Yamaha Waverunner Speakers For Sale (2024 Update)

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When looking for Yamaha Waverunner speakers, there are five key points to consider: sound quality, design, power, installation, and cost.

Sound quality is the most important factor when choosing a set of Yamaha Waverunner speakers. You want to make sure the speakers you choose will provide clear and crisp sound so you can enjoy your music while out on the water. Look for speakers with high wattage, and make sure they are designed to be water resistant.

Design is also something to consider when choosing Yamaha Waverunner speakers. You want to make sure the speakers you choose will fit the look of your Waverunner, as well as provide the sound quality you desire. Look for speakers that are sleek and modern, and that will blend in with the overall look of your Waverunner.

Power is another important factor to consider. Look for speakers that have enough wattage to provide the sound you desire and to power your music for an extended period of time.

Installation is also an important factor to consider. You want to make sure the speakers you choose can be easily installed and will fit in the designated area of your Waverunner.

Finally, cost is a key point to consider. You don’t want to break the bank when purchasing your Yamaha Waverunner speakers, but you don’t want to skimp on quality either. Look for speakers that are reasonably priced and that will provide you with the sound quality and design you desire.

In conclusion, when looking for Yamaha Waverunner speakers, there are five key points to consider: sound quality, design, power, installation, and cost. Make sure you take all of these into account when choosing the perfect set of speakers for your Waverunner.

10 Best Selling Yamaha Waverunner Speakers

1. Yamaha Ex/jetblaster Waverunner Footwell Speakers, F3y-H81c0-S0-00 (Black)

Yamaha Motor Corp. has designed a footwell speaker system which is compatible with the Yamaha EX/JetBlaster Waverunner series from 2017 to 2022. This includes the models Sport, Deluxe, Limited, EXR, and JetBlaster. The speakers have a removable, floating design with a quick-release mechanism for charging and listening on the beach. The mounting brackets are included, and are permanently mounted on the unit.

These speakers have been designed to deliver superior sound quality and make for a smooth listening experience. Audio is streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth, allowing users to connect and control the sound from any compatible device. The speakers are crafted from durable material, making them resistant to the elements. They are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to store and transport.

The Yamaha Motor Corp. footwell speaker system is perfect for Waverunner enthusiasts. The speakers are designed to withstand the elements and provide superior sound quality. It is also easy to use and transport. With the quick-release mechanism, users can charge their device and listen to music on the beach. The permanent mounting brackets make installation simple, and the sleek design of the speakers adds a stylish touch to any Waverunner.

For those looking to upgrade their Waverunner experience, the Yamaha Motor Corp. footwell speakers are the perfect choice. With superior sound quality and a durable design, these speakers provide a great listening experience. The quick-release mechanism and permanent mounting brackets make installation and transport easy, and the sleek design adds a stylish touch. With this footwell speaker system, Waverunner enthusiasts can enjoy their music on the go.

2. Yamaha Nsic600wh 2-Way 110-Watts Rmsspeaker — White

The YAMAHA NSIC600WH 2-Way 110-Watts RMS Speaker is a powerful and efficient sound system for any home or business. Its slim design allows for easy flush wall or ceiling mounting, while its sealed back cover protects against dust and moisture. The paintable grill and large mounting clamp make installation a breeze. The speaker features a polypropylene mica cone woofer for high performance mid/low sound reproduction and a grain finished acoustic baffle with spiral pattern for natural sound dispersion.

The speaker has an impressive two-way crossover type with a maximum frequency response of 28 kHz and an RMS output power of 110 W. Its low impedance of 8 ohm ensures clear and crisp sound quality. With a diameter of 9.0 inches and a depth of 4.3 inches, it is the perfect size for any ceiling or wall mount.

The YAMAHA NSIC600WH 2-Way 110-Watts RMS Speaker is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a powerful and efficient sound system. It is designed to provide clear, natural sound dispersal and is easy to install. With its slim design and robust construction, it is sure to provide years of reliable performance.

3. Yamaha Oem Waverunner Boat Flush Kit Hose Gpr Fx-Sho Vx Vxr Fx-Ho Xlt Xl

This genuine Yamaha part fits your specific vehicle and is designed to meet the highest specifications for form, fit, and function. The Yamaha OEM Waverunner Boat Flush Kit Hose GPR FX-SHO VX VXR FX-HO XLT XLT is the perfect addition to your watercraft. This kit includes a hose with a built-in shut-off valve that makes flushing your engine easy and convenient. The hose is made of a durable plastic material that won't crack or split. The shut-off valve is designed to prevent water from entering the engine and damaging it. The kit also includes a mounting bracket and all the necessary hardware for installation.

This Yamaha OEM part is designed to provide superior performance, reliability, and longevity. It is manufactured to the exact specifications of your vehicle and is sure to meet your expectations. This flush kit is designed to keep your engine clean and functioning properly. It is easy to install and maintain and is sure to provide years of reliable service. The kit is also backed by a limited warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is covered.

