hard to say definitively which type of turntable will sound better without considering the specific circumstances and components.

How do I connect my vintage turntable to my speakers?

To connect a vintage turntable to your speakers, you will need to connect the turntable's outputs to an audio input on your amplifier or receiver. Depending on your specific model, the outputs could either be RCA or a dedicated phono connection. If your turntable has RCA outputs, you will need to connect them to an RCA input on your amplifier or receiver. If your turntable has a phono output, you will need to connect it to a phono input. If your amplifier or receiver does not have a dedicated phono input, you will need to purchase and install a phono preamp before connecting the turntable's output to your amplifier or receiver. Once the output is connected to the amplifier or receiver, connect the amplifier or receiver to your speakers. To ensure high-quality sound, it is important to match the impedance of the amplifier/receiver to the impedance of the speakers.

Is it worth buying a vintage turntable?

Yes, it is worth buying a vintage turntable. Vintage turntables provide a unique sound experience with their warm and rich tones. Many vintage turntables have been upgraded with modern technology, such as USB outputs and Bluetooth compatibility, making them a great choice for those who want to enjoy the classic sound of vinyl records with the convenience of modern tech. Additionally, vintage turntables often feature a higher quality build and better components than newer models, making them a great investment. In addition, many vintage turntables are considered collectors items, meaning they can potentially become more valuable over time. Ultimately, buying a vintage turntable is a great way to get the classic sound of vinyl records with the convenience of modern tech.

What is the best vintage turntable?

The best vintage turntable depends on a number of factors, including budget, sound quality, and ease of use. For budget-minded listeners, the Technics SL-1200MK2 is a great option. This model offers high quality audio playback and is relatively easy to use. For those looking for a higher-end experience, the Dual CS 505-3 is a great choice. This model offers excellent sound quality and is also incredibly reliable. For listeners who are looking for a combination of both quality and affordability, the Rega Planar 2 is a great choice. This model offers excellent sound quality and is also easy to use. Additionally, the Rega Planar 2 is also very reliable and can be found at relatively affordable prices.

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