Monday, December 8, 2014

The 150 Best Songs of 2014

There's a little bit of magic, everybody has it
There's a little bit of sand left in the hourglass
There's a little bit of magic, everybody has it
There's a little bit of fight left in me yet

Well, friends, here we are again. Once again, we haven't listened to every release in 2014, so this is more of a "best of what we know" list. And we know some of you despise these things, but the truth is: we love looking back. And, really, we love a good list.

These are the songs that inspired us in 2014. We hope you find a few that you like.

Note: If the album was released in 2014, we considered the songs on it. Singles were also fair game.

So, let's get to it.

TWO WAYS to navigate:

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2. Scroll below, and move from page to page (130-11, 110-91, and so on). (It's more dramatic that way, yo)

See also: The 20 Best Sad Bastard Songs of 2014.

150-131 130-111  110-91  90-71  70-51  50-31 30-11 10-1

150. "Broken Here," Emily Wallace

149. "Good Sex," Kevin Drew

148. "Repeat Pleasure," How To Dress Well

147. "Our Love," Caribou

146. "Washington," The Mercy Alliance

145. "Remurdered," Mogwai

144. "Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes," Sun Kil Moon

143. "Paris," The Away Days

142. "Memphis Decisions (Be Cool)," Various Hands

141. "Things Left Unsaid," Pink Floyd

140. "Walkin' Boss," Sam Amidon

139. "minipops 67," Aphex Twin

138."Fell in Love," Jen Wood

137. "Great Equator," Zammuto

136. "Leaving," Busy Living

135. "Defeatist Anthem (Harry and I)," Blonde Redhead

134. "It's Time To Come Home," The Rentals

133. "I Found A New Way," Twin Peaks

132. "Up We Go," Lights

131. "Hero," Wildcat! Wildcat!

150-131 130-111  110-91  90-71  70-51  50-31 30-11 10-1


  1. Thanks for the epic musical feast! Discovered quite a few tunes I was oblivious to and will now be delving deeper into.
    Must have taken an age to put together - I know my own end of year list takes weeks.

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