The Yamaha OEM Waverunner Boat Flush Kit Hose GPR FX-SHO VX VXR FX-HO XLT XLT is the perfect addition to your watercraft. It is designed to keep your engine clean and functioning properly and is sure to provide years of reliable service. With the included mounting bracket and hardware, installation is a breeze. So, take your watercraft to the next level and get your Yamaha OEM Waverunner Boat Flush Kit Hose GPR FX-SHO VX VXR FX-HO XLT XLT today!

4. Yamaha Waverunner Gp1200/gp760/500/650/700 Starter Solenoid Relay

This WATERWICH Starter Solenoid Relay is compatible with MERCURY ms5c-311-1 and YAMAHA 6G1-81940-00-00, 6G1-81941-10-00, 6G1-8194A-10-00. It is specifically designed to fit YAMAHA Waverunner GP1200 1997-2001, GP760 1997-2000, GP800 1998-2001, SJ650 Super Jet 1990-1993, SJ700 Super Jet 1994-2001 and other models.

This starter solenoid relay is manufactured with new premium quality components and tested for reliability, durability and performance. It has a unit type of starter solenoid relay and voltage of 12V.

If you're looking for a reliable starter solenoid relay for your YAMAHA Waverunner, look no further than this WATERWICH Starter Solenoid Relay. With its compatibility and features, it is sure to exceed expectations. Each package comes with 1 starter solenoid relay.

If you have any questions about the part, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are professional AUTO PARTs sellers and we are dedicated to provide you with the best customer service. We'll do our best to answer your questions within 24 hours.

5. Ytx20l-Bs Replacement Battery For Yamaha All Wave Runner Models 87-07

This YTX20L-BS Replacement Battery is the perfect power source for all Yamaha Wave Runner models from 87 to 07. This 12V 18AH 270 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery is an ideal fit for your Yamaha Wave Runner.

This SLA / AGM spill proof battery is designed to last and withstand shocks and vibrations, along with maintaining a high discharge rate, wide operating temperatures, long service life and deep discharge recovery. It can be mounted in any position and is sure to provide long lasting high performance in both high and low temperatures.

The YTX20L-BS Replacement Battery is 6.88 inches x 3.42 inches x 6.10 inches with Negative on left and Positive on right. It comes with the battery and screws only. No wire harness or mounting accessories are included.

We understand that you want to be sure of your purchase and thus we are offering a 30 day refund policy as well as a full 1 year warranty. So go ahead, purchase this YTX20L-BS Replacement Battery for your Yamaha Wave Runner and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

Yamaha Waverunner Speakers FAQs

Are speakers on a jet ski worth it?

The short answer is that it depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a way to enjoy your music while out on the water, then speakers on a jet ski can be a great way to do that. They can provide a range of sound quality, and depending on the type of jet ski and the type of speakers you get, you can experience a great sound quality while cruising around. However, if you're looking for an audio system to compete with a car audio system, then speakers on a jet ski may not be the best option. The sound quality will likely not be as good as a car audio system, and the price can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Ultimately, it comes down to what your desired experience is, and what you're willing to pay for it.

Can you put a sound system on a jet ski?

Yes, it is possible to put a sound system on a jet ski. This can be done by installing a waterproof audio system, such as a marine-grade speaker system. This type of system is designed to be able to withstand the water, salt, and other conditions that are present in the water. The sound system will typically include a radio receiver, amplifier, and speakers. The speakers should be mounted in a secure location that is not in the way of the jet ski's operation. Additionally, all wiring should be properly sealed and waterproofed to ensure it lasts for a long time in the marine environment.

Do Yamaha WaveRunners have speakers?

Yes, many Yamaha WaveRunners come with speakers. Yamaha WaveRunners are designed for recreational use, so having high-quality sound is an important feature. Yamaha WaveRunners are equipped with a variety of audio systems, including a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, an amplifier, and a waterproof sound system with 4-channel audio. The Yamaha WaveRunners also come with plenty of storage space and a 12-volt outlet so customers can plug in and play their favorite tunes. Yamaha WaveRunners also come with audio settings that can be adjusted to fit the customer’s taste. With all of these features, Yamaha WaveRunners provide customers with an enjoyable on-water experience with music.

Does the FX HO come with speakers?

Most Yamaha FX HO models come with speakers installed as standard. The speakers are usually 6.5" marine speakers and are capable of producing a good sound quality. However, some models may not come with speakers at all, so it's best to check the specifications before purchasing. For those models that don't come with speakers, it's possible to purchase and install them separately. It's important to consider the size of the speakers as well as the sound quality before making a purchase to ensure the best possible sound. Additionally, it's possible to purchase amplifiers for the FX HO to boost the sound quality even further.

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